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Higher Secondary Education, science stream, commerce stream, humanities (Arts). State board, academic and Vocational - medium of Instruction - tamil. Matriculation - english, central boards of Secondary Education. English, entrance Examinations: All India common Entrance Examinations, tamil Nadu Professional courses Entrance Examinations. Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions, need for the study, the students of Engineering institutions in Tamil Nadu seek guidance to study in an English speaking country where they need to show their proficiency level in English. No single study completely indicates the proficiency level of the students of engineering institutions especially in reading skills. Do reading strategies play an important role in improving reading skills of engineering students? Do the male and female students of first year engineering use similar strategies when they have been introduced to standardized reading passages?

Reading Comprehension Tests, agenda, literature survey, methodology. Presented by nkarakumar ( supervisor,. Chandrakanthi, associate Professor head (Retd.). Department of English, psg college of Technology, coimbatore - 641004. Malathy, assistant Professor (sg department of Science and Humanities (English). Kumaraguru college of Technology, coimbatore, introduction, today, learners face a lot of challenges to succeed in their profession. Besides acquiring the technical knowledge, the learners should also for develop the ability to use effectively the English Language to achieve success in their career. The ability to use the language intelligently involves the mastering the skills of reading, life which is one of the basic skills towards acquiring proficiency in English Language. Education System and English Language learning in Tamil Nadu. English in India today is a symbol of people's aspirations for quality in education and fuller participation in National and International life (ncert 2006:1).

viva presentation ppt

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Slide38 Challenges with Content e-booksThere is no good academic reader or tool Lending rights are insufficientData Free resources are importantLicensed resources often requireindividual attentionMediaOften requires additional technical considerationsVendors are heading away from allowing true purchases Slide39 restaurant Ideas for Content Aggressively seek new areas of collaborative. I hope we can:Migrate from our Access database to a better consortium management toolEmploy a usage statistics tool with visualization capability and analysis toolsCreate and communicate more structure around our renewal process for our vendors and libraries Slide47 For all of you out there. Slide48 And from the lessons learned - through valuing the small things that enable the big things to happenâ âemploying technology creativelyâ âremembering the different roles the consortium may play for different membersâ âand making the best possible use of all of our resourcesâ âwe. Âconnecting in valuable and effective ways with our usersâ. Introduction, literature survey: Models of reading, Strategies and Different Variables. Methodology, results and Discussion, summary and Conclusions, references. List of Publications, the Impact of reading Strategies on the performance of Male and Female Students of First year Engineering.

viva presentation ppt

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Library School Student I think i should have been an information science student. Slide35 What is my perspective? Public Community college large public Doctoral University lesson learned: Direct partnership with faculty is critical to library integration with the campus. Consortia are an excellent way for two-year schools to get electronic resources. Mid-sized Private University Universities are more like businesses than you might think. Slide36 guiding Concepts for Today a consortium should help its member libraries face their shared ese shared challenges can be divided into two main categories: Improving the User Experience Improving process and infrastructure (Internal) (External) Slide37 Improving the User Experience Three key summary factors impact. Content Services Space i my library!

Slide28 Monographic Collection Analysis: In-Process/Implementation mous for Widely held â approvedAt least one copy heldEasy entry (no shelf check/no catalog marking)Green glass for weeding - over.7 million titles âsafeâ to weedRetention distributed by size and subject preferenceVoluntary threshold of 4voluntary â alleviates just. Apa: neil Laderebsco: Ann Murdock gale: Kate vincentieee: joe vaitkus iop: kevin BattMergent: John Carinooclc:  suzanne butteoup:  Jenifer Maloney and Colleen BusseyProquest: david fiumaraSpringer: Alan Roseman and Bob boissyWolters Kluwer: david Troy slide30 v valib. Org Slide31 join us on Facebook! Slide32 Image credits Survey image created by Steve morris, noun Project Ebook image created by Amelia edwards, noun Project Open education image by luis Prado, noun Project Cancellation image by Agus Purwanto, noun Project books image by vincentnova, noun Project Contract image created hunotika, noun. Osterman, viva director a vision for viva slide34 What is my perspective? Elementary School Library Shelver Florida State govt Contract Worker Lesson learned: Technology is critical to libraries. Libraries take daily care and feeding.

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viva presentation ppt

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Slide3, viva employee budget Update, slide4, leveraging Funds to Expand Access, drop of 370,159 (5) from base in FY15 and FY16. Slide5, viva revenues FY16, slide6, updates on Committee work, slide7. Steering Committee, chair: Carrie cooper, college of William and Mary. Proposal for 2016-18 biennium, regain funding lost in 2014-16 (5 of budget). Funding for sustaining current collections, funding for e-book c ollections with statewide r elevance, increased support for the viva nonprofit i nstitutions, supporting preservation services for a proposed, virginia dpla service hub.

Jmu procurement, f ee increase for FY17 It will be the first increase in ten years Slide8 Steering Committee viva to participate in Virginia model for Preservation Service (vamps) program proposal Led by Bradley daigle (UVA) seeking Mellon foundation and General Assembly funding If funded. Slide9 Outreach Committee chair: cy dillon, hampden-Sydney college Product Announcement for new social sciences and nursing resources Ask viva webinars The first one will be October 29th from 10:00-10:30 am Planned for October, january, april, and August Slide10 Resource Sharing Committee chair: Rosemary Arneson, University. Presentations focused on copyright, licensing, and lending, as well as issues in international ill forum location survey 83 people from 49 different institutions responded There is an overall preference for a central location, with some suggesting rotating amongst a few central location options Slide12 cooperative. Slide13 Open Educational Resources (OER) task force surveyed viva membersIdentified ongoing oer initiatives in vamade recommendations for next steps Slide14 oer survey highlights 39 institutions participated krys 78 of respondents are exploring or using oer slide15 oer survey highlights Library levels of oer involvement varied. Cheri duncan (jmu alison Armstrong (Radford beth Blanton-Kent (uva stephen Clark (cwm rob Tench (ODU) Slide24 Monographic Collection Analysis:Background Pilot with Sustainable collection Services began Fall 2013 Â Analyzed the main stacks holdings of 12 viva member libraries, over six million records Used the analysis to:Protect. Slide27 Monographic Collection Analysis: In-Process/Implementation mous for Unique titles Signed submittedIdentified and protected 70,000 titles Ebook acquisitions!5 reversion by the State - schools used 100 shared funds for a purchaseThis cost shared purchase resulted in a cost avoidance of millions.

Landscaper PowerPoint Presentation Template, authentic powerpoint Presentation, lempira powerPoint Presentation. The rightly-designed and thematic presentation template can really be the deciding difference for the effectiveness and success of your presentation. In order to capture the attention of your audience, it is vital that the presentation template you choose is true to its theme and with the data shown. Our selection of presentation designs offers you more than adequate choices to work with and deliver a presentation which is par excellence. Slide1, viva 19th Annual Users Group meeting.

October 22, 2015, virginia library Association, richmond,. Cy dillon, hampden-Sydney college, viva outreach Committee chair. Anne Osterman, viva director, genya, oâgara, viva associate director, slide2. Agenda, welcome: cy dillon, hampden-Sydney college, viva outreach Committee chair. Viva update: Anne Osterman, viva director and. Genya, oâgara, viva associate director, vendor Introductions, a vision for viva: Anne Osterman, viva director.

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It is accompanied with 10 color options, 1000-plus icons, fully-editable aspects and much more. The presentation template is versatile and fit to be used in all industries. Fresh Power point Presentation. This is a fresh and modern presentation template wherein you can create and maintain a balance between textual and graphic contents. Cima Slides Market Presentation, endowed with 99 fully-endowed unique paper slides, this presentation template has a clean and modern design as one of its usps. Needless to add, that it has animation-friendly, qualitative features existing in it readily in abundance. Personal Finance powerPoint Presentation, musso ui powerPoint Presentation.

viva presentation ppt

Computer Purple powerPoint Presentation, this particular presentation vector features a purple-pink color scheme. You can obviously use it purpose to build presentations but you can also use the vector to make brochures, flyers and leaflets. 3d powerPoint Presentation, if 3D presentation templates are of interest to you and youd like to use one for your business endeavors, check out this sample. Its elegant, minimalist design is complemented by the qualitative features that include 20-color themes and much more! This is a contemporary-design presentation template which is pre-fixed with features and elements which all collectively work to make it useful in personal and professional endeavors. There are 40 fully-endowed and customizable slides included in this template. Business PowerPoint Presentation Slides, if youd like to incorporate maximum use of infographics, charts etc in your business presentation, wed suggest you pick this template to. This presentation vector comprises of high-res and customizable elements. Social Media powerPoint Presentation, this is a 330-slider-strong presentation template.

customizable, easy to edit, high-resolution and easy to resize. Minimal Design Powerpoint Presentation, this user-friendly very professional presentation template boasts of 50 unique slides and 100-plus high quality icon vectors. There is a collection of infographics included in the template for you to present your data pictorially. This is a versatile presentation template. There are 70 unique slides available in this template all of them hd-quality and lined with over 300 editable icons and fonts combined. You can easily personalize color, size and images aspects. Animation effects also included.

You may also check. Rhino keynote geometric Presentation, this comprehensive powerPoint presentation template gives you a chance to have more than 50,000 fully animated slide variations, 100 color schemes, 300 vector icons at your twist disposal to put together a fitting presentation for your target audience. Ultimate powerPoint Presentation Template, be it a business proposal or a company sales pitch, this fully-wired, agency-quality, animations-loaded presentation template is one of the best options available on the Internet right now. This template contains 888 slides, vector graphics, 3-color variations, free fonts and much more! PowerPoint Online Presentation, this presentation template has 2400 slides along with 60 unique slides and numerous effects and details and features for you to take advantage. There are over 21 color schemes and resizable vectors included in this pack. Present your business data and figures to clients in a stylish manner by employing this presentation vector.

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As PowerPoint presentations are such a big deal, the demand for them is obviously very high now. And because presentations are differently-themed, the slides used in them need to adhere to the themes. As a result, designers help and developers have got their work cut out for them to supply as many design options as possible. In our effort to help you, we have compiled a collection featuring more than a handful creative presentation design templates. You may also see. Activa powerPoint Presentation, this is an utterly well-design creative presentation template that can be easily put to good use for showcasing valuable content to equally valuable clients. The entire feel and aura of the presentation design are modern and classy, which makes it a must-have for people in the creative industry.

viva presentation ppt
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Thesis Proposal Architecture Example. We aim on delivering the best possible results a student could wish for!

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