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She was one of the youngest winners to take home the trophy in the same category the year before, for playing a ditsy flight stewardess in the Stephen Sondheim musical Company, given a singapore spin by director Hossan leong. She is the only daughter of two teachers and has a younger brother. Seong is modest about her achievements. She says: "i've been lucky to have encountered people who have been so supportive and nurturing. When I was starting out, it was scary. You don't know if people will hire you - you don't know if people will even like you.

Wild Rice's la cage aux Folles (2012 Dream World Productions' company (2012 Dream Academy's Into The woods (2011 pangdemonium's The full Monty (2010) and Spring Awakening (2012) - she has been in them all. And she has not stopped. This year, she will be taking on one of the lead roles in the singapore International Festival of Arts opener next month, nanyang: The musical, playing a character inspired by singapore pioneer artist georgette Chen. It will require her to perform entirely in Mandarin for the first time, which has meant "lots of hanyu pinyin" businesses on her part, she says with a laugh. Seong is one of Singapore theatre's examplars of a triple threat. She can sing, dance and act, and has put every single one of those skills to good use over the course of her career - she is just as comfortable playing the part of Olivia in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (2012) as she is being assistant. She hopes to do more choreography in the future. Seong, who is not married, graduated with first class honours from Lasalle college of the Arts with a bachelor's in musical theatre. She was spotted by leading director Tracie pang in the school production of Sweet Charity, which led to a strong working relationship with theatre company pangdemonium. She clinched a best Supporting Actress nomination at the life! Theatre Awards for her part as a sassy younger sister in the heart-rending production of Rabbit Hole (2013).

fine dining hostess resume

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The nanyang Academy of Fine Arts theatre graduate is the co-artistic director of ravindran Drama Group, one of the most established companies will in the tamil theatre scene that also does work in English. The company produces about four shows a year and he is working to give the group a contemporary appeal and to reach out to a more diverse audience. "I feel that a lot of Indian issues are not addressed in English. We would like to do more English plays with an Indian perspective." It has been challenging to juggle programming, recruitment, funding, budgets and publicity, but he has found it to be completely worth. "The most gratifying thing is when audiences and critics come and watch the play and say, that's a good play. That pay-off is enough." corrie tan seong hui xuan, 28, actress seong hui xuan sings, dances and acts. Photo: lim yaohui for the straits times seong hui xuan's cv reads like a checklist of some of Singapore's best musicals of the past five years.

fine dining hostess resume

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He has been a charming host at the sprawling National day parade and the sea games and was the youngest winner of the popular singing competition Vasantham Star at age. He has notched up performances in writing several Wild Rice pantomimes and a hit stage revival of Michael Chiang's beloved Army daze. Earlier this year, he gave a star turn as Vinod in a revival of Haresh Sharma's classic play off Centre at the Esplanade Theatre Studio, playing an intelligent young man struggling with severe depression, in a performance that moved audiences and critics to tears. Shankara, who is not married, says: "I think that's the peak of what i've done so far." he attributes all these to his co-actor, the award-winning Siti Khalijah zainal, and to Off Centre's "exceptional" director Oliver Chong. The only child of a businessman and a regional sales manager is an all-rounder, stepping into twin roles of magnetic entertainer and heavyweight lead actor with ease. What first drew him to the stage was "that adrenaline rush. The applause that you get at the end of it, i was addicted to that". What made him stay was the desire to improve his craft.

"I never imagined I would be able to make that crossover from Malay to English programmes, but I guess people saw I could handle both languages after I did that one episode, which ended up being the highest-rated episode for the whole season says the. Her father was the late painter Mohammad Din Mohammad and her mother, hamidah Jalil, is also an artist. Since then, the bachelorette has been landing major English- language roles, such as a leading part of a feisty policewoman in Channel 5's period tv drama mata mata (2013). The go-getter even snagged a lead role in the Italian opera film le badanti, which premiered in Cannes in may. "When director Marco pollini interviewed me on skype, i told him I could speak a little bit of Italian, when in fact i knew only short Italian greetings which I had taken from google translate just moments before she recalls with a chuckle. "Doing the film in the end was really tough, since everything was in Italian, but I managed to memorise all my lines. Maybe i'm quite good with languages.". Yip wai yee, ebi Shankara, 27, actor-host, ebi Shankara says he was addicted to the applause. Ebi Shankara is used to large crowds.

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fine dining hostess resume

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He acted in Channel 8 dramas from age nine. He returned to acting in 2012 when he played a rich kid trying to find his late grandmother's connection to an island in local film Timeless love (2012). He says: "I hope i can reach new heights infertility with my acting. It's more than a passion, acting is a part.". Gwendolyn ng, nadiah. Din, 25, actress, nadiah. Din crosses over from Malay to English productions easily.

She acts, she sings, she dances. Plus, she is effectively bilingual in Malay and demek English. Little wonder then that this performer is sought after by producers of English- and Malay-language productions in tv and film. The nanyang Academy of Fine Arts graduate first gained popularity as an actress on Malay tv channel Suria, wowing audiences with her portrayals of a conniving nightclub hostess in the hit show Anak metropolitan (2012) and a goofy schoolgirl in Balik sekolah (2012). But it was not until she guest-starred as a maid in an episode of Channel 5's In Cold Blood (2013) that the doors opened English-language work.

These days, wherever this actor goes, cries of "Best Newcomer" greet him. At work, he is teased with the epithet by colleagues on the set of the new Channel 8 drama hand In Hand. Strangers do not spare him too. During this interview and photo shoot, whispers of "Best Newcomer" followed him. Well, he was indeed crowned Best Newcomer at Mediacorp's annual Star Awards ceremony in April, but his star was already on the ascent before that.

One of eight young male stars hand-picked by mediacorp to form the eight dukes, a new generation of young hunks, he has a full plate this year. On top of his Channel 8 dramas, he is starring as a cosplay enthusiast in a local film young And Fabulous, set to be released in november. The bachelor wants to be more than an actor. He has penned scripts for short films and music videos and hopes to direct, produce and star in his passion project, inspired by viral videos of bullying. His recent Best Newcomer award marks the first time he has gone onstage not to receive punishment, but an award. In school, he was publicly caned once. Still, the rebellious kid - the youngest of three sons whose parents are contractors - graduated with a diploma in management studies from Singapore Institute of Management University.

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Although the bachelorette is now a the star with an Instagram account boasting more than 70,000 followers, her family keeps her grounded. "I go out without make-up, i accompany my parents to the kopitiam to drink coffee says the only child of a housewife mother and retiree father. She looks up to popular taiwanese actress Ariel Lin, who has won two best Actress titles at the golden Bell Awards - taiwan's equivalent of the Emmys. She gushes: "She's an actress with substance and i aspire to be like her. It would be a dream to work with her.". Gwendolyn ng, aloysius Pang, 24, actor, aloysius Pang was a "lazy student" but works hard at acting now. St photo: tiffany goh.

fine dining hostess resume

Just a year ago, she was a wide-eyed spectator at the live recording of the event. This year, she walked down the red carpet among Singapore's top tv stars. "It's like a dream she says of her experience. Wong,.75m-tall Nanyang Polytechnic graduate in hospitality and tourism management, was the youngest voted into the top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes. She attributes her success to good luck and her fluency in Mandarin. "Many 1990s kids don't like to speak mandarin. I've been speaking Mandarin from essay young says Wong, who got her show business break after coming in third in hey gorgeous (2013 a channel U reality show that scouts good-looking students with star potential.

his Pesta perdana win has made him mindful of his growing fan base. "My main responsibility is to entertain. If people don't like you, then it's hard.". Eddino abdul hadi, carrie wong, 21, actress, carrie wong attributes her success to good luck. St photo: daniel neo. Months after she played a feisty dessert hawker in the period drama The journey: Tumultuous Times (2014 people on the streets are still calling Carrie wong Tang Shui mei, the name of her character in the television series. The role earned her nominations as Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actress at this year's Star Awards. Though she did not win, the nominations were a milestone in her life.

"After the pesta perdana win, i felt like whatever project I choose next will be crucial because the public, those who don't know me, will always ask 'who is this guy? How did he beat other local actors such as syarif Sleeq and Hisyam Hamid? He has set his sights on cracking the malay movie industry and has scored a meaty role in upcoming Malaysian gangster movie jb pailang, set to be released next year. Imam comes from an illustrious show business family - his grandmother is Malay music and film doyenne nona Asiah, his mother is actress and ex-beauty queen Mariana yati, and one of his uncles was the late cultural Medallion composer Iskandar Ismail. His father is musician and singer Abdul mu talib, who played with veteran rockers Tania. He made his acting debut when he was a child in a malaysian telemovie, but the acting bug bit him much later. At the age paper of 17, he took part in Suria's acting and hosting competition Anugerah Skrin in 2006, but crashed out in the third round.

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Imam Shah, 26, actor, his charming smile and chiselled physique earned him a top 12 spot in the manhunt pageant in 2012. Viewers of Mediacorp television station Suria voted him their favourite male personality at the recent writing Pesta perdana awards show. But Imam is adamant his looks have little to do with his rise in the local Malay television industry. "I don't want to be branded a hunk. I don't want people to say that I won because of my looks.". Imam Shah does not want to be branded a hunk. Photo: lim yaohui for the straits times. The former fitness instructor, whose most prominent role was playing a lifeguard in the television drama. O.S., says he has become more careful in choosing his roles.

fine dining hostess resume
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