Essay on overpopulation in 200 words

Essay on increasing population in only 200 words

The first of these propositions I considered as proved the moment the American increase was related, and the second proposition as soon as it was enunciated. As one of his contemporary critics responded, These phrases, if they mean any thing, must mean that the geometrical ratio was admitted on very slight proofs, the arithmetical ratio was asserted on no evidence at all. All of this meant that the first Essay was a failure in that the argument was clearly insupportable. The logic of the argument (even if one accepted Malthus ratios) required that virtuous restraint from marriage either of a temporary or a permanent nature (and not attended by sexual liaisons of another sort) was an impossibility; and that virtuous limits to procreation within marriage. Such an argument could not stand in the face of reality, contradicting as it did the marriage pattern of the propertied classes in the England of that day. Hence, malthus was eventually forced to concede in response to criticisms that some form of moral restraint (especially among the upper classes) was indeed possible—a moral restraint that he was nevertheless to define in extremely restrictive terms as temporary or final abstinence from marriage.

But that theory—outside of the work of the gentleman farmer and political economist James Anderson, one of Malthus most formidable opponents—did not exist even in nascent form before the end of the napoleonic wars and does not appear except in vague suggestions in any. It therefore cannot be seen as the foundation for pilot Malthus argument. As the great conservative economist Joseph Schumpeter remarked, The law of diminishing returns from landwas entirely absent from Malthus, essay. Malthus, essay on Population also appeared some four decades before the emergence of modern soil science in the work of Justus von liebig and others. Hence, along with his great contemporary david Ricardo, he saw the fertility of the soil as subject to only very limited improvement. Nor was soil degradation an issue, as Marx, following liebig, was later to argue. For Malthus, the properties of the soil were not subject to historical change, but were simply gifts of nature to man and, as Ricardo said, indestructible. The fact that Malthus offered no basis for his arithmetical ratio, as well as the admission that he was forced to make in the course of his argument that there were occasions in which food had increased geometrically to match a geometric rise in population. Second Essay (1806 edition) Malthus therefore resorted to sheer bombast in place of argument. As he put it, It has been said that I have written a quarto volume to prove that population increases in a geometrical, and food in an arithmetical ratio; but this is not quite true.

essay on overpopulation in 200 words

Population, essay 1 ( 200 words )

Godwin, have imagined that I looked to certain periods in the way future when population would exceed the means of subsistence in a much greater degree than at present, and that the evils arising from the principle of population were rather in contemplation than in existence;. For Malthus, relatively low or stagnant population growth was taken as a sign of population pressing on the means of subsistence; while high population growth was an indication that a country was underpopulated. In examining the principal states of modern Europe, he wrote, we shall find that though they have increased very considerably in population since they were nations of shepherds, yet that at present their progress is but slow, and instead of doubling their numbers every twenty-five. Nothing else, in Malthus terms, so clearly demonstrated the reality of a population that had reached its limits of subsistence. Malthus only original idea in his population theory, as Marx emphasized, was his arithmetical ratio. But for this he had little or no evidence. He merely espoused it on the basis that it conformed to what, he claimed, any knowledgeable observer of the state of agriculture would be forced to admit. Indeed, if there was a basis at all for Malthus arithmetical ratio it could be found in his pre-darwinian understanding of the natural world (as represented in his time by the work of thinkers such as Carolus Linnaeus and William Paley in which he assumed. Later on, it is true, it became common to see the so-called law of diminishing returns to land of classical economics as the basis for Malthus arithmetical ratio.

essay on overpopulation in 200 words

Ielts, overpopulation, essay : Problems and solutions

Since such misery and vice was necessary at all times to keep population in line with subsistence any future improvement of society, as envisioned by thinkers like godwin and Condorcet, he contended, was impossible. Malthus himself did not use the needed term overpopulation in advancing his argument—though it was used from the outset by his critics. Natural checks on population were so effective, in Malthus late-eighteenth-century perspective, that overpopulation, in the sense of the eventual overstocking of the globe with human inhabitants, was not the thing to be feared. The problem of an overcharged population existed not at a great distance (as Godwin had said but rather was always operative, even at a time when most of the earth was uncultivated. In response to condorcet he wrote. Condorcet thinks that it the possibility of a period arising when the world's population has reached the limits of its subsistence cannot. Be applicable but at an era extremely distant. If the proportion between the natural increase of population and food which I have given be in any degree near the truth, it will appear, on the contrary, that the period when the number of men surpass their means of subsistence in later editions this. In the 1803 edition of his work on population he wrote, other persons, besides.

It is impossible where the price of labour is greatly reduced, and an added population threatens still further reduction, that men should not be considerably under the influence of fear, respecting an early marriage, and a numerous family. For Godwin there were various methods, by the practice of which population may be checked; by the exposing of children, as among the ancients, and, at this day, in China; by the art of procuring abortion, as it is said to subsist in the island. But even without such extreme practices and institutions, the encouragement or discouragement that arises from the general state of a community, he insisted, will probably be found to be all-powerful in its operation. Malthus set out to overturn Godwins argument by changing the terrain of debate; rather than contending, like wallace before him, that a perfect government would eventually be undermined by the overstocking of the earth with human inhabitants, malthus insisted that there was a constant tendency. Nevertheless, population tended naturally when unchecked to increase at a geometrical rate (1, 2, 4, 8, 16 while food supply increased at best at an arithmetical rate (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Under these circumstances attention needed to be given to the checks that ensured that population stayed in equilibrium (apart from minor fluctuations) with the limited means of subsistence. These checks, malthus argued, were all reducible to vice and misery, taking such forms as promiscuity before marriage, which limited fecundity (a common assumption in Malthus time sickness, plagues, and—ultimately, if all other checks fell short, the dreaded scourge of famine.

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essay on overpopulation in 200 words

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As the title indicates it was an attempt to intervene in a debate on the question of the future improvement of society. The specific controversy in question can be traced back to the publication in 1761 of a work entitled. Various Prospects for Mankind, nature, and Providence by robert Wallace, an Edinburgh minister. Wallace, who in his earlier writings had demonstrated that human population if unchecked tended to increase summary exponentially, doubling every few decades, made a case. Various Prospects that while the creation of a perfect government, organized on an egalitarian basis was conceivable, it would be at best temporary, since under these circumstances mankind, would increase so prodigiously that the earth would be left overstocked and become unable to support its. Eventually, there would come a time when our globe, by the most diligent culture, could not produce what was sufficient to nourish its numerous inhabitants. Wallace went on to suggest that it would be preferable if the human vices, by reducing population pressures, should prevent the emergence of a government not compatible with the circumstances of Mankind upon the earth.

Wallaces argument was strongly opposed by william Godwin in his Enlightenment utopian argument for a more egalitarian society, which he enunciated in his. Enquiry concerning Political Justice and its Influence on Morals and Happiness. First published in 1793, it was followed by a second edition in 1795 and a third edition in 1797 (the year before malthus essay appeared). In answer to wallace, who had claimed that excessive population would result eventually from any perfect government, thus undermining its existence, godwin contended that human population will perhaps never be found in the ordinary course of affairs, greatly to increase, beyond the facility of subsistence. Population tended to be regulated in human society in accordance with conditions of wealth and wages.

The 1803 edition was almost four times as long as the first edition while excluding large sections of the former. It also had a new title and represented a shift in argument. It was therefore in reality a new book. In the subsequent editions, after 1803, the changes in the text were relatively minor. Hence, the 1798 edition of his essay is commonly known as the.

First Essay on population, and the 1803 edition (together with the editions of 1806, 1807, 1817, and 1826) is known as the. In order to understand Malthus overall argument it is necessary to see how his position changed from the. First Essay to the, second Essay. The first Essay, the full title of the, first Essay was. An Essay on the Principle of Population as it Effects the future Improvement of Society; with Remarks on the Speculations. Condorcet and Other Writers.

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It therefore seems appropriate, on the bicentennial of Malthus. Essay on Population, to reconsider what Malthus stood for, the nature of Marxs and Engels response, and the relation of this to contemporary debates about ecology and society. Contrary to most interpretations, malthus theory was not about the threat of overpopulation which may come about at some future date. Instead, it was his contention that dubai there is a constant pressure of population against food supply which has always applied and will always apply. This means that there is effectively no such thing as overpopulation in the conventional sense. Engels was perfectly correct when he wrote in 1844 that according to the logic of Malthus theory the earth was already over-populated when only one man existed. Far from being an ecological contribution Malthus argument was profoundly non-ecological (even anti-ecological) in nature, taking its fundamental import from an attempt to prove that future improvements in the condition of society, and more fundamentally in the condition of the poor, were impossible. Malthus, essay on Population went through six editions in his lifetime (1798, 1803, 1806, 1807, 1817, and 1826).

essay on overpopulation in 200 words

By john Bellamy foster, monthly review, december 1998, since it was first published 200 years ago in 1798, no other single work has constituted such a bastion of bourgeois thought as Thomas Malthus. Essay on the Principle of Population. No other work was more hated by the English working class, nor so strongly criticized by marx and Engels. Although the malthusian principle of population in its classical form was largely vanquished intellectually by the mid-nineteenth century, it continued to reemerge in new forms. In the late nineteenth century it took on new life as a result of the darwinian revolution and the rise of social Darwinism. And in the late twentieth century malthusianism reemerged once again in the form of neo-malthusian ecology. Today malthus is commonly presented as an ecological thinker—counterposed to a classical Marxist tradition which (in large part because of its opposition to malthus himself) is branded as anti-ecological. Hence, even some ecological socialists, such as Ted Benton, have gone so far as to argue that Marx and Engels were guilty of a utopian overreaction to malthusian epistemic ball conservatism which led them to downplay (or deny) any ultimate natural limits to population and indeed. Faced with Malthusian natural limits, we are told, marx and Engels responded with Prometheanism—a blind faith in the capacity of technology to overcome all ecological barriers.

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essay on overpopulation in 200 words
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