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The writer feels that the fda should regulate the drug so that smokers do not risk using pot that is sneakily mixed with other substances. Medical evidence of marijuana's comparatively mild effects is presented and the report concludes that the negative impacts of marijuana's ban are far worse than those that would prevail if it were allowed to be sold openly and legally. Marijle2.wps An Argument for the legalization of Marijuana 2 : A shorter, 5 page version of Marijle2.wps, in which the writer is primarily concerned with the facts that : (1) there exists no solid argument against the legalization of marijuana and (2) outlawing the. It is agreed that marijuana does indeed pose some seriously harmful side effects, but that these are not necessarily any worse than those produced by cigarette smoking- a very legal activity (assumably because of the industry's economic contribution, etc bibliography lists 8 sources. Wps An Argument for the legalization of Marijuana 3 : A 5 page research paper supporting the legalization of marijuana. Four of the many reasons for legalizing marijuana are discussed; the most compelling reason is medical; the most capitalistic is the many products produced from hemp. Bibliography lists 9 references. Wps Legalization of Marijuana / weighing Both Sides : Both sides of the issue are explored in this 7 page paper.

Wps The Animal Rights question Analyzed Under Eudaimonism : A 4 page paper on how animal rights are viewed under the eudaimonism ideal of self-realization. The paper presents Charles Norton's views on eudaimonism and outlines a process for the coming together of the bioscience and activist communities (cited example) in regards to animal testing. Other points of discussion include technological advancements that preclude puja much of animal testing, and a discussion of how government regulation undermines this process. Wps Whale conservation : A 12 page paper describing the plight of the whales at the hands of humans. The writer describes the history of whaling, why it is important to conserve whales, and other human threats to whales. Wps Can The Whales be saved? A 7 page paper discussing the environmental impact of whaling. Wps An Argument for the legalization of Marijuana : 8 pages in length. Although the writer of this essay does not necessarily endorse the use of marijuana, (s)he agrees with the argument that it is politically-incorrect to outlaw it in the United States. Very good points are made from the history of marijuana's existence in the country as well as the similar case of alcohol prohibition during the 1920's.

9 page essay

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Activists such as Peter Singer and Tom Regan dream are noted and their positions stated. Morality is considered as the basis for many of the arguments and the paper concludes that perhaps a compromise in treatment of animals in society can be reached. Wps Animal Cruelty : In 5 pages the author presents two clear arguments against cruelty to animals. There are many reason why animal cruelty is wrong. The first refutation is that animal cruelty is against the law in most states under one definition of the legislation or another. The second one is that it is morally wrong to be cruel to animals, just as it is wrong to be cruel to other human beings. Animals have rights that should be upheld. Wps Arguing Against Animal Experimentation : In 5 pages the author argues against using animals for testing. Animal experimentation is unnecessary, unethical, morally wrong and dangerous to humans.

9 page essay

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Fingarette makes intriguing argument against the claim that alcoholism is a disease, but his lack of mattress substantiation prevents them from being seen as completely valid. Bibliography lists 1 source. Wps Animal Rights : 14 pages on Animal Rights; legal and ethical issues. Writer argues that we should put ourselves before animals and continue using them for medical research. Bibliography lists 12 references. Animalt2.wps Animal Rights 2 : a variety of animal rights issues are addressed in this 5 page essay. Arguments on both sides of the fence are considered.

Wps Alcoholism / Sin. A 26 page paper arguing that alcoholism, while manifesting physical symptoms and genetic changes, is not in itself a disease, but rather a sin. The genetic evidence that has been found quite likely is not the cause, but is rather the result of alcoholism, as those genetic defects have been found only in true alcoholics. While researchers are adept at describing the effects of other, less controversial, chemical compounds that arise and are manifested in changes of gene expression, they seem to be unable to apply the same methods of research to issues connected with alcoholism. Every recovering alcoholic who has been reconciled with his God, either through restitution of a prior relationship or his own first-time meeting understands the power of denial, and that denial of sin does nothing to diminish its existence. Bibliography lists 30 sources in 50 footnotes. Wps The validity of Alcoholism as a disease: A 5 page paper exploring the possibilities that alcoholism is not, in fact, a disease. The nature of disease is that it is sudden (at least in its discovery, if not in its development) and that it is beyond the control of its victim.

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9 page essay

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Bibliography lists 7 sources. Abortion : A 5 page comparison of two articles which argue on the issue of abortion. Wps, personal Resistance abortion : A 5 page paper discussing the various positions of personal resistance in relationship to the subject of abortion. Using abortion as a definite example the paper examines the inherent need to resist some aspect of the surrounding environment or government. While this has done the country a great deal of good in many instances, it has also cost us greatly in terms of weakening our sense of community. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Wps, advertising Alcohol and Company's Rights : A 12 page paper in which the author argues that bans and restrictions places upon alcohol advertisements violate first amendment rights.

Bibliography lists 18 sources. Wps, is Alcoholism a hereditary disease? A 7 page research paper arguing quite strongly that alcoholism is, in fact, a hereditary disease linked to our genes. Using the findings of specific studies in books their and journals, the writer debunks the myth that alcohol is a social disease and that the only familial influences are those related to peer pressure and modeling. Both sides of the argument are weighed, assessed, and the ultimately conclusion that alcoholism is hereditary- is reached. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Both articles make valid points, as both sides do often do, illustrating that it is still just as an emotional topic today as it was three, or thirteen, years ago. Wps, medical point of view on Moral and Ethical Issues : A 6 page paper which examines six specific subjects requiring moral and ethical judgments from a medical perspective. The six sections covered are patient advocacy from a patient advocate point of view; the legal definition and responsibilities of moral. Ethical behavior; addressing and identifying difference between moral and ethical behavior in the medical profession; a situation application in which ideas for a student are proposed as to what to do when asked to participate in a first trimester abortion patient believes is 5 months. Wps, application Of Functionalism to an Ethnography : A 5 page paper discussing an ethnographic analysis of an abortion clinic in terms of george homans functionalist theory, which centered on the evaluation and assessment of human groups, the activities in which they take part, interactions. Ball (1967) describes the abortion clinic personnel and patrons as deviant, but the functionalist view holds that it serves a purpose because it is a part of the society.

Wps, the conflict of "Right-to-life" vs "Free choice" According to marx coser : This 5 page report discusses the ongoing conflict among groups who support abortion rights and those groups who oppose abortion through an application of both Karl Marx and Lewis Cosers opinions and. Wps, abortion-ProChoice : In 5 pages the author discusses abortion from a prochoice point of view. Abortion is a woman's right. It is a right that has been legal to all women of this nation for more than twenty-five years. A woman's body is her own. Others do not have the right to tell her what to do with her body.

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Bibliography list seven sources. Wps pro-choice, logic abortion : A short sketch of assertions, premises, and logical counter-replies for the abortion argument. 4 pages in length, no bibliography. Please send us e-mail for more details. Wps, abortion : A 5 page comparison of two articles which argue on the issue paperless of abortion. One article is from 1985 and is a personal narrative of the famous actress Ali McGraw, who believes that abortion is the right of the individual. Her rhetorical approach addresses the practical issues of abortion as well as addressing the emotional issues involved that make the issue such a volatile one. The other article is from 1995 and is the personal beliefs of an unknown woman who is religious and sees abortion as terribly wrong. But while she starts out her article with a bit of emotional rhetoric and adds such bits throughout, her rhetorical approach is essential information based, much in the manner and style of a research paper.

9 page essay

The ethical concerns that revolved around the abortion issue are those that encompass a great many ideals both religious and personal that have to do with an individuals concept of right and wrong. To some, the ethical implications mean allowing the woman her right to choose; to others, it is no different than murder. This paper will discuss the various ethical viewpoints surrounding the controversial issue of abortion. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Wps, abortion and Public Opinion : A 10 page paper that discusses the results of gallup polls and other surveys in evaluating public opinions about abortion rights. The study utilizes current data to support the theory that the country continues to express a pro-choice sentiment. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Wps, pro - choice / essay Why women Must have free choice in Reproductive decisions : This 8 page argument supports a womans right to make the decision to have an abortion. The debate has raged for decades and its time to say enough is enough! .

Any circumstances : A 5 page paper discussing abortion based essentially around the book by jonathan Glover entitled, "Causing death and saving lives." The premise is that a woman should be able to obtain an abortion. It is the choice of the woman as it is her body in question and no one has to make that right for her. Other sources aside from Glovers book are used to either support the idea or to demonstrate the opposing views. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Wps, abortion Ethics : 12 pages in length. Throughout history, there has not likely been a more fiery or controversial issue than that of abortion. Indeed, the ethics behind the act of aborting a fetus is what lies at the core of the ongoing debate between two very strong-willed and opinionated viewpoints.

Bibliography lists 14 sources. Wps, abortion the husband's Right to Know : 12 pages worth of notes and partial essays on well-known cases such as Pennsylvania's Planned Parenthood. Casey and the implications it has for a husband's right to know that his wife is getting an best abortion. Thematic argument here is in favor of the husband's right to know and to participate in the decision-making process. Wps, abortion / a moral Issue no matter How One looks At It : 10 pages in length. A realistic look at the pro-choice (abortion) argument and its implications. From both a social and a political standpoint, it is argued that abortion is a moral choice on any level.

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Arguments, Pro/Con, comparative essays, abortion the essay catholic Church : A 5 page essay arguing that "prolife is prochoice." This paper is based largely upon views of the roman Catholic Church. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Wps, abortion fetal Rights : A 7 page paper that considers the issue of the rights of a fetus, and demonstrates the correlation between the rights and responsibilities of an adult and the same rights and responsibilities of a fetus when applied to the topic. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Abortion women's Rights : A 5 page paper discussing women's rights and abortion. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Wps, pro Abortion / a womans Right to life : A 6 page philosophical argument for the right to life of women seeking abortions over the right to life of the fetus. The argument focuses on the theme of dominance.

9 page essay
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