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One or two may be the product something other than ignorance. . In other words, consider every claim below prefaced by an invisible "I think i think that.". The criticisms first: zizek strikes me as a profoundly utopian thinker. . i understand that he fashions himself as such because he sees a lack of viable alternatives within democracy or capitalism (on which more shortly but he never offers anything but suggestions as to what those alternatives may. . coalition politics would seem to work for him, but under what larger political formation? . What would govern the interaction of these coalitions? . (Or is the lack of governance here why you criticize what could be read as his glorification of violence in the name of politicization?). Since most of the rest of my questions are contingent on these assumptions being correct, i won't post them now.

Zizek's claim that identity politics, to paraphrase jodi, eliminate the possibility for systemic change by reformulating systemic problems as personal issues strikes annie me as fundamentally correct. . Then again, i came to the essay already believing that identity politics often trivialize concepts of social justice by subordinating them to an ethos of personal expression, so the nodding of my head stress in assent as I read those passages didn't shock. My major difficulty with the essay can be guessed by anyone who knows my feelings about psychoanalysis. . zizek relies on a psychoanalytic model of human and social development that I think profoundly misguided. . From what I can tell, psychoanalytic concepts function for zizek as both philosophical truisms (capable of standing toe-to-toe with the categorical imperative) and psychological fact. . reading this unnerves. . Just as I nodded in assent with his account of the identity politics without surprise, however, i also shook my head in dissent without shock. . i knew coming into the essay that I would find that part of his argument unconvincing. That said, i do have some questions and criticisms for Jodi about the essay. . Some of them derive from my ignorance of zizekian thought, others from my ignorance of political science. .

essay on if i am invisible for a day

Am Invisible, essay by susancook

Might be rosa parks: at issue was not simply her particular seat on a bus or even the racist practices of busses in Montgomery, alabama. Rather, the laws of segregation, and indeed, the racism. Law most broadly,. Willingness to enforce a system of apartheid, were at stake. One can imagine what could have occurred should essay the therapeutic and particularized practices of institutionalized identity politics have been in place: Rosa parks would have discussed her feelings about being discriminated against; the bus driver would have dealt with his racism, explaining that he had. Maybe the two would have appeared together on a television talk-show, the host urging each to understand and respect the opinion of the other. Ultimately, the entire situation would have been seen as about Parks specific experience rather than about legalized segregation more generally.

essay on if i am invisible for a day

What will you do if you become invisible for one day?

Trying to get her attention, does she see me? Let's give up, had enough, no more mistakes. I spent parts of yesterday and today mulling over. Jodi 's essay on "zizek and Democracy. first, i want to echo, luther Blissett's remark about the entertainment value of zizek's thought as Jodi describes. . Its hair-pin turns exhilirate and this quality extends to students of his thought. . take jodi's account of the implications of zizek's criticism of identity politics: An example from the.

If you look with the heart, no other conclusion is possible: it would be better for us, for our humanity, if we had not done. And we still would have won the war). And we try to fix. Here we go, here. My lady got me goin' crazy. And I can't really take it no more. Too much of fussin' and fightin'. The girl can't see me, no she can't see me).

Essays : Invisible, for a day

essay on if i am invisible for a day

What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

Were we in extremis? The evidence listed above indicates we were not. We had won the european war, were ahead of the game in men and material and our Russian ally was ready to enter the war against Japan. If we were not death in extremis, the only remaining rationales for use of the bomb were murderous vengeance, detached sadistic curiousity, or amoral realpolitik, none of which are foundations upon which we want to build our humanity. Even if we were in extremis, there would still be a moment to ask the question: what do i become if i use this weapon?

Because if the behavior in self-defense makes us no better than the enemy, what is left to defend? At that point, we are no longer defending democracy, or liberty; we are defending me against you, and saying that it is better to be the torturer than to fall to the torturer. At that moment, justice tears out its own lights; if i allow myself to die, it is not fair; if I murder to live, it is not fair. While some would rather be a living murderer, there are others who would prefer to be a dead human. Sometimes survival help is nothing to be proud of, as many discovered.

But there were people who said at the time that the bomb would send an assertive signal to the russians. The selection of Hiroshima was made because the city had not been bombed, and we would learn more about the effects of an atomic bomb upon a virgin city. There was profound racism against the japanese, and one wonders if we would ever, under equivalent circumstances, been able to bring ourselves to use the bomb against the germans. The idea of dropping a demonstration bomb, or of dropping the bomb upon a large uninhabited area, was considered but rejected. The fear was that a pre-announced bomb might lead the japanese to move pow's to the site (which they might have done while a dud under those circumstances would have been a huge embarassment. But no-one has definitively explained why the bomb had to be dropped on a place of little strategic significance, inhabited mostly by civilians.

The second device was dropped on Nagasaki only days afterward, before the japanese even had assimilated what had happened at Hiroshima. They certainly would have surrendered without the necessity of a second bomb. The estimate that the invasion of Japan would have cost us a million casualties is ludicrous and not based on anything. The studies done at the time and presented to the president showed that the soldiers killed would have been about 5 of that number. The fact that the japanese were already trying to surrender when we dropped the bomb-and that we ultimately gave them the terms we first refused-makes the allegation that we would have had to invade japan particularly ridiculous. There were even those who believed, in a tortuous example of one extreme of bomb thinking, that we must drop the bomb to show the world how horrible it is, so that we may never drop the bomb again. Another way of placing the bomb in perspective is to think like this: If you have a terrible weapon in your hand, the morality of tool use should demand that you not consider using it until you are in extremis.

Quran and its Recitation

After all, all he did was make the bomb. I'm the guy who fired it off.". Sitting at Harry Truman's desk, behind the sign which said, "The buck stops here one would be hard put not to use a major, curious new weapon, against people who had murdered civilians and prisoners of war. Having made the decision, he is shrouded in, and protected by, history; it was done, the war ended, and almost no-one cried out; it was done, so it was rightly done. But, if you take a step back, and examine the events of 1945, you learn a few things: The japanese writing had already asked the russians to intercede for them and had indicated they would surrender if allowed to keep their emperor. We proceeded to drop the bomb while calling for unconditional surrender; immediately afterwards, we made peace on improve terms allowing them to keep their emperor. It is hard to know, of the many causes men allege, which are their real motives, which are subsidiary, which are trivial or meaningless.

essay on if i am invisible for a day

It is not an explosive. It is a poisonous thing that kills people by its deadly radioactive reaction, more than by the explosive force it develops. My own feeling is that in being the first to use it, we had adopted an ethical standard common to barbarians of the dark Ages. I was not taught to make war in that fashion, and wars cannot be won by destroying women and children. On certain issues, we are taught not to think, either with the brain or with the heart. It is possible for an Admiral leahy, who was fully formed before the bomb, to react before it like a human being; but for many in our junk generation, the bombing of Hiroshima is a pre-existing fact as unassailable as the stone lions on the steps. I have always admired, and still admire, harry Truman, who did the best he could, and who said, after a hand-wringing session by Oppenheimer: "Don't you bring that fellow around again.

and suspenders and, on the skin of some women (since white repelled the heat from the bomb and dark clothes absorbed it and conducted it to the skin the shapes of flowers they had. Here is the Chairman of the wartime joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral William. Leahy: It is my opinion that the use of the barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender. Bomb is the wrong word to use for this new weapon. It is not a bomb.

But this is a dialog taking place on a different level: the answer the heart gives is that saying that a particular decision would have been made by every man since the beginning of time is not the same statement as saying it is right. What you would have done if you were Truman, and what you would have done if fully human, are two different things. We are back on the terrain. Teilhard de Chardin here, who said that man is in business the process of becoming human (which he called "hominisation but is not there yet. Since we acknowledge that we can be more than we are (a proposition almost no-one would disagree with) we can ask the question what we would have liked to have done, rather than what we would have done, if the bomb was ours to hurl. Here is John Hersey's. Tanimoto, shortly after the hiroshima explosion: he was the only person making his way into the city; he met hundreds and hundreds who were fleeing, and every one of them seemed to be hurt in some way. The eyebrows of some were burned off and skin hung from their faces and hands.

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We shouldn't have bombed Hiroshima, writing the, spectacle each month is an exercise in thinking things through. Sometimes, i am reaffirming opinions I resume have held all my life; sometimes I hardly know what I think until I sit down to write. This is one of those times. I have always known that I do not have a mathematical or chess intelligence; I have instead what I would hope to call an intelligence of the heart, and I learn what I think by listening to what my heart tells. I believe that the voyages of the brain can lead to increasing abstraction, redundant, endlessly reductive or self-referential pathways, and eventually loneliness, madness and death; the phenomenon which in a prior essay i referred to as "bomb thinking" is evidence of a human mind wandering. I have written elsewhere that no morality based on anything other than compassion is worth anything; compassion may lead you to your death, but it can never lead you wrong. Saint-Exupery was right when he said, "it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; the essential is invisible to the eye.". For most of my adult life, i have believed that a reasonable man would have done what Truman did, and decided to drop the bomb on Hiroshima.

essay on if i am invisible for a day
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  2. The idea of diagramming an essay in advance, as we are taught in school, may be useful to students but is foolishness for any practicing writer.

  3. Jon Bellion - catch. Blood, on, the dance Floor - love is the message. We are a thousand words in, with no sign of the essay s topic. The rest of the essay only elaborates and adduces evidence for that thesis.voyages of the brain can lead to increasing abstraction, redundant, endlessly reductive or self-referential pathways, and eventually loneliness, madness and death; the phenomenon which in a prior essay.

  4. All, i survey, essay, xliv written by gilbert keith Chesterton. Essay, xLIV: On, thoughtless Remarks. I am not thinking of real thought; even of false or destructive thought. We have been rewarded by being transparent, essentially invisible, yet are burdened with the responsibility of bringing knowledge to the world that is the result of pressing human and social.

  5. My major difficulty with the essay can be guessed by anyone who knows my feelings about psychoanalysis. Thanks again for taking the time to read the essay. Theists are particularly prone to parading forth non sequiturs in their attempt to vilify those of us who don t believe that an invisible spirit created us or the world we live.

  6. Display paragraphs in this essay containing: have faith that free men and women will respond to the. Leonard read s essay i pencil explains it superlatively. There is this in his essay titled The Obverse of the sublime of his visit to an imperial palace in kyoto: Creating a space and time for reflection and imagination and study presupposes an accumulation of A thought-provoking collection of essays. Invisible, cities by Italo calvino.

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