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Tutor staff with fundamentals of computer operation. Retrieve and archive confidential financial information. Education university of pittsburgh, pittsburgh, master of Business Administration, technology management, 2010 university of texas, austin bachelor of Science in Information Technology management, 2006 university of california, los angeles associate of Arts in Computer Business Systems, 2000 community outreach volunteer Fireman. Click to download the lan administrator Resume sample Two in pdf). Wilbert Power 4007 Perry Street, flint, mi 48548 (333) 409-3689, email : email, career goal. To work with your prestigious organization as a lan wan engineer and help in achievement of organizational goals owing to my skills in tcp/ ip, asa firewalls, mpls, ipsec vpn, bgp and Metro Ethernet. Strong cognitive competence to utilize lan/ wan protocols: c, c, java, c verilog (vhdl matlab, assembly language.

Setup and banking technical support for Net meetings. Researching purchasing information on hardware and software acquisitions. Perform and manage regular backups. Provide technical documentation of the network infrastructure. Create tutorials in how to connect and safely work in the network environment. Manage users and provide user support in both hardware and software. Provide lan management and troubleshooting assistance. Manage and assist with network security and virus prevention strategy. Maintain and update departmental computers proposal with all necessary software and, or hardware. Troubleshoot software related issues as well as repair hardware problems.

resume on lan

Lan wan network Engineer, resume

Apply all security patches as needed to maintain a secure environment. Perform monthly and gpa quarterly audits on servers. Manage and monitor storage array volumes and direct-attached storage. Provide first-level and second level server troubleshooting and response. Install Host Bus Adaptors for storage environments. Install post-os required software. Manage tape libraries, backup agents and associated software. Bcd inc., Any town,. Lan administrator ( install and configure new lan servers and user workstations.

resume on lan

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Data capture from Cisco pix firewall systems and generating reports based upon Sarbanes-Oxley standards. Installation, configuration and implementation of redundant internet mail spam filtering system. Data center network evernote infrastructure cabling (Cat5, cat6, etc). Xyz corp., Any town,. Lan administrator ( install and move servers and storage equipment. Install and configure servers, as well as perform maintenance and troubleshooting of servers. Perform routine system administration tasks including backups and file restores, account installation and deletion, server installation, and operating system upgrades. Proactively administer and maintain a highly available server farm used in a production environment for multiple business critical applications.

Lan administrator (2008 Present setup, installation, maintenance and administration of 50 Windows servers at all levels including hardware support, troubleshooting raid setup and maintenance, and operating system support. Implementation of Server backup system utilizing ibm tape library and Symantec Backup Exec. This includes development and implementation of Disaster Recovery system and tape management and rotation system. Installation, configuration and maintenance of Cisco edge switches for corporate lan using various models. Duties include ios upgrades, vlan configuration and port assignments, backup of switch configurations, etc. Administration of vpn authentication system utilizing rsa (Secured). Distribution, maintenance and administration of tokens for remote user access. Development, testing, documentation and delivering of qa procedures for deployment of all systems adhering to sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) standard. Implementation of syslog monitoring and reporting system with third party vendor software.

Resume, lAN /wan engineer

resume on lan

Lan, administrator, resume, sample Two

Master of Business Administration, technology management. Exceptional customer service and support experience with excellent communication, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills. Ability to troubleshoot, identify and clearly understand root causes of issues and develop optimized solutions. 10 years of network and telecommunications experience. Adept at following organization protocol and maintaining corporate standards to provide the highest level of speed, reliability, and efficiency while keeping downtime at a minimum.

Willing to relocate and to travel. Technical expertise, hardware: ibm, dell, hp, networking Technologies: lan, dhcp, otherness tcp, ip, dns. Platforms: Windows, unix, applications: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, powerPoint, outlook, page maker. Certifications, microsoft Certified System Analyst (mcsa microsoft Certified Professional (mcp 2006. Professional experience, abc inc., Any town, ny 2008 Present.

For instance, with a freebox, you can make it work like this: enable the specific wake-on-lan proxy option; set up a permanent dhcp lease for your machine based on macaddr so it always has the same ip address in the lan (if you haven't done. You can be reassured by the fact that an attacker would need to know your macaddr to be able to wake up your machines in your stead, but as it is sent in the clear when doing a wake-on-lan, that's not so reassuring. Also, you have to hope that your network controller, with its fancy wake-on-lan features, does not have flaws that could allow an attacker to do more than just wake the computer. In fact, the setup with the forwarding didn't work reliably for me after all, so, if you can, it's better to ssh to something on the same lan to wake the machine up instead. To test the setup, an easier way than actually suspending the machine, especially if you can't resume it manually in case of failure, is to check with socat that the target machine can actually receive the magic packets. On the target machine, do: sudo socat -u udp-recv:9,reuseaddr - now test sending the magic packet; if things work correctly, some garbage (corresponding to the raw packet) should appear.

If nothing appears, the packet is not being received by the target machine and you should troubleshoot this. If the target machine can receive the packet, you can make it suspend to ram using pm-suspend (package pm-utils in Debian). Do the following on the target machine: sudo pm-suspend The target machine should go to sleep, spending a minimal amount of energy to keep the ram powered. Now, sending the magic packet from another machine should cause the target machine to resume. Hopefully all network interfaces should become usable (and all hardware should remain in the same state as before so you can then ssh into the target machine a few seconds later, use it in the normal way, and just put it back to sleep with. 999 main Street, Any town,.999.9999, qualifications, dedicated, results-oriented Information Technology Professional with an outstanding track record of technical and academic experience, including several key certifications.

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How to enable it persistently, you probably want to enable wake-on-lan on the target machine (the one to wake up remotely) automatically at boot. What worked for me on Debian is to use udev following these instructions. In fact, this is an excellent guide and i advantages am paraphrasing a lot from. For future purposes you should also retrieve the. Mac address of the interface of the target machine, i will call this macaddr: ip addr show dev eth0 grep 'link/ether' awk 'print 2'. And retrieve its public ip address (I use ipv4 i will call this ipaddr: curl -4 m, how to send the packets, now that wake-on-lan is enabled, you will need another machine to send the magic packet to wake up the target machine. To do this, i use the command wakeonlan from the debian package of the same name. The easiest is to do it from a computer on the same lan, where you can just do: wakeonlan macaddr if you are not on the same lan, then either you should ssh to a computer of the lan where you can do this,.

resume on lan

Of course, however, such services should probably be run on low-power machines to avoid wasting energy. Second, it only works with Ethernet, so if your machine doesn't have a wired connection you are out of luck. Third, your network interface must support wake-on-lan, which you can enable as follows, using the ethtool command (packaged in Debian with the same name). I'm assuming that eth0 is your network interface: sudo ethtool -s eth0 wol. You can then assist check that it works by issuing: sudo ethtool eth0 grep 'wake-on: g'. If wake-on: g is indeed returned, then wake-on-lan is enabled on your machine. Earlier versions of this guide incorrectly explained how to enable wake-on-lan after explaining how to test for.

bit bad about wasting energy to power mostly idle machines, but I recently discovered, wake-on-lan, which allows you to power or resume your computer from the network. I vaguely knew this existed, but I had no idea that it was something stable and available on normal computers. In fact, as it turns out, it works mostly out-of-the-box on my machines. The basic principle of wake-on-lan is to setup your computer's network interface to react to specific incoming packets by powering up or resuming the machine, allowing you to suspend or power down the machine, and turn it up or wake it up remotely. When to use it, when can you use wake-on-lan? First, of course, you cannot do this on machines that have to stay on because an actual server is running on them.

Select the adapter you want to configure to receive wol packages, click on right click it and select "Properties" item in the drop-down menu. In the dialog opened switch to the "Advanced" tab. Change "Shutdown wake-on-Lan" or "wake-on-lan after shutdown" or "wake from Shutdown" property to Enabled. Change "wake on Magic Packet" property to Enabled or for "wake-up Capabilities" property choose magic Packet value. In the dialog opened switch to the "Power Management" tab. Check "Allow this device to wake the computer" and Uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" option. Check "Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer" option to make sure it does not wake up on every add single network activity that occurs.

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Wake-on-lan usually needs to be enabled in the power Management section of the motherboard's bios. Wol enabling item name can differ according to the bios manufacturer (wake on lan, wake up by lan, wake up On lan, power On by lan, power Up by lan, power On by pci devices, power On by pcie devices, resume On pci event, resume. To get the detailed information on how to enable wol in the bios of your motherboard please refer to motherboard User Manual or to the system manufacturer. The motherboard must be in sleep (System Power State G1-S1, G1-S2 or G1-S3 hibernate (System Power State G1-S4) or shut down (System Power State G2-S5) state. Mechanical Off (System Power State G3) is not supported, that means that the ac adapter was not turned of after the last shut down. The second requirement is that wake on lan must be enabled in the network Adapter settings of the operating system. This can be done from gpa the properties of the network adapter in the device manager. Follow the steps below to enable wake on lan for Microsoft Windows:. In the window opened expand the "Network adapters" node.

resume on lan
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The wake on lan feature allows machines to be turned on remotely. N, resume by wol, resume on lan, resume on lan/pme wake.

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  1. To work with your prestigious organization as a lan wan engineer and help in achie vement of organizational goals owing to my skills in tcp/ ip, asa firewalls. Lan administrator Resume sample Two is one of three resumes for this position that you may review or download. Additional Administrator Resumes are. It professional with over 14 years of experience in analysis, impl ementation, integration, 2nd 3rd tier escalation support, project management.

  2. Proven track record in performance monitoring, reliability, enhance ment, and security management. Find the best Lan Administrator resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes.

  3. How to configure a remote computer for wake on Lan. Resume by lan, resume. Ol, resume On lan, resume On lan/pme wake on lan from.

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