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And thirdly, he points to the American pragmatist peirce who speaks of a universe of change (Peirce 1958). A specific affinity is stated with the belgian thinkers Prigogine and Stenger. Their book order out of chaos (1985) expresses the African experience of a fundamental instability of be-ing, which leads to the ontological and epistemological imperative to contribute to the forthcoming and stabilising of order as a dynamic equilibrium. To obey this imperative means a persistent search for harmony in all spheres of life, especially in the inter-subjective relations (Ramose 1999: 55-60). The notion of ubuntu, hunhu or botha is particularly in use in southern Africa. In West and East Africa, we come across the notion of communalism, by which the intersubjective aspects of ubuntu are expressed in a similar way, although the more comprehensive philosophical horizon of ubuntu is missing here. It is well-known that this notion is used by leopold. Senghor, a leader in the struggle for independence and the first President of Senegal, to characterise the specific mode of African socialism.

That is not in accordance with ubuntu as a whole-ness and a constant flow of be-ing. Ramose aims at a mode of language, in which nouns are also understood as verbs, as they express an ongoing process. He calls this a rheomode language, using the Greek word rheo, which means to flow, in order to express the specific character of this language. A editor certain type of logic corresponds with this mode of language. Departing from this, ramose says: The logic of ubuntu is distinctly rheomode in character. He refers in this regard to the book. Bohm: Wholeness and the implicate order, in which these notions are coined by the nature of collective thought (Bohm 19: 55-69). And he refers to an analogy with famous thinkers of Western philosophical traditions. Firstly, he mentions the thought of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, from coined the famous saying panta rhei (everything flows). Secondly, he refers to the german idealist Hegel war who has worked out a philosophy, in which all things and the human knowledge of them are constantly in a process (Hegel 1977).

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The hyphen between the two parts of the words signifies that they have to be understood as processes or in a dynamic sense. So it could be said that ubuntu is about human-ness (if the hyphen between human-and ness is taken in its specific meaning). At any rate it is important not to understand ubuntu as an -ism like in the word humanism. Therefore, ramose criticises the title of the book written. Samkange: Hunhuism or Ubuntuism. According to ramose these authors, when they speak of a zimbabwe indigenous political philosophy, also give a restricted meaning to ubuntu (or hunhu, which is the word for ubuntu in the language of the Shona in Zimbabwe neglecting the broader dimensions of this notion (Ramose. The suffix -ism indicates movie fragmentative thinking, which gives the general state of affairs with regard to a certain subject-matter.

issa essay answers

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Mutual recognition and respect in the different inter-subjective relations are parts of the process of unfolding of the universe, resume which encompasses everything, in the speaking and knowing of human beings. This process in itself leads to the forms of inter-subjective relations that have been mentioned above. Ramose underlines the oneness and the whole-ness of this ongoing process (Ramose 1999: 49-52). Through this more comprehensive explanation of ubuntu in its ontological and epistemological dimension it becomes understandable that ubuntu can be regarded as a specific approach to African philosophy in its different disciplines. We have already seen how this is valid for disciplines such as philosophical anthropology, social and political philosophy, and by the same token for ontology and epistemology. Other disciplines, such as metaphysics and philosophy of religion, logic and ethics, philosophy of medicine, philosophy of law and philosophy of economy, including problems of management, are taken into account, as is philosophy of art, although this latter subject is not treated in Ramoses book. In connection to this new approach to African philosophy, a different use of language is necessary. It has already become clear that ubu ntu is approached as a hyphenated word and that a specific interpretation flows from this way of writing. The same applies to words such as be-ing, whole-ness or one-ness.

It has to be discussed in a comprehensive ontological horizon. It shows how the be-ing of an African person is not only imbedded in the community, but in the universe as a whole. This is primarily expressed in the prefix ubu -of the word ubuntu. It refers to the universe as be-ing enfolded, containing everything. The stem ntu means the process of life as the unfolding of the universe by concrete manifestations in different forms and modes of being. This process includes the emergence of the speaking and knowing human being. As such this being is called umuntu or, in the northern Sotho language, motho, who is able by common endeavours to articulate the experience and knowledge of what ubu -is. Thus ntu stands for the epistemological side of be-ing. This is the wider horizon, in which the inter-subjective aspects of ubuntu have to be seen.

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issa essay answers

Issa final exam essay answers

It means more specifically: to be human is to affirm ones humanity by recognising the humanity of others and, on this basis, establish respectful human relations with them. In other words, my human-ness is constituted by the human-ness of others, and vice versa. And the relations between human beings, other persons and me, are characterised by mutual recognition and respect. The second aphorism, feta kgomo o tshware motho, says in a condensed formulation: if and when one is faced with a decisive choice between ones own wealth and the preservation of the life of another human being, then one should opt for the preservation. Hereby a basic principle of social philosophy is presupposed: the other ranks higher than I myself, especially when his/her life is in danger.

This is due to the fact that life or life force is the highest value, which determines also the relations between human beings. The third beispiel maxim is about kingship and expresses a fundamental aspect of political philosophy. The formulation of this third maxim, kgosi ke kgosi ka batho is very much similar to the first one. It relates kingship like human-ness in general to the humanity of others and demands mutual recognition and respect. In the words of Ramose it means that the king owes his status, including all the powers associated with it, to the will of the people under him (Ramose 1999: 193194, see also 52, 120, 138, 150, and 154). However, ubuntu has aspects that reach further than the contents of these proverbs.

The ubuntu way of thought differs greatly from what the western philosopher is accustomed. However, Tschiamalenga Ntumbas demarcation of African and Western ways of thought along these lines, is too simplistic. He states that African philosophy is a philosophy of we and Western philosophy is a philosophy of I (Ntumba 1985: 83). To reduce ubuntu to the saying i am because we are, as so frequently happens, is also too schematic. This saying cannot be regarded as a direct African counterpart of Descartes dictum. Things are more differentiated.

We have to take into account that the i, or the person, is becoming increasingly important in African ontology, too. In the west a philosophy of we is not impossible and has emerged as a strong philosophical stream called communitarianism, which stresses the meaning of the community. We thus have to look in more detail to the philosophical impact of ubuntu and of the African community spirit in order to discover what they can mean in the world of today. Let me start with Ramoses book african philosophy through ubuntu. The discourse of this book is organised around three proverbs, maxims or aphorisms taken from the language of the northern Sotho. The first aphorism, motho ke motho ka batho can be understood as a simplification of ubuntu. According to ramose it expresses the central idea of African philosophical anthropology.

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The bonds of the community, all based on the extended family, unravel in an urban environment, where people get isolated from each other due to living and working conditions. Nevertheless it is of crucial importance that the moral aspects of ubuntu and communalism, and the specific values that are connected with these notions, do not get lost. Their actualisation in philosophy and art can be useful for the endeavour to revitalise them. They can permeate from philosophy and art into other domains of life and be applied in the world of today, also in the domain of management and of organising processes of common work. My contribution is limited to a short survey of the meaning of ubuntu and communalism in philosophy and art, as I do not feel competent writing trunk to apply it to management or the science of management. Main philosophical aspects of, ubuntu and communalism. If a philosopher trained in the west tries to understand the philosophy incorporated in ubuntu thought, s/he will notice that s/he has entered an unfamiliar terrain.

issa essay answers

There is no doubt that music and dance are of special relevance in African art. Anyanwu, in his article The idea of art in African thought, has stated convincingly that music is the most important form of art in Africa (Anyanwu 1987: 251-3, 259). The cosmic sound has to be answered by human beings, moving together in the same rhythm. From oral literature i will entertain examples of the predominant role of the community writing and of the position of the individual. I will also refer to some pieces of woodcarving that express the African community spirit and the reciprocal support given by individuals to each other. This is illustrated by makondes: towers of human beings, leaning one on the other. A special motive is the relation between men and women and between mothers and children, which we find on some masks and sculptures. It is my contention that it will not be easy to adhere to ubuntu and communalism, which stem from a traditional and mainly rural environment, in a modernised and mainly urban life-world.

the political philosophy of leopold. Senghor and other political leaders of African countries in the struggle for independence (Senghor 1964). A vehement critic of that theory is a kenyan political scientist,. For a philosophical evaluation of this controversy i will refer to the articles and books of maurice Tschiamalenga Ntumba, joseph. Nyasani, and Kwame gyekye, dealing with the relation between person and community (Ntumba 19; nyasani 1989; gyekye 19). Finally i will briefly look for ubuntu and communalism in African art. I am a lover or African art, but my knowledge of it is not developed on a par with my knowledge of African philosophy.

In these fields of philosophical thought there are contributions from African philosophers, which differ in a very characteristic way from Western thinking. Therefore in a dialogue on these themes a special enrichment of Western philosophy is make possible. In the following text I want to clarify this possibility by concentrating on two notions, which have a specific meaning in the context of African philosophy. To discuss the notions of ubuntu and communalism means working out some important aspects of the second theme. The community spirit in African theory and practice is philosophically concentrated in notions such as ubuntu and communalism. But the concept of vital force, which is mentioned in the first theme, will play a certain role, too. We find the stem ntu, which expresses the concept of vital force in many bantu-languages, also in ubu ntu.

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Atypical Inputs in Educational Applications, su-youn yoon1, Aoife cahill1, Anastassia loukina1, Klaus Zechner2, Brian riordan2, Nitin Madnani1 1Educational Testing Service, 2ets, using Aspect Extraction Approaches to generate review Summaries and User Profiles. Christopher Mitcheltree, Veronica Wharton, Avneesh Saluja, airbnb, systemT: writing Declarative text Understanding for Enterprise. Laura Chiticariu1, Marina danilevsky2, Yunyao li1, Frederick reiss3, huaiyu zhu1 1ibm research - almaden, 2ibm research, 3IBM. Construction of the literature Graph in Semantic Scholar. Waleed Ammar1, Dirk Groeneveld1, Chandra Bhagavatula1, iz beltagy1, Miles Crawford1, Doug Downey2, Jason Dunkelberger1, Ahmed Elgohary3, Sergey feldman4, vu ha1, Rodney kinney1, Sebastian Kohlmeier5, Kyle lo1, Tyler Murray1, Hsu-han ooi1, Matthew Peters1, Joanna power1, Sam Skjonsberg1, Lucy wang6, Chris Willhelm1, Zheng yuan2, Madeleine van zuylen1, oren etzioni7 1Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, 2Northwestern University, 3University of Maryland, college park, 4Data cowboys, 5Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2. 5 Comments, during my efforts to set up dialogues between Western and African philosophies, i have singled out quite a number of subjects on which such dialogues are useful and necessary. Recently i have stated in an essay that three themes in the African way of thought have become especially important for me:.1 The basic concept of vital force, differing from the basic concept of being, which is prevalent in Western philosophy;.2. The prevailing role of the community, differing from the predominantly individualistic thinking in the west;.3. The belief in spirits, differing from the scientific and rationalistic way of thought, which is prevalent in Western philosophy (Kimmerle 2001: 5).

issa essay answers
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