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Do we blind ourselves to what we dont want to accept? Do we review everything wrong of that person and still make it seem right? Are we fated to have this endless merry-go-round of actually trying to get somewhere but only end up where you started? We dont want our love to die because its a great feeling; the feeling of love. That's why they say its better to have love and lost then never to have loved at all. I read in a book once that a minute of being in love can last you a lifetime. Show More, the film Witness by peter weir is made memorable through the representation of ideas through the cinematic techniques and inclusion of themes throughout the film.

Hope is brought back to your life and you see hope show more content, that one guy that is perfect to you, and only for you. Are these emotions just a broken record player playing over and over again with our hearts? Why do we make ourselves so vulnerable to heartache? How do we stay in these relationships when we know its going to end? Love is blind; or do we confuse it with infatuation? Infatuation was just a word given to an emotion that people needed an excuse of having when their love didnt work out. Deep down in our hearts we know things will come to a stop and a new record gets put on the machine. The play button will be george pressed again and the rotation of the love life repeats itself, new and lively, until the record gets old and weary again and can't play no more. We wish our relationships turn out to be a classic. We wish there was a happily ever after. There are so many things we want out of life and yet, are not given.

essay home is where the heart is

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You feel like you can marry them and you can just picture yourselves living your happily ever after; only for all of book it to fall apart right before your eyes. Youre left alone with a broken heart. You have this feeling that eats away your soul keeping you from moving. Youre convinced there'll be no one in this world for you other then that one person. No one will ever connect with you in the same way. Day by day passes by and yet, you swear its been years. Slowly but surely you've picked up all the broken pieces of what's left with your torn heart.

essay home is where the heart is

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Focusing on the psychological aspect of patient before operation is very important as Singapore is going to be an aging population and sooner or later they will be a lot of patient doing surgery and they will be a need to relieve patients anxiety and. Thus, future william researchers should look on different aspects of research and not just only a specific nationality. Apa referencing, level of evidence (Tick one of the following). Randomized Control Trial, quasi-experimental (e.g. Non randomized controlled, cohort, case controlled, pre-post). Case studies, clinical examples, others (Please specify). Show More, isnt it weird how you can fall madly in love with someone and plan your whole lives out saying youre going to be with them forever.

Due to the type of research, it is impossible to blind the participants hence some of the differences observed maybe due to social desirability bias. In order to counter the foreseen problem, the nurse collecting the information must not be the nurse that gave preoperative education to the patient. Secondly, there might be contamination regarding the sharing of the information brochure that the patients in the treatment group have. The treatment group might just share the information to other patients in the ward contaminating the whole research. I feel that the researchers has written clear and comprehendible limitations for the article as it was written clearly of the things that they did that may cause an inaccuracy to the research. Implications, this article was done in China. Thus, it would not be very applicable to singapore.

Is, where the, heart, is, essay, example for Free

essay home is where the heart is

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I think that the procedure was done very well with thought of minimizing contamination of the between the 2 groups by telling the patient not to share the information with any other patients. Thus, this gives the study some accuracy. Data Analysis, the article used spss version 16 to perform the data analysis. Length of stay outcomes was measured using non-parametric Mann-Whitney u beautiful tests. They used Independent-samples t-tests for anxiety, depression and pain. Data from the trial went into an Assess database. The results of the study were based on the hospital anxiety and depression scale and the brief pain inventory short form and length of stay of the patients stay.

There were a great decrease in patients anxiety and depression and less pain interference with sleep compared to the control group. However, there was no difference between the 2 groups in terms of pain and in postoperative hospital stay. There is slight evidence showing that preoperative education can reduce hours spent in the icu and the treatment appears to have improved the Chinese patients psychological health. The results of the research are comprehensive, detailed and was recorded in a clear manner. Hence, it can be concluded as preoperative education helps Chinese cardiac patients in reducing anxiety and improve recovery. Limitations, the first limitation is the blinding of the participants.

Measurement/Instrumentation, the outcomes were measured on the seventh postoperative day by a blinded cardiac nurse. The main instrument that the research used is the hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (hads) which was use to measure the change of anxiety using the between the baseline and follow. The hads was explained clearly and it made me understand how the anxiety was measured in the research. The other instruments that were used are the Brief pain Inventory-short form (bpi-sf) and medical records when patient was discharged. The depression was measured by hads, the pain was measured by bpi-sf and the data for the length of icu stay and postoperative hospital stay were obtained from the medical records of the discharged patient.

Analyses were conducted blindly with group known as "arm 1" and "arm 2". The baseline assessment was summarized using descriptive statistics. The tests covered all parts of the research and were used by other research before. Thus, the tools were reliable and valid. Procedures, the control group had 77 patients going for heart surgery which will not be receiving any preoperative education and the treatment group had 76 patients going for heart surgery which will be receiving preoperative education in a form of informative brochure and patient education. The preoperative education will be taken place in an undisturbed environment 2 to 3 days before the surgery and an information brochure called "Your heart surgery" together with 15-20 minutes of verbal advice was given. The patient were given time to look through the brochure and the information was being talked through part by part and advise was given.

Home is, where the, heart

They will be randomized into control group or treatment group. For the control group, they will be receiving usual care where by a strange surgeon and an anesthetist will do a visit to the patient a day before surgery. The patient and their family will get to receive basic information such as general process and the risk of the surgery and anesthesia. If the patient wants more additional information he or she has to ask the ward nurse about. For the group, the patient has the usual care and also the preoperative education. I feel that the design of the research was easy to comprehend. It was written clearly and I felt that they had explained the design for both control group and the treatment group.

essay home is where the heart is

Sample, all adult patients (18 years of age and above) that will be going elective heart surgery were allowed for the trail if they are able to talk, read and write in mandarin. Patients international that went for emergency heart surgery were not chosen for the trial. The researcher got 153 patients going for heart surgery and they were randomly spilt into group of control and treatment group. Baseline assessment such as social-demographic, presence or absence of co-morbidities, type of surgery, previous hospitalization, vital signs, pain, anxiety and depression were taken. I think that the sample size is too small as the population of china is very big hence, it does not conclude that Chinese cardiac patients benefit from preoperative education. Design, it is an observational study. It is a randomized control trial which is quasi-experiment. Adult Chinese cardiac patients who are doing elective cardiac surgery will be allowed to participate in the trial.

above and undergoing elective heart surgery were randomized into the trial. Dependent variable (s dependent variables were the anxiety and depression levels, the pain score, the amount of icu stay and hospitalization stay in the hospital. The anxiety and depression levels were collected using Hospital anxiety and depression scale where else the pain was measure with the brief pain inventory-short form. Other variables, the other variables such as education, co-morbidities, previous hospitalization, and previous operations were collected to test for any factors that will affect the results of the study. The data was taken to evaluate the understanding of the patient for preoperative education and also evaluate the effectiveness on preoperative education on a patient that is going for surgery the first time or a patient who has gone for surgery before. Research Methodology / Design: Setting for research. The data is taken from 2 public hospitals in luoyang China. I think that they should have taken data from different parts of China instead of just the same location in china and just in 2 public hospitals to get a more accurate finding on the effects of preoperative education on Chinese cardiac patients in general.

Literature review: Cardiac surgery can be you physically and mentally nerve-racking for the patient and there could be a chance that giving patient preoperative education might just reduce the anxiety and depression of the patient. There were previous researches that were done which show good post operative results but these studies were all done with patients going for general surgeries and studies were all done in the western counties. Based on the findings done by the research, it shows conflicting results from comparing other articles. As a result, it gave me a clear understanding on the purpose of the research. It contains a large amount of clear and useful information that allows me to understand more about effects of preoperative education conducted in a general surgery setting and also on the western countries compared to a specific surgery (Heart surgery) and in a chinese population. The research weakness was that some of the articles that they used were not within the 10 years period of the study. Hence, the study might be slightly inaccurate. Hypotheses and/ or Research questions: The research question is "Does preoperative education effect the anxiety, depression, pain, length of Intensive care unit stay and also the hospitalization stay of Chinese cardiac patients?" It has clearly written the dependent and independent variables.

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Abstract: The abstract is detailed and it describes and summarizes about what the research article is all about. It is clear and concise and it enables me to spot the essential information on the spot. The abstract was separated into the different categories in the research and gave an informative summary of each part. The aim of this research is to find out about the effectiveness of giving preoperative education to Chinese cardiac patients and whether it will help to minimize anxiety and increase recovery. The methodology was clearly stated in the abstract and it involves 153 Chinese cardiac patients were randomized which 77 patients went into the usual care group and 76 patients were assigned to the preoperative education group. Conclusions the preoperative education is effective in lowering anxiety and depression levels among the Chinese cardiac surgery patients and preoperative education should be implemented into usual practice to prepare the Chinese cardiac patients for surgery. Problem statement/purpose: The rationale of this study is to find out does preoperative education have any effect on specifically dubai heart surgery patients and also specifically Chinese patients anxiety, depression, amount of Intensive care unit stay and hospital stay as there were research on that topic.

essay home is where the heart is
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  4. The most common type of cardiomyopathy is congestive/dilated cardiomyopathy, where the heart becomes enlarged and stretched. Home is where the heart is - 511 words essay on Home is where the heart is" home is one of the best places on earth. Its slow motion at first, as you gaze at the shot youve made, wondering if it is going to manage. A world where economic integration is widely viewed as detrimental to poorer nations, many would agree emphatically with the motion.

  5. philosophy of life is followed which is called as Sanatan Dharma and has become the main factor to maintain unity in diversity here. Home is all about celebrating festive seasons, decorating a house with the colors of Holi and lights of Diwali. Read about the anatomy of a heart attack and see pictures and illustrations of real heart tissue following a heart attack.

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