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Managing where they are surfing The Internet is a powerful learning tool. It provides a world of information that is instantly available 24/7. However, the wide-ranging and anonymous nature of the Internet brings with it risks—from explicit or inappropriate content to predators lurking in chat rooms and using instant messaging services. Due to the webs potential dangers, many service providers offer free tools and software to help restrict certain types of content and features to keep young Web users safe. Internet service providers (ISPs) Web providers like verizon, at t, and Comcast offer such free parental control features as the ability to: Get a web activity report that shows you all the web sites your children visit or attempt to visit. You can check out the sites your kids have visited and block specific sites or types of sites you dont want them going back.

Tv-g : General audience - suitable for children and adults. Tv-pg : Parental guidance suggested - violence, sexual situations, coarse language and/or suggestive dialogue. Tv-14 : Parents strongly cautioned - intense violence, sexual situations, coarse language and/or suggestive dialogue. Tv-ma : Mature audience Only - graphic violence, explicit sexual content and/or offensive language. For more information on write the v-chip, including specific instructions on how to program your V-chip at home, visit the fcc guide essays by clicking here. Cable and satellite tv programming If your family has cable television, you have even more options on how to block access to programs you deem too mature for young eyes. Almost all cable and satellite providers give you an option of creating a pin you can use to block programs in three different ways: by channel by rating by time period Depending on your service provider, you may also have the option of blocking specific. For example, verizon fios tv and at t u-verse allow users to selectively block programming by channel or rating. Selectively block pay-per-view and On Demand purchases. Set up user-defined pins (to purchases and block programs.) Hide adult programming from the tv listings. For more detailed information, visit the national Cable telecommunications Associations site on getting started with parental controls.

surfing the internet essay

Essay of surfing internet

Television, as parents are well aware, the Internet isnt the only place where kids can be exposed to inappropriate content. Like the Internet, there are a variety of different ways you can keep your children from stumbling across explicit or violent content. Since 2000, the federal Communications Commission (FCC) has required that all televisions larger than 13 inches be equipped with whats called a v-chip. A v-chip lets parents and caregivers block programming that they dont want children to watch. All television programs are assigned a rating interests according to a system established by the television industry, which appears onscreen during the first 15 seconds of the program. The rating is encoded with the program before it airs. Parents can use their television sets remote control to program the v-chip to block programs that carry certain ratings. The current rating system deems whats appropriate as follows: tv-y : All children. Tv-y7 : Children 7 and.

surfing the internet essay

Reasons for surfing the internet essay

To find more about what options are available on your plan and carrier, contact your wireless service provider directly. For more general information on wireless parental controls, visit the. From phones to desk tv and computers, make sure your young ones understand that parental controls are not about punishment—they're about safety. Talk to them about the importance of using the web responsibly instead of simply implementing tough restrictions. Teaching your kids about online safety can be a great opportunity to discuss good decision-making and time management skills. The Internet is an incredible tool that offers an amazing wealth of information and ideas. What are your kids watching? Many shows on television, whether on broadcast or cable networks, are for adult eyes only. Like with their use of the Internet, there are a variety of different ways you can keep your children from stumbling across explicit or violent content.

When your child begins to approach the monthly text, download, or talking limits, companies like at t will send an advance warning. Once a limit is reached, there will be a notification that the action is restricted and that the service will be stopped until the start of the next usage period. Depending on your wireless carrier, some of these features may cost a small monthly fee. Family location services: Worried about where your kids are? Almost all major wireless carriers provide a tracking service that lets you know where your family members are. Using your phone or home computer to log on, you can set up certain boundaries for where you expect your child will. When they move outside the arranged area with their phone, you can receive text or email alerts. You can also receive daily notifications at set times, assuring you that your child arrived home safely after school or other activities. All carries charge an extra monthly fee for this tracking service.

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surfing the internet essay

Disadvantages surfing internet essay

Hopefully, this sparknotes can at least serve as a starting point to begin a conversation about safe practices for going online, watching tv, and connecting with others. Parental controls and wireless phones, many parents have come to the decision that their kids need access to wireless phones - for safety and peace of mind. . Luckily, most carriers offer a variety of helpful features that give parents and caregivers a say in what their children see and do with their souped-up phones. The use and accessibility of smartphones has skyrocketed in recent years, as more and more Americans now turn their wireless device to access the Internet. The ability to immediately access the Internet while on the go marks an important shift in the way we log on, and parents often worry that smartphones are just another way for their young summary ones to access inappropriate content, connect with strangers, and make unauthorized. Purchase blocker: prevents users from making purchases that are direct-billed to the account holder, such as ringtones, downloads, applications and games. Content filters : Similar to blocking sites and services on your home computer, many wireless carriers offer content filtering features that help block access to mobile sites with mature content as well as filter out inappropriate sites from search results.

Some carriers, such as Verizon, have created their own rating system of mobile content. Verizon offers three content settings: appropriate for ages seven and up, 13 and up, and 17 and. These three setting are all easy to change and reset as your child grows and matures. Usage restrictions : allow parents to set caps on the number of text messages or downloads allowed over a set period, as well as restrict when the phone can be used, who can be called or texted, and what kinds of content can be accessed. Other restriction features include the ability to set a dollar limit on monthly downloadable purchases, selecting the amount of web browsing/data usage allowed per billing cycle, and creating lists of pre-approved favorites and blocked numbers for you childs phone.

This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, where you work, email addresses, passwords, social security numbers, and credit card numbers. Create a technology inventory. Parents should know what technologies their children are using and what those devices are capable. For example, does the families cable television service include on-demand content (potentially with access to adult programming)? Do the childrens cell phones include an Internet browsing capability?

Are parental controls on the Internet browsers software enabled? Set up your computer in a central, open location, like the living room or kitchen, so Internet use can be supervised. Create a family agreement for Internet use that includes items such as hours of use, what sites can be accessed, and what sites are off-limits. Tell your children that if someone they are talking to online harasses, bullies, or makes them uncomfortable in any way, they should talk to a parent, teacher, or an adult they trust. Every family is unique. We all have our own set of criteria for what we are comfortable with. Not all of these suggestions will apply to your family situation, and they are not intended to be a complete list of all available options.

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Here are some basic rules of the road to keep your best kids safe online. Talk to your children so they know what is acceptable, what sites you want them to stay away from, and who they are allowed to text, for example. This will help both you and your and children start a dialogue about safe use of technology. Find out where theyre hanging out online. Get familiar with the web sites your child or teen visits. Have them show you their favorite sites and discuss what they like about them. Make sure your children understand that they should never give out identifying information about themselves, friends, or family members.

surfing the internet essay

From smart phones to tablet computers, to the hundreds of channels and thousands of on-demand video offerings on tv, consumers have never had more options for how to spend their time. . For parents, however, the amount of content that is out there can often lead to anxiety about what their children watch on tv, what Web sites they stanley are visiting and who they are talking to from behind all those electronic screens. . So whats a concerned parent to do? To address this issue, many communications carriers have created technology that gives parents control over their kids use of their devices and services. Parental control technology describes a wide variety of software and hardware solutions that parents and caregivers can use to restrict the content their children can access and the people they can communicate with. The challenge is that, depending on the technology, medium, and service provider, parental control options vary quite a bit, so finding the most effective way to protect your children from adult content youd rather not let them access can be tough. To address this, ncl has created a new series of articles to help consumers navigate the landscape of parental control technology and find the options that are best for their families. Best practices, parents often worry that, compared to their tech-savvy teens and pre-teens, they have little hope of keeping up with their use of technology. The truth is you dont have to be a computer or technical expert to prevent your young ones from accessing content that you deem inappropriate.

compare products, buy, and pay for their purchases from the internet storefronts or websites of businesses. On the other hand, perhaps the most important use of the internet is still on the creation and dissemination of information and knowledge. It has undoubtedly ushered an era where information is always within reach. In no other time has the conduct of research activities been more convenient than in todays connected world where the scholar can search for and download materials from online journals, books, and other information sources using the web. Likewise, distance learning is fast changing the notion of education and expanding the classroom. The integration of key features such as rapid connection and download speeds, convenience and reliability, and more advanced web applications that enable internet users to engage in a variety of activities centered on access to communication, entertainment, business, and education ensures that todays generation will. In the end, it is the variety and the pressing demand for better internet technologies that will propel further developments in the way the internet is used and defined by the expectations and reasons of its users).

Nowadays, people use electronic mails or e-mails to send out and receive letters, messages, or even greeting cards. New applications such as instant messengers which have the capacity to send short messages, make and receive phone calls through voice over internet protocol (voip and video transmission allow better and more convenient ways of keeping in touch with others. The growth of websites that host forums, message boards, and networking-related activities such as m or m that allow users to upload and post photos, blogs, videos, and music also provide internet users with a number of ways to update distant friends and family members. Likewise, faster connection speed has enabled internet users to use the internet for entertainment purposes. For instance, there are numerous sites found on the web that allow its visitors to watch video clips and other streaming content. Some even allow users to download and play music and music videos as well as upload their own files help for sharing with others. Those interested in games can also play them online or download them to their own computers and other devices. Some of these contents can be accessed freely although most sites will charge for downloading protected content such as music files.

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Reasons to surf the, internet, the internet is increasingly becoming an important part of peoples lives all over the world. Reasons to surf the, internet introduction. Being a veritable information goldmine, the internet has not only made information accessible but also enabled sharing it to a wider audience at speeds heretofore unimagined. Technological advances enable faster and more reliable connection, increased variety in digital equipment and internet capable devices, and more user-friendly applications that enable its users to become contributors to the development of the world Wide web. Indeed, for the majority of those who have access to the internet, surfing the web is important for four primary reasons: communication, entertainment, business, and education. Need essay sample on "Reasons to surf the, internet "? We will write a cheap essay sample on "Reasons to surf the, internet " specifically for you for only.90/page, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll business occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Examples on, internet, rubric, communication undoubtedly remains as the top reason for internet surfing activities.

surfing the internet essay
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You can start surfing. People can buy essays and pass. Essay, internet : Highway to heaven or Hell As I look around the classroom I see many individuals who enter the virtual world at least once a day.

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