Phd thesis on metamaterials

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He is author of 10 book chapters, 120 papers published in international journals, and about 400 papers in proceedings of international conferences).

A generalized Bloch method is then adopted to find the essay dominant modes of the volumetric homogenized metamaterial. Starting from the results of this analysis, the constitutive tensors of an equivalent homogeneous material are defined. Different levels of equivalence are defined, denoted as external equivalence, dispersion equivalence, single-mode equivalence and double-mode equivalence. The corresponding homogenization processes are characterized by an increasing level of completeness (in the description of the metamaterial behavior) and of sophistication (concerning the processing of the full-wave analysis outcomes). The defined homogenization procedure accounts for dispersion in time (frequency) and space (wavenumber as well as for anisotropy. Biography: Stefano maci is a professor the University of siena (unisi and responsible of the em lab (http /lea/ ) of unisi. He is the director of the unisi phD School of Information Engineering and Science, which presently includes about 50 PhD students. Since 2000, he has been responsible of 5 projects funded by the european Union (EU). In 2004 he founded the european School of Antennas (esoa a phD school that presently comprises 35 courses on Antennas, Propagation, Electromagnetic Theory. He fellow of ieee, director of esoa, a member of the board of Directors of euraap, a member of the tab reviewers of the ursi commission b, chair of the Award Committee of the ieee ap-s (us a member of the ap executive board of iet.

phd thesis on metamaterials

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Scenarios for San Francisco International, newark liberty International and Chicago ohare International are studied in detail, as these airports were the movie ones where the most gdps were implemented in 2006. In addition, due to their location, they present different traffic be- haviours. In order to consider the traffic, federal aviation Administration data and the aerody- namics and fuel consumption characteristic form Airbus are used. Finally, the use of a radius of exemption in the gpds and the use of ration policies different from the operative ration-by-schedule, are also analysed. To conclude, a brief discussion of the impact of this speed reduction strategy on the air traffic management is presented. Bibtex : author luis Delgado, title cruise speed reduction for air traffic flow management, school technical University of Catalonia (upc year 2013, month Apr, address castelldefels, catalonia (Spain url t). Mrc conference room, ElectroScience laboratory, the ieee ap-mtt columbus Chapter will host this presentation by Professor Stefano maci of the department of Information Engineering and Mathematics at the University of siena. Abstract: Different metamaterial homogenization equivalences are discussed and corresponding procedures are presented for the retrieval of effective constitutive parameters of metamaterial structures realized by multilayer lossless periodic structures. These structures are modeled as Floquet-wave based multiport networks connected by pieces of transmission lines.

phd thesis on metamaterials

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With this strategy, the delay is essay absorbed gradually during the flight using the same fuel as initially planned, but with the advantage that, if the regulation is cancelled before planned, the flights which are already airborne are in a better position to recover part. This dissertation focuses on the study of this concept. Firstly, a study of the trade-off exist- ing between fuel consumption and flight time, when modifying the nominal cruise speed, is pre- sented. Secondly, the airborne delay that can be realised without incurring extra fuel consumption is defined and assessed in the absence and presence of wind. The influence of selecting a different flight level than initially planned, and the use of extra fuel consumption to obtain higher delay are also considered and analysed. Results show that for short and mid-range flights around 5 mi- nutes of airborne delay can be realised, while for longer flights this value increases up to around 25 minutes. The flight level is identified as one of the main parameters which affect the amount of airborne delay realisable. Then, the application of the suggested cruise speed reduction on realistic atfm initiatives, and, in particular, on ground delay programs (GDP) in the United States, is presented. In order to obtain significant results, the gdps implemented in North American airspace during 2006 are analysed.

This leads to unnecessarily long regulations, and therefore to the realisation of unnecessary delay and an underuse of the capacity of the infrastructures. The implementation of precise four dimension trajectories, envisaged in the near future, presents new opportunities for dealing with these capacity demand imbalances. In this context, a promising technique is the use of speed variation during the cruise. Generally, it is considered that flying slower than the maximum range speed (MRC) is neither efficient nor desirable. In this dissertation a new approach is presented. When airlines plan their flights, they consider the cost of time along with the cost of fuel. It is therefore common practice to select speeds that are faster than mrc. Thus, it is possible to fly slower than mrc while maintaining fuel consumption as initially planned. This airborne delay can be considered at a pre-tactical phase to divide the as- signed air traffic flow management delay between ground and airborne delay.

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phd thesis on metamaterials

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Kashchejev quantum pumping in mesoscopic systems Ben Gurion University, isreael 2006. Gryaznov diffusion modelling in nanocrystals Stuttgart University, germany 2003. Piskunovs Electronic museum structure of perfect and defective perovskite crystals by means of ab initio hybrid functional theory Osnabrück University, germany. Cruise speed reduction for air traffic flow management. Technical University of Catalonia (upc castelldefels, catalonia (Spain).

Keywords: atfm, speed reduction, Ground Delay programs. Abstract : Nowadays, many air transport infrastructures suffer from congestion. This situation is worsened by a continuous increase in traffic, and, traffic density due to hub and spoke systems. Weather is one of the main causes which leads to punctual capacity reduction. To mitigate these imbal- ances, air traffic flow management (atfm) initiatives are usually undertaken, ground delay at the origin airport being one of the main ones used. By assigning delay on ground at the departure airport, the arrival traffic is spread out and the arrivals are metered at the congested infrastruc- ture. However, forecasting when these capacity drops will be solved is usually a difficult task.

Fedotovs epr of radiation defects in fluoride crystals and in oxyfluoride glass ceramics Asoc. Balcers Photothermal properties of amorphous chalcogenide thin films. Aulika optical depth profile and phase transitions investigation of nanbO3 and Pb(Zr, Ti)O3 thin films. Dimitrocenko synthesis of complex fluoride single crystals, glass ceramics containing nano-crystals and their optical properties Asoc. Grinberga research of new composite materials for hydrogen storage.

Tamanis Nanostructure layers deposition in Penning discharge source, their modifications and physical properties. Kundzins Optical and electrophysical properties of heterostructure ferroelectric materials Prof. Pokulis Structural changes in fullerite C60 induced by light-irradiation and ambient oxygen. Krumina correlation between stereothreshold and quality of monocular stimuli Prof. Ozolins issp ul staff members have written and defended their thesis abroad AuthorTitleUniversity 2008. Mastrikovs First-principles calculations of lamnO3 surface reactivity Stuttgart University, germany 2007.

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Elsts Spectroscopic Studies of Scintillator Materials: CsI:Tl, CdWO4:mo and Tb activated oxyfluorides Prof. Gerbreders Amorphous chalcogenide interests photoresists research and development. Sledevskis The photoinduced processes in chalcogenide films by continuous and pulse laser exposure. Ikaunieks Vision in high light scattering conditions Prof. Smits Luminescence of zirconia nanocrystals. Sarakovskis Synthesis and up-conversion luminescence of erbium doped lanthanum containing fluoride structures. Butikova laser ablation spectroscopy for impurity depth profiling in hot wall materials of thermonuclear fusion reactors Prof. Paeglis measurements of the kinematics of the eye in describing cognitive processes Prof.

phd thesis on metamaterials

Korsaks Luminescence processes in different structured boron nitride materials. Karitans Influence of optical and neural factors on quality of the perceived image Prof. Kalinko interpretation of X-ray absorption spectra using molecular dynamics simulations. Bocharov first principles simulations on surface properties hypothesis and reactivity of sustainable nitride nuclear fuels. Proskurins Studies of quantum Chaos and Phase Transitions in Nuclear Models. Sorohovs TlBr crystal optical, electrical and surface properties investigation: X-ray and γ ray detectors development. Hodakovska research of materials for membranes and membrane-electrode assembly for application in fuel cells. Fomins Shape and color in image recognite Prof.

Local Structure relaxation In Nanomaterials. Voitkans, structure and photophysical processes in 0D 1D Ingan composite materials. Dunce, phase transitions and physical properties of Na1/2Bi1/2TiO3-based solid solutions. Smeltere lead-free ferroelectric ceramics based on alkali niobates Prof. Vembris Optical and optoelectrical properties of pyranyliden fragment containing dyes.

mozolevskis, dielectric breakdown of interests high voltage liquid crystal displays. Local structure of s-state rare earth ions in fluorides and oxyfluoride glass ceramics. Shirmane, vacuum ultraviolet excitation spectroscopy of nanostructured complex oxide phosphors. Vladimirs Pankratovs 2015,. Jurasevska, development of psychophysical pseudoisochromatic test and evaluation of color discrimination threshold. Nitiss, investigations of nonlinear optical organic glass waveguides and their applications. Kucinskis, the study of nanostructured bulk and thin film lifepo4 cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries. Zabels, swift-ion-induced modifications of structure and micromechanical properties in wide-gap ionic crystals.

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As a part of my thesis leading to candidate of Sciences (PhD-equivalent) degree i have developed an dream architecture of distributed frame hierarchy that can be effectively used for creating distributed intelligent systems based on knowledge sharing and reuse in computer networks. Tid: to.15, plats: sal D3, lindstedtsvägen 5, kth, stockholm Ämnesområde: teknisk mekanik, licentiand: Tomas Rosén, mekanik. Granskare: Professor Johan revstedt, Engergy Sciences, lunds tekniska högskola, lund. Huvudhandledare: Univ lektor/docent Fredrik lundell, till kalendern. Ayazaga kampüsü, fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü 34469 Maslak/istanbul (Harita telefon:, faks:, e-posta. Tü fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü şu an 575 kullanıcı çevrimiçi). Summary of written and defended Doctoral thesis in issp.

phd thesis on metamaterials
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I am also doing postgraduate studied in Moscow aviation Technical University in the field of distributed intelligent systems, and teaching courses on, ai, logic progrmming, and Computer Science. Grīnberga receiving, phD certification in Materials Physics from Prof.

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  1. PhD thesis is also available from the author s home institution. The student s major focus in this program is the production of a thesis that represents a significant piece of mathematical research. Personal homepage of Dmitri soshnikov. I am a computer professional from Moscow, russia, specializing in Web development (programming, design, etc.).

  2. 14- The student prepares a cd including the thesis (details are on website). Author comment for 1995PhDT. A: The full text of this.

  3. By assigning delay on ground at the departure airport, the arrival traffic is spread out and the arrivals are metered at the congested infrastruc- ture. View nick s publications on the oxford maths department website. Masters thesis approval doc. 3- The, phD, thesis are opened to access for investigation for 2 weeks.

  4. Master s Non-, thesis, exam. Seminar: Retrieval Of Constitutive parameters. He is the director of the unisi. PhD, school of Information Engineering and Science, which presently includes about.

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