Go home and write a page tonight

Langston Hughes": go home and write / a page tonight

I continue to fiddle, tweak and tinker. Your About page is a dynamic creature. Just as you are always growing and changing, it should evolve with you. Its a constant work-in-progress. The way it should. The biggest thing to remember Is that theres no right and wrong when it comes to writing your copy or in fact, when it comes to building a blog that is all you. Theres no cookie-cutter blueprint to ensure success. . All you can do is align with what feels good and right to you, because when its authentic and shows your inner light ablaze, your people will love.

Link to all the other places they can find you around the web. Some of the best when it comes to writing compelling web copy, it helps to see what the pros are doing. Some of my favourite About pages include: Alexandra Franzen danielle laporte kris Carr marie forleo the middle finger Project Stratejoy when youre seeking inspiration, remember that what your readers are truly seeking is to see you on the page, in all your authentic glory. So take pointers, note what you love and what you loathe, get inspired and then make it your own. Infuse everything with your own vision and your own essence. Anything opinion less than that and you are doing yourself and your audience a disservice. How did the In Spaces Between About page come about? The current version of my About page was part of my site re-launch late last year. For months leading up to the launch, i had been gathering up scraps of sentences and beautiful collisions of words as they came to me, storing them all in an inspiration file (an evernote notebook). It was definitely a journey of tweaking, tinkering, adding, subtracting, fine-tuning, fiddling and polishing, until I finally felt like i had successfully got my heart onto the page. The thing is, life Im still going.

go home and write a page tonight

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Introduce your newfound friend to strange a selection of your greatest hits. i write about: how to blog, the essentials when youre starting out, and the secrets to creating a remarkable product. Then link. This is the call to action. . When someone has just finished reading your (brilliant) About page, give them the opportunity to sign up for your list, then and there, by including an opt-in form. If you dont have a separate media page, include a snapshot of where youve been featured, whether its your favourite interviews, guest posts, or rave reviews of your work. Anything that shows you as an expert in your corner of the blogosphere will help to build social proof and credibility. If it fits with your vibe and your brand, consider including a professional biography down the bottom of your About page. This part can list those shiny quals and career achievements youve collected along the way.

go home and write a page tonight

Go home and write a page tonight

Bare some little known facts about yourself. Share a quirky nugget or two of goodness. Show your readers that youre not like everyone else out there youve got a distinct personality, a unique perspective and your own special flair. Think random tidbits that give a broader insight into your personality. Things that show who you really are, that your audience might be interested. Get creative and see where it takes you. Include at japanese least one headshot (preferably at the top of the page) and if you have them available, one or two other shots that show the real you or your lifestyle. Links to popular posts.

What you believe. Whats fuelling this giant, love-laden mission of yours. Let em know, loud and proud. Who your audience. Tell them who your people are, who your tribe. As your readers browse your page, they are subconsciously trying to work out whether theyve found somewhere they belong. Speak to their needs and desires (especially the ones they didnt know they had). This blog is for women who want it all and are absolutely done with settling for less. Get up close personal.

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go home and write a page tonight

Go home and write a page tonight, and let that

This is your chance to declare your big, bold vision, focusing on how you can available serve your readers now. If youre half-way there with starting your health coaching practice, its more powerful to say: As a passionate health coach-in-training, I write for women looking to reclaim their bounce-outta-bed energy through high quality nutrition than it is to say i work in an accounting firm but. How you got here. Were all suckers for stories. Were wired for them, latching on to narratives and losing ourselves in the unfurling. By divulging the story of how you got to where you are, you create empathy and connection with your readers.

You give them an insight into the catalyst for starting your journey, the challenges you met along the way and why it makes you qualified to do what you. Consider: The turning point or aha! Moment that lead you to where you are what obstacles or conflict you had to overcome to get to that point (real life or internal or emotional like fear, self-doubt, self-sabotage) If youve had a big career transition (like going from corporate to coach) feel. In my former life a s a media executive, i learnt how to master a message for maximum impact. These days, i put those hard-won skills to use working as a copywriter for wellness visionaries on a mission to change the world. Your readers want to know what you stand for.

A big, bold opening statement. This is how you first hook your readers interest. Consider touching on an emotion or problem that you know affects your audience and that you can help them fix, like:  Are you ready to get rid of overwhelm, once and for all? Or proclaim your passion-fuelled purpose to the world: Im on a mission to take the fear out of sharing your message. you could also give a manifesto-style declaration a go: i believe that wellness starts from within.

Whatever you choose, make it potent. It should powerfully connect with your readers and leave them absolutely certain that they are in the right place. Who you are and what you. When were captivated by someones words, we naturally want to know more about the voice behind the curtain. This is also your big chance to tell your readers how you can help them. Dont be afraid to step up, declare your brilliance and own. A template to get you started: Im your full name and i am your title/ vocation _ a writer/ blogger/ life coach/ motivational speaker/ jewellery designer I work with/ write for your target market/ ideal client/ ideal reader _ overworked corporate goddesses/ budding entrepreneurs/ wild-hearted women. (for example, if youre an aspiring health coach but still knee-deep in a corporate cubicle while you figure out how to move full-time into your dream biz).

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Take yourself on a journey of inspiration around the web and find five about pages that leave a lasting imprint on you, and break down exactly why they speak your language. Dig deeper into what is is that turns you on, and this is key! visualise yourself having the same impact on your right people, because when you infuse your page with you and come from a place of service and good intent, you will. The essay elements, before we dive in, i want to mention that if youre looking to deeply connect with your readers rather than drive a big ol wedge between you and them its important your About page is written in add first person. As a friend of mine recently said: If someone writes in third person, theyve lost. I couldnt agree more. It just doesnt work in the world of personality-driven blogging. Right, that said, lets get this show on the road. The key elements are.

go home and write a page tonight

Where can you inject a little magic thats yours and yours alone? How can you be innovative and memorable? Leave your reader thinking? Perhaps, even, rile them up funny a little if its aligned with your message? What speaks to you? Can you think of an About page that reeled you in from the get go? What was it about the page that resonated with you? Additional elements (images, video, design?).

list of your own guiding words before you sit down for the business of writing, and make a point to check back in throughout the process. Does your original intention match whats unfolding? Have you veered off course? How can you be different? In the vast ocean that is the blogosphere, how can you stand out?

Its where you can reveal your dream personality and the heart of why you do what you. An unforgettable About page has to be more than a biography, or a bulging list of qualifications and your biggest achievements. It has to give your reader an insight into who you are, what you blog about and importantly why they should stick around for more. The big (or not-so-big) secret, the truth is, your About page is actually more about your reader than it is about you. Your ultimate aim is to answer that all-important question that every reader is asking themselves as they browse through your site (whether they realise it or not Whats in it for me? The questions to ask yourself, ill preface this by saying that theres no secret, step-by-step formula for writing the perfect About page, but there are essential elements (which Ill go into below) that will guide you as you breathe life into your story and your. The style, tone, language and design should all be unique to you. What rings true for you and your audience probably wont be the same as what floats other another bloggers boat.

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A reader has just landed on your paperless blog, devoured your latest post and fallen in love with your content. Theyre hungry for more. They want to dive deeper, to know more about you the gorgeous creature behind the words. So, whats the next thing they do? They head over to your About me page. The About page is the soul of your site. The warm, welcoming hug that reels your reader in and connects them to your story, and by virtue, to you.

go home and write a page tonight
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