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Xls (Visual basic functions for air properties. Xls (Octane properties for combustion calculations. (Saturated Propane and butane properties. Xls (Visual Basic functions for gas properties. Xls (Table with basic gas data. Viscosity of gases according Sutherland. Dynamic viscosity of an ideal gas as a function of the temperature. Valid for temperatures.

Parte_1.pps (Intrucciones para el uso de funciones writing Excel, parte 1). Parte_2.pps (Intrucciones para el uso de funciones Excel, parte 2). Parte_3.pps (Intrucciones para el uso de funciones Excel, parte 3) 38a. Xls (List of available Excel functions and application examples. List of available libreOffice functions and application examples Pending). Air-dry and water-saturated properties. Xls (Visual basic functions for dry air at ambient pressure and saturated water. Atmospheric air at height above sea level_Carmichael. Xls (Atmospheric air properties at a given height above sea level (Carmichael). Xls (Enthalpy of gases for combustion calculations (Kennan and kaye).


piping design engineer resume pdf

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Part 1 (Eng).pps (Tutorial for Excel functions) rev. Part 2 (Eng).pps (Tutorial for Excel functions) rev. Part 3 (Eng).pps (Tutorial for Excel functions) rev. Xls (This file derives the expansion loop equation an presents a calculation example. Flanges Temperature and book Pressure ratings for Group.1 materials. Xls (Maximum temperature and pressure ratings of flanges conforming dimensions asme b16.5 Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings - and materials specification to astm a-105. Friction and singular pressure drop. Xls (This file presents a routine for the calculation of pressure drops due to friction and singularities. Several functions are included for the calculation of fittings and valves.

piping design engineer resume pdf

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Xls (This file presents a resume of Merkel's theory for cooling tower, taken from Robert Treybal, Operaciones de transferencia de masa. Stabilization time, oscilation amplitud. Xls (This file presents the solution of a system of ordinary differential equations, resulting essay from the water movement between two tanks. The problem is solved using a finite differences method. (This file uses an Atlas Copco reference for the dimensioning of a compressd air installation. It includes compressor, aftercooler, receiver, dryer and pressure drop. Dryer with air impinging jets. Xls (Design of a strip dryer with air impinging jets. Air pressurized in a fan, heated in an heat exchanger and impinging into a moving steel strip with a water film.

Xls (A furnace works in ambient of nitrogen. It is required to know the number of Volume Changes to obtain a desired nitrogen concentration in the furnace. Contraction, velocity and discharge coefficients of a rectangular sharp edeged slot. Xls (Coefficients of discharge, contraction and velocity for sharp edged rectangular slots. Singular pressure drop coefficient. Xls (This file is an application of the merkel theory for cooling towers. Some correction have been made, nomenclature reviewed and some literature added. Still some explanations are required.

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piping design engineer resume pdf

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Xls (Four examples of essay combustion analysis with input data in mass composition. Xls (five examples of Orsat thane, unknown hydrocarbon, coke gas. Xls (Four examples of combustion analysis with input data in volume composition. Natural gas, Ethane, octane. Wet air composition and molecular mass.

Xls (Wet air composition for air with a given humidity. B solution and using goal seek. Compressor handwriting power and air discharge temperature. Xls (This file calculates the compressor power of an isentropic and of a real process. Also, the exit temperature of an isentropic and of a real process is calculated. Concentration of nitrogen in a furnace as function of the number of volume changes.

Manning's coefficient as a function of friction factor and hydraulic radius. Circular channel for pulp. Constant manning's coefficient rev. Circular, semicircular and rectangular channels for pulp. Array and single functions.

Adiabatic flame temperature_Jeff Munic. Xls (Flame temperature of the combustion of a gas mixture. From an example jeff Munic. Adiabatic flame temperature_Keenan and kaye example. Xls (Flame temperature of the combustion of octane. From an example of the gas Tables, keenen and kaye. Xls (Four examples of combustion analysis. Equations for stoichiometric combustion and combustion with excess air. Hess's Law and enthalpy of formation (Lower heating values, higher heating values, enthalpy of formation, difference betweeen hhv and lhv methane, propane, hydrogen silfide.

Piping tools and Thermodynamic Excel functions add-ins

Pulp flow in needed channels. Singular pressure loss for valves and fittings. Channel functions mattress resume and applications. Resume of vba functions and applications for circular, semicircular and rectangular channels. Normal and critical cases. Deductions and checking of equations. Array output, constant Manning coefficient. Outputs in array format. Three size options presentation.

piping design engineer resume pdf

Evaluation of a filtrated sample properties. Gravimetric composition of a flow resulting from the essay joint of two flows. Bernoulli and piezometric line. (Basic definitions and graphic. Xls (This file presents a calculation sheet for an air line. The pressure drop in each fitting and pipe is calculated and the values in a new line are calculated based in the resulting pressure of the precedent line. Channels and pipes with frictional and singular pressure drop. Pressure loss calculation routines for water and slurry. Weir method for slurry pump calculation, for A-type fluids (Weir definition).

sea level. Xls (This file presents the calculation of atmospheric temperature, pressure and density as a function of the heigth above sea level, according 1976. It includes also an approximate method that can be applied for a range of heights. Average particle size determination d50 from gravimetric analysis. (For a given granulometric analysis (mesh size. Retained percentage) a table of "Mesh. Particle size (mesh opening is made. The plotted curve allows to find the particle size orresponding to a 50 retained percentage: This is the average particle size or d50 value.

That could happen, for example, if two books are opened and both contain the same function. Also it could happen that a book has a certain function and at the same time this function has been installed and is available as an add-in function. In this case, the add-in function should be disabled. See recommended good Practice and Disclaimer, at the end of the page. You can leave a comment at the bottom of the page, or by writing to. Xls, air-dry and water-saturated properties. (Water and air properties as a function of temperature. Ods, add air-dry and water-saturated properties. Air receivers volume calculation.

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The intention of this page is to provide Free / Open source files for piping engineers. It consists of tools, standard reports and user developed functions (udf which are included in each application. Xls) are for the 2003 version. Few files are *.xlsm. The spread sheets presented here, include all functions required in each case. To produce an add-in from a function, save the function as a complement (case of Excel). Examples of functions that read information from a sheet are the "Pipe dimensions functions" and the "Air and water properties functions" It has to be considered, that it is not convenient that the same function is available twice.

piping design engineer resume pdf
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The goal of Whole building design is to create a successful high-performance building by applying an integrated design and team approach to the project during the planning and programming phases. Curriculum vitae jai prakash chauhan bhiwadi distt.-Alwar (Raj.) E-mail :jaiprakashchauhan at m Objective : to achieve a suitable position in an Organization so that the skills and abilities could be harnessed in a way that Organizational as well as my goals could be achieved.

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  3. 1974 to 1979 itt grinnell Industrial. Manager, materials and Welding Engineering Kernersville, north Carolina 27284. Wrote and qualified all welding, fabrication, heat treating, and quality control procedures and provided technical support for the fabrication and erection of nuclear and conventional power piping and petroleum and.

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