Hazards of mobile phones essay

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One consequence is that technology-enabled 'solutions' are imported and 'made to fit' into what are often much more challenging environments. When they don't work, or where they are too expensive to be replicated at any scale, this is taken as 'evidence' that ict use in education in such places is irrelevant - and possibly irresponsible. That said, lessons are being learned as a result of emerging practices, both good and bad, in the use of icts in education in low resource, poor, rural and isolated communities in Africa, asia, latin America and the pacific that may be useful to help. (It may even turn out that the technological innovations that emerge from such places many have a wider relevance. But that is a topic for another discussion.) Products like the brck (a connectivity device designed and prototyped in nairobi, kenya by many of the people behind Ushahidi to better address user needs in places where electricity and internet connections are, for lack. Rural Africa, or in isolated communities in the Andes, are designed elsewhere, with little understanding of the practical day-to-day realities and contexts in which such technologies are to be used.

Learners would not be terribly well served if educational planners in 2014 simply decided to emulate the impulses and actions of Silesian weavers back in 1844 and smash all the machines in reaction to the spread of new technologies. Attempting to stuff this particular genie back in the bottle isn't only impractical: I would hazard a guess that it is well-nigh impossible. The recent article on the hoboken experience labels it a 'failed experiment'. Personally, i am not sure that this label fits in this particular case. In an experiment, it seems to me that you are usually trying to learn something. This supplies rather large purchase of technology seems to me like yet another solution in search of a problem essay that no one bothered to actually tried to define in any meaningful way. I suspect that, at a fundamental level, the problem wasn't (really) with the technology. In other words: It seems more like human failure. Read more » Submitted by On tue, 07/22/2014 dont worry: your solution (salvation?) has finally arrived! One persistent challenge for educational policymakers and planners related to the potential use of informational and communication technologies (ICTs) in remote, low income communities around the world is that most products, services, usage models, expertise, and research related to ict use in education come from.

hazards of mobile phones essay

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While i tend to view, with a fair degree of skepticism, many of the statistics which purport to document just how many people have visited a particular web site, it seems that the EduTech blog was recently visited by its one millionth reader. When viewing the mass of blog posts in their entirety, together with our visitor logs and other relevant data, it is quite clear that by far the single most popular post remains one i did over four years ago on 'worst practice in ict use. What was relevant back in 2010 appears still to be quite relevant today. (This isn't always the case: If for memory serves, i quickly drafted and published that particular blog post because i was having trouble completing one 'exploring the Use of Second Life in Education ' - i'm guessing that the half-life for *that* one, had it even. The Franco-czech writer Milan Kundera has a short story called "Let the Old dead make room for the young dead". Sometimes I feel like this title could be adapted for use in an introductory essay to a book documenting many of the unfortunate 'educational technology deployments' that have been irresistible fodder for politicians and headline writers alike (and clickbait for folks on Twitter) over the. Just because we continue to hear variations on a sadly familiar theme, i don't know that the best response is to admit defeat, throw up our hands, throw everything away and go back to the 'good old days'.

hazards of mobile phones essay

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In the words of unesco, the un organization which sponsors International Literacy day, "Literacy is one of the key elements needed to mattress promote sustainable development, as it empowers people so that they can make the right decisions in the areas of economic growth, social development. New technologies can play important roles in helping to enable efforts and activities to teach people to learn how to read - and to provide people with access to reading materials. As part of its communications outreach on International Literacy day this year, for example, unesco highlighted recent experiences in Senegal targeting illiterate girls and women, where it has found that "mobile phones, computers, internet and tv make literacy courses much more attractive for illiterate women.". In so-called 'developing countries books may be scarce and/or expensive in many communities - and reading materials that *are* locally available may not be of great interest or relevance to many potential readers. The fact that increasing numbers of people in such communities are carrying small portable electronic devices with them at all times capable of displaying text, and which indeed can hold tens, even thousands of digital 'books has not gone unnoticed by organizations seeking to increase. Two recent publications - reading in the mobile Era and Mobiles for reading: a landscape review - attempt to take stock of and learn from many of the leading efforts around the world in this regard. Read more » Submitted by On Thu, 07/31/2014 something doesn't seem quite right with this particular implementation. The world Bank's EduTech blog explores issues related to the use of information and communication technologies (computers, laptops, tablets, the Internet,.) to benefit education in middle and low income countries around the world.

At a conceptual level, when considering what technology devices are to be utilized as part of a given project or activity, mobile phones may often be the 'best' technology. But : does that make the mobile phone an appropriate or practical technology choice for use in schools, and/or by students and teachers? When it comes to mobile phones and the education sector, things aren't so simple, and answers vary considerably by place - and are changing. In some countries and schools, mobile phones are not allowed at all for students (and in some cases for teachers as well) and/or their use is limited to certain circumstances inside (and in some instances even outside) of school. In other places, phones are allowed with few restrictions. In yet other places, long time bans on phones are being reversed. Even where bans are in place, phones are still to be found in schools, for better and for worse, and they are used for a variety of purposes (again, for better and for worse). What are some current perspectives and practices related to the use of mobile phones in schools and education systems around the world? Read more » Submitted by On Fri, they tell me my generation is supposed to be able to 'leap frog' each year on 8 September, groups around the world gather together to celebrate " International Literacy day which is meant to highlight the importance.

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hazards of mobile phones essay

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(A good number more were queued up online to join in, but unfortunately technical snafus prevented them from participating - our continued apologies if you count yourself among that group.) The featured presenter at this discussion, my colleague mariam Adil. Meet the woman Who's Shaking Up pakistan's Social Gaming Industry the founder of, grid (Gaming revolution for International development shared some of the interesting and innovative things she has been doing to help create and roll out a philonous number of educational mobile apps,. Providing nova children and their caregivers with access to quality pre-school education opportunities is a primary activity of the world Bank's work related to early childhood development. No one who participated in Monday's discussion expressed the view that 'technology is the answer to the challenges of ecd'. That said: Are there approaches and activities related to early childhood development worth pursuing that can be complemented, and in some cases helpfully enabled by, new technologies? As the related World Bank strategy states, "Investing in young children through ecd programs—ensuring they have the right stimulation, nurturing and nutrition—is one of the smartest investments a country can make to address inequality, break the cycle of poverty, and improve outcomes later in life.". Given the proliferation of mobile phones in communities around the world, there can be no denying that such things are increasingly in the hands of parents and caregivers (and, for better or worse in the hands of children as well, both briefly and for extended.

What are we learning about what is possible, and what is useful, to do with these devices that can complement and extend many ecd activities and programs?, read more submitted by, on Fri, 07/24/2015 forbidden. When planning for new initiatives that will introduce and/or utilize information and communications technologies (ICTs) in some way, a simple general rule of thumb is worth considering: The best technology is often the one you already have, know how to ( and do ) use. In many places around the world, this technology is the mobile phone. This is not to contend that 'new' technology devices should not be considered - far from it! Rather, this general guidance is meant to serve as a reminder for planners and decisionmakers to consider how it might be possible to take advantage of and leverage *existing* technologies, and the activities and processes these technologies enable, before committing to introduce totally new (or. Just because something is new doesn't mean that it is automatically better. Of course: It doesn't mean that it is worse, either.

Submitted by, on Fri, papyrus: the original mobile technology for learning? Mobile learning week 2016 begins on Monday, march 7 at unesco headquarters in Paris. The fifth such annual international gathering, MLW2016 will feature a great lineup of speakers who will share information and perspectives on the use of 'mobile technologies' in education around the world, with specific attention to contexts, initiatives, perspectives and innovations in middle- and low-income countries. The program of the event itself looks to be great, with a mixture of workshops, a policy forum (together with the itu) and a two-day symposium, all kicked off by a special online 'debate' at 6pm Paris time organized by the folks at Education Fast. I expect the real attraction of the event for many won't be found on the official program itself. Rather, it will be the opportunities to meet like-minded folks from around the world who are asking lots of useful questions and doing cool stuff 'on-the-ground'.

A lot of this stuff is largely under the radar of the press and blogosphere, which directs most of its attention to what's happening in the 'developed' countries of Europe and North America and so is often not clued into some of the fascinating 'innovations. Mobile learning week is in many ways a companion event to the annual meeting of the mEducation Alliance, the usaid-led initiative which includes many of the same international institutions as sponsors and participants. The mEducation Alliance has also been bringing together people to talk about what is happening in the 'mobile learning' space in so-called 'developing countries' for five years. As someone who has worked in this area for some time, it is clear that we all really live in 'developing countries' when it comes to 'the use of small mobile devices in education but there have been some notable changes in the nature. In case anyone might care to listen, here are a few of them that i've observed:, read more submitted by, on Fri, there must be a screen here somewhere, where could it be? At 9:00 am this past Monday morning, almost 30 people crammed into a small conference room at the world Bank in dc to talk about.

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hazards of mobile phones essay

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hazards of mobile phones essay
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  1. Mobile phone use while driving can result in impairment to drivers judgments and decision-making skills, which impairs. Use of phones (Rutz). Given the proliferation of mobile phones in communities around the world, there can.

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  4. The mobile phone industry has grown substantially. Essay is to assess and talk about the health risks associated with the everyday use of mobile phones. A number of studies, stretching back more than a decade, have suggested extended cell phone exposure increases the risk. Safety of mobile phones, saying.

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