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The fourth and Final Rule of Big Ideas is to play on our natural identification with the underdog by casting the anecdotes and your overarching theme in a rebellious and revolutionary light. The stories Clay tells may be diverse in terms of their origin, but they share a common tone, which is that of the creative individual (hooray!) against the stuffy institution (boo! the plucky and resourceful underdog (go Charlie!) versus the monolithic, massive but ultimately stupid corporation (down with abc!). Back to his Charlie story again: Expensive bits of video made in complex ways now compete with cheap bits made in simple ways. Charlie bit my finger was made by amateurs, in one take, with a lousy camera. No professionals were involved in selecting or editing or distributing.

He could have chosen other stories with other messages. Media corporations are not as inflexible as Shirky would have us believe. Rupert Murdoch, one of the media barons Clay"s as a dinosaur, is an expert at reducing production costs and limiting union sustainability rights (Wapping, anyone?). And has Clay not noticed reality television? The networks have been hugely successful at cutting the cost of Writers guild members from their balance sheets over the last ten years. On the other side, the brave new world is not so different. For a small startup to be bought by a large company and ground down by the bureaucratic pressures of its new environment is not unique to the media business: its commonplace in the software industry too. And there are many complex business models in the digital world that Clay chooses to ignore: googles partnerships with major media companies, the licensing complexities of Facebooks ever-changing privacy rules and third party apis, Amazons outsourcing of warehousing through its complex partner programs - these. They just dont appear in the stories he tells. * * Useful though they are, the rules of telling stories, keeping the core idea ambiguous, and following the simplify and exaggerate maxim can only go so far in bringing your audience on to your side.

essay on the story i like most

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But there appear to be no such truths; we are left with theoretical language without the theory. * the five stories in Clays essay follow a practice attributed to The Economist, which is the Third Rule of Big Ideas: simplify and exaggerate. Take the one about network televisions failure to translate web tv program In The motherhood to the mainstream. Clay writes this: twist Once the show moved to television, the Writers guild of America got involved. They were ok with For and About Moms, but by moms violated guild rules. The producers tried to negotiate, to no avail, so the idea of audience engagement was canned (as was In the motherhood itself some months later, after failing to engage viewers as the web version had). The critical fact was that the negotiation took place in the grid of the television industry, between entities incorporated around a 20th century business logic, and entirely within invented constraints. At no point did the negotiation about audience involvement hinge on the question would this be an interesting thing to try? The message is clear: unions and media corporations are inflexible dinosaurs, unable to deal with the chaotic creativity of the digital 21st century.

essay on the story i like most

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The rule extends beyond the title into the text itself. Clay has a reputation for being plain-spoken and jargon-free, but thats not really accurate. He doesnt load up his talks and essays with the jargon of the field he is talking about (culture summary but he does sprinkle them with jargon from many places, leaning most heavily to economics and engineering. He borrows liberally from economics with his talk of the marginal value of complexity, coasian transaction costs, and also the supply-and-demand curve (really?). He switches to engineering when he refers to societal collapse as sudden decoherence and discussed negotiations that took place in the grid of the television industry, and to business lingo with his talk of ecosystems and supply curves going parabolic. The language is colourful, and it carries the reader along. It speaks to his natural audience of geeks and techno-enthusiasts, but the lack of precision keeps the audience on its toes while hinting, again, at deeper truths behind the anecdotes.

To take it one step further, here is the second Rule of Big Ideas: make the point catchy, but make it ambiguous. As Thomas Friedman has said, he who names an issue, owns it, so a memorable name (The golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention) counts far more than an accurate one, and an oracular title is the best of all. The title of Shirkys essay is not up there with that of his next book cognitive surplus, which is an obvious attempt to coin a new phrase, but it does use the rule. The collapse of Complex Business Models has a ring of down-to-earth pragmatism about it: if you are slave to an obsolete business model, then you get what you deserve. But a business model is a strategy for matching costs to revenues in such a way that you end up with a profit, and all he really writes about is one part of a business model: production costs. Why then not call it The collapse of Complex Production Methods? My guess is that, consciously or not, Clay chose business model because it is a bigger, more abstract, and less concrete concept than production costs and using business models keeps the point of the essay ambitious, ambiguous and open to interpretation.

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essay on the story i like most

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Lady gaga: Bad Romance (music video: Universal) - immigration 360,020,327. TImbaland: Apologize (music video: Mosley music Group) - 355,404,824. Susan boyle: Britains Got Talent (TV: Freemantle/ITV) - 347,670,927. Twilight (film: Summit Entertainment) - 343,969,063. Modern Warfare 2 (video game: Activision) - 339,913,412. Jeff Dunham: Achmed the dead Terrorist (TV) - 328,891,308. Mariah Carey: touch my body (music video: Universal) - 324,057,568.

Charlie bit my finger Again (user generated) - 288,666,331. Michael Jackson: beat boys It (music video: Records) - 286,279,009. It seems that complexity has its place after all. A natural response to this complaint would be that this one particular video is not the point; that I dont get it, that it is not what the essay is really about. After all, Clay also writes this sentence: In the future, at least some methods of producing video for the web will become as complex, with as many details to attend to, as television has today, and people will doubtless make pots of money on those. And here is one benefit of building an essay on anecdata: you can always argue that a particular story is not the point.

There is nothing behind the curtain.  *   aside: here is Clay shirky writing about: The most watched minute of video made in the last five years shows baby Charlie biting his brothers finger. (Twice!) which is, as of this date, no longer true. The most watched video made in the last five years shows Lady gaga and a group of hired models dancing on an elaborate set in a video that embodies complex production methods, that is part of the vevo channel (a joint venture between google and. Now there is a complex business model.

As a further aside, analysts Visible measures add in all copies of a video together with spoofs and pastiches, and their list of the top fifteen videos is as follows. Soulja boy: Crank dat (music video: Universal) - 722,438,268. Twilight Saga: New moon (film: Summit Entertainment) - 639,966,996. Beyonce: Single ladies (music video: Sony) - 522,039,429. Michael Jackson: Thriller (music video: Epic Records) - 443,535,722. The gummy bear Song (music video: Gummibear International) - 394,327,606. Lady gaga: poker Face (music video: Universal) -  374,606,128.

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They should be the spark that prompts more analytical, more rigorous investigation and introspection, testing out your idea to see where it fits reality and where it fails. In this essay, and in some of his others (see below) anecdotes are all there is, and thats just not good enough. Clay shirky tells no fewer than five separate stories in his short essay. He explains how his title is taken from a book called The essay collapse of Complex Societies; he tells a story about a consulting engagement he had at at t; he spins his short mit story; he talks about a web video mattress comedy called In the. Charming, each and every one, but what you might not notice on a first casual reading is that there is little to hold them together or back them. Switching from story to story keeps the reader off-balance and makes it seem plausible that there is, in fact, a coherent mechanism behind the anecdata if only we were quick enough to catch it as the stories fly. The resolution never appears.

essay on the story i like most

Amy Smith is a professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering at mit, where she runs the development Lab, or d-lab, a lab organized around simple and cheap engineering solutions for the developing world. Among the rules of thumb she offers for building in that environment is this: If you want something to be 10 times cheaper, take out 90 of the materials. Making media is like that now except, for materials, substitute labor. The loose analogy with cheap engineering solutions tells us nothing new about the media and its problems. Why invoke it then? Well, it does suggest that successful engineering solutions for the developing world are evidence in favour of the thesis of the essay, although they are not, and it brings mit on side with the argument, which cant be bad. This is how stories and analogies work - they suggest connections between different fields, connect solutions to different problems. But stories and analogies should be a starting point for thought, plans and not its terminus.

the questions it raised, and by answering them, sealed off avenues where questions could have been asked. If you want to provoke discussion, logic and detail are not your friends. Instead, dont worry about loose ends and half-expressed ideas - just keep the audiences interest and provide colour, and let them fill in the gaps later. Make sure your audience is not sure whats coming next, not sure if they quite understood what they just heard. Thats what makes for good entertainment. Its the first Rule of Big Ideas: tell stories and think by analogy. Here is the shortest of the stories in Clay shirkys essay:.

Despite his title, the stories he tells are not a problem of complex business models but of expensive production, and even though it is uncredited, many readers will recognize the core of the essay from that other Clay, christensens The Innovators Dilemma. * everybody the likes a story, and Clay shirky tells a good one. Collecting stories is not difficult: if you think about a subject long enough, all kinds of tangential happenings remind you of it, so youll get a good selection to draw from before long. Sometimes these stories are only peripherally connected to the theme you are developing, but that doesnt matter because their role is not to advance your argument in any material way. Their role is to contribute to the impression of a widely-read, eclectically educated piece of writing and to keep your audience off balance, not sure where you are going next. In 1983 Nobel Prize winner roald Hoffmann visited the chemistry department at McMaster University. As the audienced assembled, Professor Ed Hileman leaned over a chair and said to me and other graduate students: you watch - hell give an interesting talk but there will be no questions. And he was right.

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We collect limited information about web visitors and use cookies on our website to provide you with the most optimal experience. These cookies help us provide you with personalized content and improve our website. To learn more about our web site privacy practices, please review. By clicking on "I agree you agree to this use. That evening I reread the essay more closely, and the closer I read it, the less I liked. At sunrise the essay had been an entertaining set of anecdotes built around an intriguing core idea; business by sunset it had wilted, revealed as an entertaining set of anecdotes pulled from all over the map in the vain hope that there might, somewhere,. Its not the first time i have had this reaction to a clay shirky essay, and as each essay he writes gets a lot of attention (published earlier this month, googling Shirky collapse of Complex Business Models already returns over 150,000 hits) it might. So here are the four Rules of Big Ideas: techniques the masters use to make that keynote more stimulating, that essay more likely to catch fire, all without doing too much thinking. The thesis of Shirkys essay, in case you havent read it, is that the nature of bureaucracy is such that traditional media companies, faced with declining revenues, are unable to cut production expenses, and so are headed towards collapse.

essay on the story i like most
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A narrative essay always tells a story about a single personal experience. Finally, even though its a local story, i knew it would have several potential spin-off stories that could work nationally. This story came together really smoothly, which does not always happen for.

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  1. I had never lived more than 30 miles from where i was born or drove cross country. Most of them were friendly. Vote: do you like this story? A compare/contrast essay explores either differences or similarities (likenesses) between 2 places, religions, people, things, concepts, etc.

  2. When you are writing a personal narrative essay, you are telling a story about something that happened to you. A quick overview of what should be included in your personal narrative essay. Story of the week.

  3. Inmotion magnumphotos com essay guantanamo. Or link to this essay. Add this story to one of the following services. That insight, that truth, tends to be hard won, if at all, for the essay tends to ask more than it answers.

  4. Its not the first time, i have had this reaction to a clay shirky essay, and as each essay he writes gets a lot of attention (published earlier this month, googling Shirky collapse of Complex Business Models already returns over 150,000 hits) it might. Essay, assistance by which you will get a cardstock associated with any topic area. The, pieces of an excellent, essay that you require to have an Awesome Standard?

  5. Sample essay on an ethical dilemma. An, essay by Drew Written for the, common Application. Essay, the, job, i should have quit. He also described how his photo essay could be characterized as quiet protest to gender roles in video games, as he depicted a relatable woman with relatable problems.

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