Posting resume on indeed reviews

Indeed resume posting reviews

The resume and cover letter Brian created for me does exactly that. . he wrote my experience and accomplishments in the language that companies are looking for, using industry specific key words to exemplify my career history and really sell my abilities. I was hesitant at first. . I thought I had a good resume after spending days working on it and re-working. . But a friend strongly recommended that I get a professional to look at it because this is my career and future that are on the line. . After receiving Brians resume and cover letter, in hindsight, i wished I would have contacted Brian sooner. . It is absolutely what I needed to sell my abilities to companies and get interviews. .

You will be happy to know that i used it to apply for another job and i got it! . Things have been really busy over the. . Last few months with the new job and planning a wedding. I would like for you to review and work on a resume for my mom. I will be in touch soon to request the template you use to build a new resume. Have a great day!" -. C "Brian Munger is absolutely phenomenal and I was blown away at the resume he created adventure for. . he took my 3 page resume and condensed it to a 2 page resume, with cover letter, that really presented me as a professional that is serious about my career and that would be a strong asset to a company. . It has a very attractive layout that is easy to read and really highlights my skills, qualifications and experience right upfront. . When companies are looking at your resume, you only have a few seconds to impress them, homework present what youve done and how that can apply to the job you are seeking. .

posting resume on indeed reviews

Post, your, resume on, indeed, indeed

He's nice and has great prices. He's really talented and if you don't like something on the draft just go over it with him on the phone and he for can quickly make any kind of change you need. He's also really supportive of the job seeker. I had a great experience with him and I highly recommend Brian and Resume Phenom! R., palo Alto, ca "Hello Brian. Thanks for checking. All is well on my side. . Thank you again for updating and reformatting my resume.

posting resume on indeed reviews

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They were impressed with my resume! Thanks and if I need another resume, which I probably will in a using few years, i will be back!" -. A., Placentia, ca "Brian! . I accepted an offer back in March with a new firm and got exactly what i was looking for The resume you wrote worked really well. Couldn't have done it with without your help and i always recommend you to others who are in the market, and will definitely use you for my next search -. Brian did an outstanding job building my resume. He has a great intake process that really works at speeding up the process. He's also a great wordsmith and once you get your draft back he can change any word or words that you don't like and quickly make it just right. He has fast at turn around with great first drafts.

M., mesquite, tx "This was the best investment I made. I received my updated resume and cover letter in the morning. By the end of the day, i already had 5 interviews lined. There is no question Resume Phenom gave me the edge i needed! A., Elmhurst, ny "hi brian. Everything is going very well. The resume was excellent and opened quite a few doors. I now work for a company on the east coast.

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posting resume on indeed reviews

How to post your resume on monster

Brian came through with an initial version within a week. He provided me with a q a form that allowed me to arms give him details of my professional career. . From that, Brian chose the format and went to work on writing the content. . Simple, easy to follow, and expeditious. . you rock!" -. N., torrance, ca "His work was amazing.

It only took me one time to submit my resume to a company. I immediately received a call and was told that my resume was very impressive. Brian asked me the right questions that I didn't think to put on a resume to project all my success. It was great to leave the interview and already have a thank you letter to email afterwards. I got the job. I will most definitely refer my friends and family to your company.

The list is long as to why recruiters care about confidentiality. Don't make them leave a benign message because they're not sure the recipient is you; or worse, hang up without trying. I'll admit that i've come to the point where i don't care much for voicemail. I'd rather be texted. But voicemail communication is still a part of business. Recruiters and other folks who may represent career opportunities still make phone calls.

Don't give them a reason to avoid calling you or leave a message because of a simple thing like your name. san Francisco-based corporate copywriter, executive résumé writer, and career transition coach, jared Redick, works with senior leaders at Fortune 50 companies and beyond. He draws on early experience in retained executive search and nearly two decades of résumé writing to help stealth job seekers re-imagine the marketable intersection between their background, interests, audience expectations, and career goals. Jared's strategic purpose, content, design approach to writing helps companies and executives understand their value, develop their unique professional brand, and position themselves online and on paper. Reach him. "Brian has come through for me in a pinch twice within 2 months. . i initially needed a new resume to showcase my skill set. . After a few interviews, i was encouraged to flesh out my resume and reorder how I present my skill set. .

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It's not 1984, so there's no need to instruct callers to "leave your name, phone number, and a brief message.". And yes, i realize that in today's world, they might not even listen to it! A note about privacy. If evernote you let resume robo-voice simply state your phone number in your outgoing message, your caller won't be guaranteed to have reached you. And if you simply say, "Hello?" your caller has the awkward task of verifying whether they've reached the right person. Many hiring managers and recruiters are rightly cautious about leaving any details at all when they may have reached someone besides you. Or anyone else who might not know you're conducting a stealth job search?

posting resume on indeed reviews

Robo messages like, "I'm sorry. Message." They just don't cut. Frankly, when I was still recruiting and got those messages, i dreamt about leaving this message: " has called with an interesting job opportunity and a resume possible fifty percent increase in income for. Alas, s/he was unreachable and this opportunity will go to someone else." (I jest, of course.). Here's my suggestion for a simple outgoing message: you've reached your Name here.". "Please leave a message and I will call you back.". Wait two beats, then beep. This may or may not come as news, but people know what to do when leaving a voice message.

to pave the way to an easier conversation. Make a habit of answering, "Hello, this is your Name here.". I answer the phone this way if I don't recognize the caller, and my name is simple. (Although leave it to the Starbucks barista to muck.) At the very least, i want the caller to know they've reached the person they intended, even on my private cell phone. Provide a phonetic spelling on your résumé. If you're a job seeker, a helpful solution is to place an asterisk behind your name in your résumé's masthead, then a corresponding asterisk in the footer, where you can include a phonetic spelling. The international phonetic alphabet (IPA) is a universal tool across many languages, but not recognizable by everyone, so this website might help in your effort to illustrate both vowel sounds and syllable stress. Leave your name in your outgoing message. If you're actively job searching, anticipating an active job search, or simply open to passive opportunities when recruiters find you on LinkedIn and call you—make sure your name is spoken aloud in your outgoing message.

And by the best, i report mean that the person will state their name upon answering. Inner dialogue: "Oh dear good graces of the universe and beyond, please let them say it before i'm forced to stammer through. Then they say. more inner dialogue: "Doh! so i roll the dice and utter a series of syllables as sensibly can, but that really sound more like this: hi there. May i speak with. It's Jared Redick calling from Firm Name.". And then I'm corrected.

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As a former retained executive search recruiter —that is to say "one charged with finding needle in the haystack candidates for some of the world's largest companies"—. I can't tell you mattress how many times I had a simple problem. I sat there with a golden ticket for someone. I had my target list of potential candidates, carefully assembled by our research team. And on that list, i would periodically come to names that I couldn't readily pronounce. It's a quick business at that point, so asking others or searching for online pronunciation isn't feasible. So as I dialed, i would simultaneously sound out the name, hoping for the best.

posting resume on indeed reviews
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