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This will altogether avoid the problem of congestion and reduce harmful road incidents. Sometimes, congestion is caused by avoidable reasons such as too many businesses located in a specific area, or cars which are parked on roadsides preventing free flow of traffic, or even roadside vendors, crowding into streets, blocking vehicles. Surveillance is an answer to this situation. If the reason for the traffic buildups are determined and fixed, petty road injuries can be thus avoided. For example, decentralisation can be undertaken if the problem lies with too many businesses. However, only after surveillance can this possible solution be diagnosed. To prevent congestion also, parking meters should be introduced not to force but to provide a gentle reminder that parking on roadsides constricts free traffic flow, although where they may have parked would be legal, it does increase the probability of road accidents. Laws restricting drivers to safe practices should be implemented.

Many accidents are caused due to improperly lighted streets. Drivers are unable to see oncoming vehicles in time and thus collide. Some streets have improperly functioning lights while some street have no lights at all. This is a major safety breach. A great many accidents are similarly caused by vandalised or missing street signs. Drivers who are familiar with signless routes will tend to drive at a confident speed while unsuspecting novice drivers to the same route might turn to go the wrong way on a one way street and this could result in loss of lives. Good infrastructure is a necessity in the area of safe driving. Areas of congestion are also common key locations of road injuries. Congestion tempts drivers to make illegal and dangerous turns, resume violate road laws and also provides temptations such as overtaking in critical areas, such as intersections, which is definitely harmful and dangerous. Problems such as these can be solved by the introduction of traffic wardens in key locations who will regulate the passage of vehicles and thus ensure a smooth, freely flowing line of traffic which avoids putting temptation before drivers. Another alternative is making aware to the public, other routes which enable drivers to reach for the same destination.

road safety essay in marathi

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Drivers however are not the only ones to be blamed. Drivers cannot effectively drive safely in unsafe conditions. For this reason, next in line of importance when addressing safety on roads is general infrastructure of the country. Roads should be properly maintained in order to function safely and efficiently as means of allowing transport to take place. Impediments on roads cause drivers to lose control over their vehicles and force drivers to make illegal moves. If impediments such as potholes, stones, tree branches etc. Are present drivers would need to infringe upon traffic flowing in the opposite direction in order to pass. Should these impediments be remedied, desk roads will be made safer to a significant degree. Maintenance of infrastructure should also include properly functioning lights on roadsides for night drivers and properly maintained street signs and traffic directing arrows.

road safety essay in marathi

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Drivers who feel sick, tired, or upset should also not drive during these periods. If drivers use corrective lenses, these should always be worn. All these are elements of social responsibility. It must be understood by all drivers that driving is the privilege of mature, responsible individuals who need to recognise that things such as these are potentially dangerous, if not taken seriously. Road rules such as speed limits and no parking evernote zones also need to be strictly adhered to by drivers. Due to drivers disobeying these simple rules, they significantly increase the risk of accidents and make it difficult for other drivers in the process. Typical examples of drivers practising very unsafe habits in Trinidad are drivers who cut people off in traffic, because they are in a hurry and drivers who make sudden lane changes or attempt to outrun yellow lights.

I think the most important factor that needs to be looked at in our goal to sustainable development is social responsibility. That is, drivers need to have a responsible attitude and a level of maturity when given this privilege. The attitude of drivers plays a major role in road safety. Drivers need to be cautious, and sensitive to all the rules and safety regulations of the road. Safe habits need to be adopted and practised constantly. Drivers must take responsibility for their condition at all times. For example, if some external stimuli affects normal bodily activities, such as normal vision or normal reaction time, for example, alcohol or drugs, drivers should not drive.

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road safety essay in marathi

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Vikramaditya motwane: I would sign up for that there is this one thing which was baffling: how realistic was the portrayal that gaitonde didn't know kukkoo was a transgender, even after having sex for months? Vikramaditya motwane: What makes you think he didn't know what were some of the constraints you faced while making sg s1? Varun Grover: The guy who ends up killing Katekar has a whole chapter in the book. His name is Aadil and has a great back-story. We wanted to write and shoot that but time constraints came in the way. One regret we will have island forever is not being able to pull that off.

You can check the entire thread here. Road safety essay, research Paper, road safety, it has been statistically shown that during the past five years, the number of fatalities and injuries associated with road accidents are steadily increasing. Fatalities due to road incidents have now reached a grand total of 181 (1999 significantly greater than its total, five years ago, in 1995, which was 105. Since 1995, road deaths have increased by an average of 14 people per year. This type of carnage impedes the positive growth of our country and needs to be stopped.

I just don't think we've given them much of a chance like this. If sg is an average show in a few years, that would be amazing. hey varun, which genre you feel you have not explored and would like to do it the future? Varun Grover: Science fiction for one. And a musical may.

(I was in the minority but I loved jagga jaasoos.) max mueller said that "Mythology is a disease of language." That human beings have a habit of creating ideas/things and worshiping them as real things (reification). Is there no way to counter the power of these tribal tendencies? Are we stuck between religious symbols on one hand and patriotic/nationalistic symbols on the other? What do you think about yuval noah Harari's hypothesis in Sapiens that myths are necessary for large number of humans to co-operate? Varun Grover: Interesting question. I don't think we can counter tribal tendencies while being the tribe. The maximum we can do, only a small number of us, is to be aware of this design and 'disease'. History has shown us time and again, tribes have a standard way of beginning and ending. (we are close to the end I feel.) could there be a separate netflix special of Katekar?

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That needed kind of stuff. But that's just me add as a director. The one scene i miss is a scene in episode 6 where an old constable is retiring and all our police characters watch him break down. It was a lovely performance by the actor but unfortunately, the scene didn't work in the full episode. After the response you've received for the show, how mature do you think the Indian audience has gotten over the years? And do you think at this pace, sacred games will be just an average show in the time to come? I think our audience has always been (mostly) mature.

road safety essay in marathi

So then we came up with the idea that he thinks of his life as mythology - a story for all the ages. And from there on, jumping on to the mythological motifs was an easy task. If Netflix brings in david Fincher/James Watkins and asks you to step down wallpaper from director of Sacred Games season 2? Would you do it? Vikramaditya motwane: F*ck yeah! hey vikram, any of your favourite scenes that didn't make the final cut? Can you share anything about them? Vikramaditya motwane: Not so much entire scenes, but I miss some longer scenes that we cut shorter - when Sartaj comes to the bunker, he takes a whole chakkar around. We had some shots of him looking for the car in episode.

incorporate these elements in the show? They added a great new dimension which we rarely see in Indian shows. Varun Grover: Some of it jumped from the book. And some of it we decided in the writers' room. The central idea - that gaitonde suffers from a god complex - was the first big break while writing. We kept thinking why would he call somebody and tell his story. It just didn't translate neatly from the book to the screenplay.

Vikramaditya motwane: It's to make a deeper connection. Who is your favourite character? And what makes him/her your favourite? Vikramaditya motwane: Unfair to answer evernote that really but if pushed against a wall, i'd say katekar. Because he's so transparent. He was the most interesting character in the book for me and so see that translated to screen has been very satisfying. But it's also great to see what Jatin Sarna brought to bunty, or what Kubra brought to cuckoo. The actors really raised those parts.

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When Varun Grover, one of the writers of Netflix's much-talked-about series. Sacred Games announced on Twitter that he'll be hosting a reddit ama (Ask me anything) on Saturday, all of Internet got excited. India's first Netflix original, sacred Games- has been doing the rounds on social media ever since it dropped on the online streaming platform. As netizens have already had serious discussion threads breaking down the plot and title of every episode, while some were busy meme-ing Katekar, the loyal cop, director vikramaditya motwane and Varun Grover decided to answer curious questions on Reddit to reveal much more what met. From revealing their favourite character in the series to the first pirated Netflix show they saw, the writer-director duo answered it all in the. What's the most legitimate criticism you are working towards improving in future seasons? Varun Grover: Better-written female characters. (This is something Grover has acknowledged even on Twitter when several users pointed this out.) restaurant In the first episode, gaitonde's eyes are closed when he shoots himself and they are open when Sartaj looks at him again. Just tell me is this thing intentionally done for the story or is it just a creative touch to depict his background voice?

road safety essay in marathi
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By observing road safety measures by every road user, drivers and road users can save millions of lives that could be lost through fatal road accidents. Shah rukh Khan Thanks Assam Police for Using His 'signature pose' for road Safety. Even Kanta and Shalini, who essayed their roles with aplomb, are sidetracked.

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  2. Marathi essay road safety. Marathi road safety essy. Road safety essay in marathi ppt — dp fabricationsCollege essay cover page japanese can a descriptive essay be written in first person killed. Persuasive essay on money cant buy happiness ad Safety week 2017 — 11th January to the 17th Januaryroad Safety week.

  3. Marathi in road slides safety essay pptroad safety essay in marathi language aai — green Park SchoolThe Green Park School is a non-profit coeducational institution to be founded and hence, licensed by the ministry of Education in the State. Road Safety Essay 1 (100 words). Road safety is a safety measure to reduce the risk of road accidents and road side injury because of the mistakes of people while driving on the road.

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