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A certified copy of registration certificate of the trademark in the home country. An extract from the commercial register or incorporation certificate of the trademark both legalized up to an Iraqi consulate abroad. As alternative to document. 2 in its absence, a certified copy of any document attesting that the applicant company is authorized to manufacture the goods intended to be included in the trademark application which needs to be also legalized up to an Iraqi conflate abroad. The trademark application takes 6 8 months to be finally registered as from filing date to obtaining final registration certificate thereof. Ip, doha, qatar Jan 18, 2013 (Newsletter Issue 1/13) New Power of Attorney regulations The Trademarks Registrar of Iraq has issued a regulation with respect to belated powers of attorney (PoA) on 17 november 2012. The power of attorney must be submitted within 6 months from the date of filing the trademark application, otherwise the application will be considered to have gone abandoned. The power of attorney must be legalized by the Iraqi consulate abroad and then locally legalized from the following authorities in order to be acceptable by the Iraqi registrar:.

the amended Trademark law. 21 of 1957 will be enforced with regard to the legal period of each phase of registration. filing applications will be conducted using the legal forms available at the Trademark Office of Kurdistan in Arabic and Kurdish. It is worth mentioning that the trademarks already registered in Baghdad could be protected in the kurdistan Region through obtaining a certified copy of the certificate of registration of the subject mark. It must be attached to a certification letter from the Trademark directorate of Baghdad addressed to the Trademark Office of Erbil which confirms the registration of the trademark in Baghdad. Also note that this service is chargeable. Ip, qatar mai thesis 02, 2013 (Newsletter Issue 6/13) Legal Protection of TMs in Kurdistan There are two options of obtaining legal protection through registration of trademarks in Kurdistan Iraq which are summarized as follows:. If the trademark is already registered in Iraq and the owner of the mark wishes to extend its protection to kurdistan region an official letter should be issued by the Iraqi Trademarks Registrar in Baghdad and addressed to the registrar of Trademarks in Kurdistan furnishing. For trademarks which are not originally registered in Iraq an application for registration of the mark should be submitted directly to the Trademarks registrar in Kurdistan with the following documents:. A power of attorney duly legalized up to an Iraqi consulate abroad as per enclosed format.

trademark attorney resume

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The phrases And the poa is valid for three years unless you are notified with its cancellation by us should be included in the power of attorney form. The above new practice is effected as of However, local agents and lawyers are still arguing this matter with the Iraqi Trademarks Registrar and this stipulation might be waived at any time. Ip, qatar Jul 16, 2013 (Newsletter Issue 11/13) Official Trademark fees in Kurdistan The Trademark Office of Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan Al Iraq Region, announced that the trademark charges in Kurdistan will be the same as adopted by the Trademark directorate of Baghdad,. 3306 dated April 1, 2013 and published at the kurdistan Official gazette. Accordingly, starting from the beginning of June 2013, the following will be applied: - cancellation of the previous charges issued by the ministry of Finance of Kurdistan. However, the charges will be interpolated writing as per the registration phases mentioned in the amended Trademark law. all trademark applications which have been accepted and published will be subject to the previous trademark charges. as from June 1, 2013 the new trademark charges will be applied according to the newly adopted tariff. Charges will be paid by each registration phase including examination phase, filing, publication, as well assignment, change, merger, cancellation, etc.

trademark attorney resume

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The registrar currently examines applications with filing numbers ranging between 54,000 and 56,000. The Iraqi tmo has already completed the revision of the files ranging from 1 to 53999. There are, however, some delays in processing the applications. Some trademarks are still pending due to heavy backlog and slow routine at the Iraqi tmo. In the event of missing documents, owners will be requested to submit all required documents. Incomplete trademark registrations will be considered abandoned and will not be processed. Ip head Office, lebanon Apr 01, 2014 (Newsletter Issue 6/14) Change of Practice of poa the Iraqi Trademarks Registrar has recently changed its practice with regards to power of attorney and stipulates the following: Original power of attorney should be submitted at the time.


16 of the Iraqi Trademarks and geographical Indication. 21 of 1957 which states that: Where registration of a trademark is not completed within six months from the date of the application by reason of default on the part of the applicant the registrar may inform the applicant, in writing, to complete the registration. Ip, qatar Jun 16, 2015 (Newsletter Issue 9/15) Legal Extension to kurdistan Abolished The Iraqi Trademarks Registrar has issued new directives abolishing the legal extension of registered Iraqi trademarks to kurdistan. Prior to this decision, it was possible to extend registered Iraqi trademarks to kurdistan: If a trademark was already registered or accepted for registration in Iraq and the owner of the mark wished to extend its protection to kurdistan, an official letter needed. Such practice is abolished now: When protection in Kurdistan is needed the application for registration should be filed directly with the kurdistan trademarks office. Ip, qatar Okt 14, 2014 (Newsletter Issue 15/14) Accession to singapore Treaty wipo presents its compliments to the minister for Foreign Affairs and has the honour to notify the deposit by the government of the republic of Iraq, on, of its instrument of accession. In conformity with Article 28(3 the said Treaty will enter into force, with respect to the republic of Iraq, on 29 november 2014. Source: t Jul 04, 2014 (Newsletter Issue 11/14) revision of tm files Ongoing A significant amount of trademark files were destroyed during the course of the Iraq War in 2003. Since then, the Iraqi Trademark Office has organized the revision of these files into separate batches in order account for all the records.

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trademark attorney resume

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The Official search fees for each class of goods have been reported to be 20,000 Iraqi dinar - 19 usd). The authorities confirm that the time frame to conduct the official search will be 10 working days. depending upon the official search report, the trademark can be progressed to registration or a negative report can be challenged at the court of law. the Iraqi Trademark Office has discontinued the practice of insisting on Arabic transliteration to be included in the logo of the marks which is in non Arabic languages. the registrar will continue accepting the new applications without the power of attorney while the same can be filed belatedly within non-extendable six months from the filing date at no extra fees.

for recordal of assignment, change of name/address, mergers and license; all statements requisite documents are to be submitted in the original at the time of filing. Before, the original documents could be filed at a later stage after filing. These new directives are expected to expedite the prolonged delays faced by the Iraqi Trademark Office in which the registration was taking approx. 2 to 3 years. The official circular is to be published soon. Ip, qatar Jun 30, 2015 (Newsletter Issue 10/15) New Directives on Submission of poa on June 7, 2015, the Iraqi Trademarks Registrar has released new directives stipulating the submission of a power of attorney legalized up to an Iraqi consulate abroad for all trademark applications. Otherwise the registrar will apply strictly article.

Name of distributor. Product label After submission of the above information, the tmo is expected to solicit the approval of the ministry of health before applications are placed for examination. The application will be rejected on formal grounds if the applicant fails to provide all of the relevant information. It is still unclear whether the information must be admitted at the time of filing or within a specified period of time from filing date. Source: saba co intellectual Property, lebanon mai 02, 2016 (Newsletter Issue 8/16) Abandoned Applications due to Incomplete documentation The Trademark law (Trademarks indications Law.

21 of 1957 with Amendments Chapter 2 Article 16 is now applied by the Iraqi Trademarks Registrar strictly. Article 16 implies that where registration of a mark is not completed within six months from the date of the application by reason of default on the part of the applicant the registrar may inform the applicant, in writing, to complete the registration within the. Otherwise he shall be considered as having abandoned the application. As per verbal circular, all the applicants who have pending applications under the series number 60,000 will be informed to submit the requisite documents within 7 days of the issue of the notice. Applications with incomplete will be considered as abandoned. Applications filed under the above reference number should immediately complete the documentation. Ip, qatar Mrz 16, 2016 (Newsletter Issue 5/16) Practice Change on search Requirements and More The Iraqi Trademark authorities have stipulated new directives which came into effect as of March 3, 2016. Major changes are: - obligatory search before trademark registration has now been adopted with each class of goods or services to be searched separately with official request.

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Ip, qatar, jul 25, 2016 (Newsletter Issue 14/16 official fees of poa/Legalized Document Increased. The official fees of local write attestation of powers of attorney or any other legalized document to be used for ip matters in Iraq kurdistan have increased. The local legalization of the power of attorney or any other official document must be done by the following authorities in order to be acceptable by the registrars of Iraq kurdistan: General Commission for Taxes at Ministry of Justice, legalization Directorate at the ministry. Ip, qatar mai 18, 2016 (Newsletter Issue 9/16) Formalities for Class 5 Applications revised The Trademark Office (TMO) in Baghdad recently introduced requirements on trademarks applications in class 5, even though there was no ministerial Resolution issued in this regard. Applicants are now required to provide the information listed below when filing applications covering pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations and sanitary preparations for medical purposes. This will apply on all new as well as pending applications that have not been examined yet. International non-proprietary name. Name of manufacturer.

trademark attorney resume

The said stipulations are expected to come into play in november 2017. According to the notified decision, an official fee of writing iqd 200,000 (equivalent to usd 170) will be incurred for the above-mentioned actions. It will be applied for newly filed actions and retroactively for pending actions which have not yet been issued with their certificates. Ip, qatar, jan 11, 2017 (Newsletter Issue 1/17 kurdistan Trademark Office to resume normal Function. It is expected that the kurdistan Trademarks Office is to resume normal function on January. 2017 with clear resolution on the implementation of new fees. Iraq is divided into two trademark jurisdictions; Baghdad and Erbil where filings should be undertaken separately in order to secure trademark protection for the whole country; duly noting that the registries operate independently of each other and filing a trademark application in one jurisdiction does. Erbil is the de-facto capital of the self-autonomous region of Northern Iraq- kurdistan. This region represents immense interest to trademark owners around the world both in terms of covering the whole of Iraq and also for the tremendous potential it offers to brands.

re-published in the Official Bulletin. The opposition term of 90 days will start from the third notice of publication in the bulletin. Ip, qatar, nov 07, 2017 (Newsletter Issue 19/17 new Stipulations to come into force. On October 30, 2017, the Iraqi Trademark Office issued new directives which have brought in force the stipulations of article. 15 of Iraqi Trademark law. 26 of 1957 pertaining the publication of renewals, recordals of change of name address, merger, assignment etc in the Official gazette.

Failure to comply therewith will result in a penalty for late payment of publication fees of usd 42 per mark. Ip, qatar, feb 13, 2018 (Newsletter Issue 3/18 requirement to re-filing Certain Trademark Applications. On January 29, 2018, the dubai Iraqi Trademarks Registrar started to issue official notifications for removal of old trademarks bearing the filing numbers of 51,000 to 72,000 with a seven days time limit to re-file new trademark applications for the same trademark or else the trademark. Trademarks which will be re-filed as of now or within the seven days from notification will remain on trademark records until the newly re-filed trademarks are examined, as the examination process will be connected to the priority filing number of the old trademark. Ip, qatar, dez 05, 2017 (Newsletter Issue 21/17 change of Trademark publication Procedure. The Iraqi Trademark Office informed about the change in publication of trademark applications procedure. Trademark applications once examined and accepted will be published in the Official Bulletin for opposition purposes three times in short intervals.

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Mai 08, 2018 (Newsletter Issue 9/18 transliteration Requirement for Latin Script Marks Rescinded. The Iraqi Trademarks Office announced that trademark applications may now be filed in Latin script without having to submit the writing Arabic transliteration of the mark. This update rescinds the previous registration requirement whereby the addition of Arabic transliteration;. The way the latin word(s) is spelled out to a latin mark was a requirement, which provides for the protection of the transliteration of a registered mark without having to file a separate application for same. However, it is advisable to register the transliteration of the mark in Arabic as a separate registration to avoid any problems that might arise when it comes to enforcing trademark rights against third parties using or attempting to register confusingly similar Arabic transliterations. Ip, qatar, feb 13, 2018 (Newsletter Issue 3/18 penalty for Late payment of Publication fees. The Iraqi Trademark register has issued a new stipulation to settle the publication fees of accepted trademarks within seven days from the notification of acceptance.

trademark attorney resume
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