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Hr interview question and Answers updated on Jul 2018

What irritates you about co-workers? The purpose of this question is to see how well you can fit into a team. Basically, you should not have a problem with a person, although you can have a problem with the style of working. So, to answer this question you can simply say, i understand that it is about team work, so we cant afford to problems with co-workers but if someone is not serious about their work or does a low quality work affecting the whole project,. Is there any particular kind of person you can not work with? For the reason given in the above questions, the answer to this question should be. This is basically a different way of putting up the last question. What qualities would you look for in your senior?

Closely understand the qualities and skills a person holding the position would need and match them with the qualities you have. If you believe that summary you are missing a big quality required for the position under discussion, say that, i understand that this is an important quality required in the person holding this position but given a chance, i will inculcate it. Back it up with a confident body language. Do you know anyone who works for us? Offer some ones name if they really know you well and can offer a positive feedback about you. Have you ever fired anyone? How would you go about firing a person, if required? The basic purpose of asking this question is to check your eq and see if you have the guts to make tough decisions. If you have fired anyone in the past, discuss your experience and approach. If you have never done so in the past, discuss the approach you would take to make and implement such a decision. Keep the focus of your answer on the fact that you would try to do your best to ensure that your team performs to its best but if a particular member is not able to perform even after you taking all the steps to help.

best resume headline in naukri

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It is important to maintain report your performance and develop strategies to deliver under pressure. You can then go ahead an talk about your way of dealing with pressure and performing under. How do you rate your communication skills? Again, it is about dealing with people within and out of the company. So, it is important to have good communication skills. By good communication skills we mean, ability to understand and explain in a common language. So, if you believe that your communication skills are weaker, you need to work on them. Anything less than average or good is not acceptable here. If you were hiring for this position, what qualities would you look for in a potential candidate?

best resume headline in naukri

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If the position requires an t developer with good knowledge of health care domain, tell the interviewer about your technical skills and your domain knowledge. What do you do to improve your knowledge? The field of it is very revolutionary. It is extremely important to keep yourself abreast with the new technological developments and this needs you to take some time out of your work schedule so that you can keep sharpening your saw. To answer this question, you can tell the recruiter about the forums which you keep visiting, blogs which you keep reading. It will be an advantage if you are a member of some local user group. Can you perform under pressure? Most wood of the times, the job of software development is that of working under pressure. Sometimes, it will be the pressure of delivering on time while it can be that of a bug that has sprung all of a sudden in your, expect pressure in everything you.

However, i havent set a time limit as such. You seem to be drawing a good salary. Will you be ok in taking a salary cut? I believe that at one point of time in career salary becomes secondary and self actualisation become more important. While taking up any new job, it will be my priority to ensure that the work culture, chances to contribute and grow are sufficient along with the money i am paid. I also believe that any good company who cares about its employees ensures that they are paid well. Why do you consider yourself a suitable candidate for this position? The answer to this question lies in the preparation you did before the interview. It is extremely important that you research the requirements of the position well and match them with your skills.

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best resume headline in naukri

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If you are allowed to change one thing about your last job, what would it be? I have been working at a senior level since last many years. These roles have always needed me to make real time decisions. Sometimes the facts, figures and other information in essay real time cases are not complete still we have to make a decision. In such cases, there exists a probability of making inaccurate decisions. Knowing this, i usually run down my old decisions to see the outcome. It makes sure that I dont repeat a mistake ever again in future.

While carrying out one such exercise, i realised that the product promotion strategy that I recommended would have been different, if I had had the complete data and figures but there was no way to get them in real time. How long can you commit to work with us? I like new challenges and a chance to grow. As long i keeping getting these, i dont think Ill need to switch over. Id like to believe that this relationship lasts for many years.

I was quite enthusiastic while joining my last job. Towards the end, the number of challenges and opportunity to grow further started diminishing. A challenge loving and growth oriented person like me doesnt enjoy this. Why did you leave your last job? Answer:  Always answer in a positive manner regarding reason. Never talk negatively or badly about your previous organization.

If you do, you will cut a sorry figure. Give suitable reasons for leaving last job. Have there been instances, when your decision was challenged by your colleague or manager? Yes, there have been many such instances. I like people who challenge my decisions rather than following me blindly. This keeps me ensured that i am surrounded by thinking brains rather than just a set of dumb followers. When someone challenges your decisions, you are bound to rethink over it and the chances of reaching the best option are brighter.

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So, basically the learning process continues through out the life i dont think i am over qualified. I see, theres some gap in your work history. Yes, i was feeling exhausted after years of non-stop work. So, i decided to take a break and spend some time with my family on a rejuvenating vacation. I am happy to have returned fully recharged. Can you tell us something about your previous boss? All my bosses possessed some skills worth learning. I have always tried to learn something new from them including my previous boss. Is plan there anything that you do not like about your last or current job?

best resume headline in naukri

Since Id be coming from an altogether new environment, omnivore's i am bound to possess a new perspective towards everything here including the company, product, customers, environment, strategy etc. This will enable me to constructively question things which anyone else here might not. This will help in improving the things and making the product company better. Having worked closely with product development team i understand how the research for product development is carried out and how is customer requirement analysed; Id be able to provide a value addition there too. Dont you think, you are overqualified for this position? You might feel that I possess more degrees than you require for this position. But, i believe that I grow everyday when I talk to my staff, customers and superiors.

you are selected, what will be your strategy for next 60 days? If i am selected for this position, Ill use my initial 60 days in understanding my role carefully in terms of the contribution to the business and increasing the overall profitability. Ill sit with my line manager and other juniors to understand what has already been done and what its impact has been. From there on, Ill formulate my strategy to growth in close conjunction with managers and see that it is properly implemented. How would you improve upon our product/ company?

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best resume headline in naukri
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  7. Hr interview, questions with Answers. Tell me about yourself Answer: It is the most often asked question in interviews and also the most tricky question. Get answers to your frequently asked questions.

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