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Malcolm Edwards, a british editor who has also been a friend for more than twenty years, and his family were guests of mine on Long Island in December of '94. I was showing Malcolm my collection of autographed King books when we came upon the first three annual installments of a project entitled The Plant, which King self-published and gave out to family and friends as Christmas gifts. Steve had abandoned the project because after Little Shop of Horrors was released he thought the premise was too similar. But, in his own way, steve had started his first serial novel back then in the early '80s. Malcolm and I talked briefly about the literary tradition of novels written in installments and notably the works of Charles Dickens. I chuckled about the real estate agent who sold me this house just a few years earlier and told me she thought that the house suited me perfectly because it looked like it came right out of a dickens novel. Well, i think more austen than Dickens, but the coincidence was comical. About three months later Malcolm phoned from London and suggested that i approach Steve with the idea of doing a serial novel.

My strategy was fairly simple. The european hardcover was the domain of the self-appointed literati, and many of these readers wouldhave a bias against a commercial novelist like king. Also, the very expensive hardcover (close to 35 in many european markets back in '80) would be a burden for typical King readers, most of them in their twenties. Over the course of the next few years, i resold rights to have steve's novels reissued in handsome paperback editions that we sold at relatively inexpensive prices. We grew tax the markets carefully and steadily. By the time It was released in the mid-'80s, king was a household name throughout most of Europe. When King's German publisher released the book in a larger trade paperback edition retailing for about 20, the book sold an unprecedented 700,000 copies. Normal hardcover sales for a german best-seller were around 100,000 copies. So, obviously, the impact of this marketing was huge. This course repeated itself throughout Europe and the rest of the world, making Stephen King the first truly international megaselling author. The origins of, the, green, mile look very modest in retrospect.

the green mile novel summary

A, summary of the, novel The, green, mile dellDrivertm

The, green, mile to be the success it turned out. There were serious risks involved. But there it was. A huge accomplishment and a new first for Stephen King. First-time achievements have been the hallmark essay of Steve's career. Still, when I met Steve in 1978, i had to grapple with disappearing translation markets for his novels. While Steve's sales were growing to phenomenal levels here in the United States and even in the United Kingdom, the initial reaction to his work in translation was lackluster, and sales were diminishing. Agent at the time approached me with the idea of handling his authors in the overseas territories. Steve had voiced his concern that doubleday, had controlled the king novels overseas, hadn't been able to build any of these markets and that sales were faltering.

the green mile novel summary

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Early e end of a long, late summer day. My assistants had just left the office when the fax machine went off. I figured it must be the nyt bestseller list, since publishers get the list hippie ten days before it runs in the paper and Signet would be sending over a copy. Each week since the first monthly installment. The, green, mile was published in March '96 had been thrilling. But this could. And there it was: six titles on the paperback bestseller list, including the last title, coffey on the. Mile, at #1 for that week of September. While any new Stephen King work of fiction does well, i hadn't really expected.

The, green, mile : The complete serial, novel. Formats: Hardcover / Paperback / Audio / movie / dvd. First Edition Release date: 2000, synopsis: They call death row at Cold mountain Penitentiary The, green, mile. John Coffey, sentenced to die for the rape and murder of two young girls, is the latest addition to the. Paul Edgecomb, the ward superintendent, discovers that there is more to john Coffey than meets the eye, for this friendly giant has the power to heal. Notes: This edition includes "Foreword: a letter" by king and a new introduction by Stephen's agent, ralph Vicinanza. . Frontispiece and six illustrations by mark geyer. Introduction, by ralph Vicinanza, wednesday night.

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the green mile novel summary

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The, green, mile is a novel by the master of horror Stephen King. Originally tgm was released in six parts, but i knew that I would hate waiting for each new part of the series, so i decided to wait and null now all six parts are available in one book at about 530 pages. The story is about prison guard paul Edgecombe and the events that are taking place while he's the head guard on a death row in the early thirties. Most of the story centres on the prisoner John Coffey, who's going to "walk the green mile " (there's a green carpet on the floor down to the electric chair) for raping and killing two small girls. Coffey is really big, feeble minded and extremely gentle and paul soon starts to doubt that Coffey killed the two girls.

Oh, yes and this being a king novel ; there is something strange about Coffey. Maybe he's not as strange as the mouse, but that's another story. The, green, mile is a rather quiet book compared to what we usually see from Kings hands, but it's also a lot tighter than usual. It's like the format has forced him to control his usual ramblings and keep the story tight and more evenly paced than he normally does (to keep both a bit of action and a bit of contemplation in each of the six parts). I like it and I like it a lot. And the ending is one of the best ever in a king book that doesn't mean much, but for once i would actually say that the ending is without fault.

When they reach Hal moores' house, hal doesn't understand what is happening. Climax Hal holds a gun out at John, scared he's going to try something, and paul walks up and takes his gun. John walks over to hal's dying wife, and kisses her. This kiss took out all of the sickness she was suffering from. John starts coughing a bunch and the guards think he is dying.

FAlling action everybody hurries back to get John to the Green Mile. John grabs Percy once they reach the mile, and let's all of the sickness from Hal moores' wife into percy. Percy grabs his gun and shoots Wharton. Paul tells John he can prove he's innocent, but John says he wants to die. Resolution The guards follow through with John Coffey's execution. The story goes back to present time, and paul's friend, Elaine reads what he has written. They walk to a shed at there retirement home, where they find. Then the story goes to when paul's wife dies. He remembers how he could see john Coffey in the distance of where his wife died.

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Del sees Percy is up front for his execution and he yells, saying he doesn't want to go if Percy is in charge. Percy forgets to wet the sponge that goes under the cap of "Old Sparky" and Del's lifeless body catches fire. Paul tells Percy he is to put in for a transfer immediately and is to take sick days until the transfer is put into place. Paul has a dream about the day john allegedly killed the two little girls, and discovers that he is not guilty. The guards meet and plan to bring John to hal moores' add house to heal his dying wife. They fake an escape where percy is tied up and dean stays at the mile. As they escape wild Bill grabs John's arm and John suddenly remembers it was actually Wharton who killed the two little girls.

the green mile novel summary

Wild Bill Freaks out several times in the next days and is put into a straight jacket and locked in a padded room. The guards practice del's execution, with Percy up front. Later that day percy walks down the mile and Wharton jumps up and grabs Percy through the bars. He wets himself and Del makes fun of him for this. Jingles runs out into the Green Mile, and Percy stomps on him, breaking almost every bone book in his body. John Coffey tells paul to give him the mouse before it's too late, and he brings. Jingles back to life.

for Del's execution. Del sees Steamboat Willy and names him. Del is permitted to get a cigar box, a spindle and some treats to keep. Jingles as a pet. Paul learns that Wild Bill is going to be coming in soon and paul's urinary infection is starting to get worse, we also learn that Hal moores wife has a tumor, which is most likely fatal. When Wild Bill is brought into the, green, mile he grabs dean, a guard, by the throat and starts choking him. John Coffey calls paul into his cell, and John puts his hand over paul's groin, and his urinary infection disappears.

Paul is suffering from a urinary infection at the time john Coffey is brought into the, green, mile. Rising Action, john Coffey is brought into the, green, mile. Paul does some research on John and learns that he is in the, green, mile because he raped and killed two little girls. When John was found with the two murdered girls, he was crying hysterically holding their bodies. There are only two inmates in this next part, "The Chief" and "The President". Hal moores gives paul the execution papers for "The Chief" and they talk about Hal's wife being very sick. Brutal calls paul and another guard to review go out and see something. They discover a mouse on the, green, mile and they name him Steamboat Willy. Percy sees Steamboat Willy and tries to kill him, but fails.

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Point of view, the, green, mile is told in a 1st person point of view, with an older paul Edgecombe looking back and writing pdf about his life. It changes time periods though as different things happen. Society, as John Coffey is given unfair treatment for being black, and being punished for a crime he didn't. Character, paul and Percy are constantly having problems throughout the entire story. In the beginning of this story you learn about paul Edgecombe the main character and narrator of this story. He is currently in a retirement home and is writing about his years of working on the ". Green, mile he worked in the State penitentiary's, cold mountain, death row. We learn that at Cold mountain they refer to the electric chair as "Old Sparky" and death row as "The, green, mile ".

the green mile novel summary
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  1. Summary of the, novel, the Green Mile, a summary of any novel by Stephen King has to include a small biography of the horror novelist, himself.

  2. Set in 1932, it is told in the form of a memoir written by paul Edgecombe, the former superintendent. Stephen King, the famous artist of spook tales and horror books probably created his best novel yet! The Green Mile, an interesting story like no other. Knaub 1 Jill Knaub Professor Janet Ward English 110 november 3, 2011.

  3. The Green Mile is a novel by the master of horror Stephen King. Originally tgm was released in six parts, but i knew that I would hate waiting. The Green Mile summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays,"s, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or teaching. Stephen King s, the Green Mile is a wonderful read.

  4. It changes time periods though as different things happen. Summary and reviews. The Green Mile by Stephen King, plus links to a book excerpt from. The Green Mile and author biography of Stephen King.

  5. The Green Mile ;. The page for the, novel The Green Mile : The complete serial, novel. The Green Mile is told in a 1st person point of view, with an older paul Edgecombe looking back and writing about his life.

  6. The Green Mile book summary and Study guide. Stephen King booklist Stephen King Message board. Detailed plot synopsis reviews.

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