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Take note: to feed junk mail in whole, you'll need a minimum capacity of 12 sheets, according to rook. "When it comes to shredding junk mail or other types of bulk, it all depends on the thickness she says. "This includes folded papers. One folded sheet of paper acts like three sheets when it's going through the shredder.". Recommendation: If choosing the cross-cut route, seek a model that can handle at least 12 to 18 sheets at a time, which provides the best balance of price and functionality. If you've chosen micro cut, expect to trade some sheet capacity for the benefit of mulching your documents into tiny pieces. Another consideration related to sheet capacity is running time, which can range anywhere from two up to 30 minutes. "A higher capacity usually equates to the ability to shred longer at one sitting before the shredder needs to cool down cayton says.

"Someone short with a strip scanner can reconstitute those documents in 10 seconds.". 2: size up your available space. Once you have your cut preference in mind, the next most important consideration is where you'll put your shredder, says Eric cayton, director and divisional merchandise manager in charge of shredder purchases for Staples. "you have to think about where it's going in your home or office he says. "Are you going to keep it in the closet, the kitchen or under your desk?" The bin size will determine not only student the overall size of your shredder, cayton adds, but how often you'll need to empty. Recommendation: If space is not an issue, lean toward a larger bin capacity, as less emptying equals less hassle. If space is an issue, be sure to pull out a tape measure to assess your area - and don't forget that you need room to open the bin too. 3: Select your ideal sheet capacity. Lower-end models can only handle up to four sheets per pass. More expensive, industrial-strength shredders can gobble 30 or more pages at a time. Most options for home fall in the middle of that range, between 7 to 24 sheets.

paper shredding near me

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Cross cut (sometimes called confetti cut) attack pages in multiple directions, resulting in particle sizes that are about one to two inches in length and around.15 inches in width. Diamond-cut movie shredders make diamond-shape clippings versus the rectangular clippings of a cross-cut machine. Finally, micro-cut machines hack pages into literally thousands of small pieces. "The scraps from a diamond or cross-cut shredder are approximately four times larger than a micro-cut particle says Jennifer rook, spokeswoman for Office max. Recommendation: to maximize peace of mind, pay the extra for a micro cut. Otherwise, a cross or confetti cut is a perfectly acceptable (and safe) choice. Meanwhile, don't be tempted by the cheaper strip-cut models, which are actually worse than not having a shredder at all because they alert a thief that you were trying to hide something potentially important. "It's useless sileo warns.

paper shredding near me

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So the important thing is not that you get one shredder - it's that you get enough shredders to make it very convenient.". Ok, ok, so a shredder is a good idea. But go into an office-supply store or type "shredders" into google, and you'll get quickly inundated with a slew of short options. Sorting through all of them may seem intimidating, so to simplify, we recommend focusing on a few key factors. 1: Choose your cut. The "cut" of a shredder refers to what happens when you put paper into the feeder of the machine. The four main variations are strip, cross, diamond and micro. View a slideshow of the four types of cuts below. Strip shredders vertically slice a page into ribbons.

John Sileo can attest to this firsthand. The identity protection expert and professional speaker had his identity stolen twice, and in one of those instances, a shredder could have made all the difference. "Shortly after buying a house, i put some mortgage documents out in the trash, and didn't think twice about it he says. Later "a woman used my identity to buy herself a home. Eventually, she declared bankruptcy.". Sileo's nasty brushes with identity theft led him to write a book on the subject, "Stolen lives: Identity Theft Prevention Made simple and launch. He's a firm proponent of shredders, and says in some cases people should have more than one. "A problem I see is that people buy one and put it in their office, and then they'll open their mail or deal with their finances in a different place he says. "If your shredder isn't within three to five seconds of where you are, statistics show that you're not going to use.

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paper shredding near me

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Hard Drive destruction, see our trucks hard drive shredder abd in action. All points Mobile Shredding also offers on-site and drop off hard drive destruction services. Our state-of-the-art trucks are equipped with a hard drive shredder that will destroy hard drives and other electronic media on-site while you watch. Our on-site shredder is naid aaa certified and can destroy 8-10 hard drives every minute, enabling us to handle large corporate hard drive shredding projects. We also offer our clients a hard drive destruction drop off service where you can conveniently stop by our office to drop off your hard drives.* you can observe our office hard drive destroyer at work on your hard drives.

This service is ideal for residential clients who have just a few hard drives to destroy. For more information or for a", please contact us by phone or complete the contact us form on this page. Drop off service is not naid aaa certified. By michael Berg Published: April 29, 2010. Modern criminals may be stealing personal information electronically through sophisticated online data mining tools, but small-time crooks sorting through food wrappers and dirty diapers in the quest for discarded paperwork 'still lurk. In fact, not shredding potentially sensitive documents before you dispose of them is almost like begging to become one of the federal Trade commission's estimated 9 million victims of identity theft in the United States every year. And with adequate shredders available for as low as 50, there's almost no excuse - every household should have one.

The following are some examples of items other than paper, which should be destroyed. Shred electronic media computer Hard Drives Compact Disks (CD's dvds more. Learn more about shredding electronic media. Other miscellaneous products recalled products Uniforms (including private security guard, police, fire, public safety employees) id badges Spec products more. Learn more about shredding miscellaneous products. All points Mobile Shredding provides residences and businesses throughout south Florida with National Association of Information Destruction (naid) aaa certified document shredding solutions.

Heres how our mobile, on-site document shredding and destruction process works: All points Mobile Shreddings shred technicians will come to your business, without interrupting your activities or employees, to remove the contents of the security containers. Your confidential documents are emptied into our state-of-the-art, industrial-strength shredders inside our shredding trucks. The destruction process is monitored according to naid standards and you are able to view the entire process. All points Mobile Shredding provides you with a certificate of Destruction, indicating your corporate compliance. All shredded paper is then baled and recycled. The shredded material is recycled into a variety of consumer and business products. Drop Off Shredding Service, all points Mobile Shredding also offers convenient drop off service at our office and many other locations around the south Florida area. Drop off service is ideal for individuals who have a small amount of material that needs to be destroyed. The documents are placed in a secure, locked container until the end of the day when the shredding truck comes and destroys the contents inside of the shredding container on-site, then and there.

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Shred any document which could be used for the purpose of identity theft (social security numbers, customer lists, credit applications, essay tax returns, etc). Shred any document which could cause harm in the hands of criminals or competitors (canceled checks, credit card applications, credit card numbers). Shred any papers which could cause harm to you or others in the hands of criminals. Application for jobs, bank Account Data, bank reports. Brokerage reports, canceled Checks, classified Information, confidential Letters. Contracts, correspondence, credit Card Statements, debit Card Numbers, drivers License numbers. Executive letters, financial Reports, insurance policy Info, invoices. Legal Documents, medical Records, payroll Reports, photographs mattress Profit loss Statements Proposals and"s Receipts/Invoices Signatures Social Security numbers Tax Records Telephone numbers Always destroy any item which could cause harm.

paper shredding near me

a means of destroying their own confidential information. . Many of these paper shredders, having been built for adult operation in office environments, lacked safety standards like on/off buttons and had large enough slots for small body parts to touch the blades. . As a result, there have been a number of reports of small children injuring (and losing) fingers, and dogs getting ears or tongues caught in the blades. If you own a personal home shredder, take the necessary precautions to prevent these types of injuries, like keeping it out of reach of small children or pets, keeping it unplugged when not in use, never allow your children to operate the machine, and. Or, simply dump your personal home shredder and drop your confidential material off. Video: If you hate your shredder, you'll love this video. A strong paper shredding program can help you protect yourself from being the victum of identity theft caused by your printed material falling in the hands of theives.

Many book individuals and even some small businesses buy a small personal shredder and attempt to shred their confidential material themselves. . For some, this solution works fine. . However, after spending the money, many people realize that this may not be the best solution. . Here are a few of the complaints that cause people to stop using their personal shredders. It's too time consuming feeding one piece of paper at a time through my shredder. I hate having to deal with endless paper jams! I don't want to have to maintain the equipment myself and dispose of the paper myself. My shredder is such a pain to deal with that i end up just throwing away stuff that I should probably shred. I've got kids that get into everything and it makes me nervous having a paper shredder around the house.

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According to the better Business Bureau, most identity thieves still obtain personal information through traditional means, rather than electronic means. Securing the services of a shredding company would go a great distance to stop this aspect of the problem. Where the method of theft is known, almost 70 of information was obtained by dumpster diving and physically stealing the data, versus 12 obtained online. Virtually none of that data had been shredded by a shredding company. One of the best self-defense measures consumers and small businesses can implement is to shred information before discarding. Everyone can afford to take the information to a shred drop off location. Securing the services of a professional document shredding company can be very inexpensive. ShredDropOff Location prices vary reviews but the minimum charges are small compared to the cost of fixing the problems after the fact. Find the, shredDropOff location in your area and make a habit of getting all your confidential information shredded by a professional shredding company.

paper shredding near me
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Where can i have paper Shredded near me : Top 3 Blue-pencil Locations. Shred Nations Fontana offers secure data destruction with Mobile/Offsite Shredding Services throughout California. Shred Nations San Marcos provides shredding services throughout San diego county, providing a variety of services to meet all shredding.

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  1. about PaperMountains paper shredding services London, document destruction London or find out when we are in your area(see list below). Self Storage near me allows you to store all your paper documents safely and securely so you can use your office space more efficiently. The top-load design accepts paper easily, but there's a noticeable lag before the printer senses it and begins shredding. result of shredding a cd or a credit card, it is recommended using needle-nose pliers to try and remove the jammed plastic particles.

  2. Paper, shredding, services in Augusta,. Paper, shredding, conversion tool Text me this address: shredding service options near you. How, paper, shredding, can have a positive impact Upon an Expanding Business. he also solved my personal shredding problem by selling me two of your shredding bags that I can fill up and deliver to your offices.

  3. Site mobile paper shredding, hard drive destruction, biomedical waste disposal and on-line compliance training for Hipaa, osha. Learn about the on-site shredding and off-site shredding process by All points Mobile, shredding in Stuart and surrounding areas. multiple services Under One roof mobile. Paper, shredding, hard Drive, shredding, medical Waste disposal and Online compliance Training.

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