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In order to write an effective resume accomplishment statement, follow the car formula: Challenge, action, result. What was the problem, what did you do, and what was the outcome? Keeping an updated list of resume accomplishment statements in a career management document means always being prepared, rather than scrambling to remember details. By clearly demonstrating your accomplishments, youll make your resume stand out. See if your accomplishments are matching your job description by scanning your resume here). When it comes to creating a resume, simpler is often better. Many career experts recommend keeping your resume to one page to make it easier for hiring managers to review.

Otherwise, here are 10 more resume accomplishments to get you started:. . Promoted an average 30 titles per year for a niche publishing company. Increased employee training participation by 50 by adapting existing curriculum into online thesis education modules. Led project coordinating office moves for 55 employees. Reduced time spent on inventory by 20 by reorganizing physical storage of supplies. Planned lodging and travel logistics for 20 ships per year, with 10 crew members each. Organized quarterly volunteer projects with upwards of 50 volunteers per event. Managed a factory renovation with a budget of 500,000, completing the project both on budget and on time. Digitized companys internal microfilm library of more than 5,000 files. Scheduled and staffed coaching sessions for 70 essay weekly athletics classes. Directed 25 events per year, including complex public events with more than 20,000 attendees.

writing a simple resume

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What differentiates you from anyone else in a similar role? What makes you successful? Identifying achievements for your resume and quantifying your impact can dramatically increase your chances of landing an interview—and ultimately, a job. Money and time are two of the most easily quantifiable variables. What have you done that saved money or time, or that contributed to the bottom line? What other metrics can you use to prove youve performed well? This is your chance to show that you made a difference—and if you can do that, it will make all the difference for your job search. Between these two prior posts ( here and here weve already given you 20 sample resume accomplishment statements. If youre having trouble getting started, the resume writing guide can help.

writing a simple resume

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The exception would be if a previous job aligned more closely with the twist position you're applying for. When writing your bullets, avoid just stating your job responsibility. Instead, include quantifiable achievements that were a result of your work. Example: Managed team of 15 accounts payable specialists and improved productivity by 15 percent with smaller lag time between invoicing and payment. Education and training, if you've just graduated, it's ok to include your gpa and any coursework relevant to the positon. If you're a few years out of college, ditch that information and keep it simple, listing the college you attended and its location, the degree(s) you graduated with and years attended (although including "years attended" can sometimes date you). Also add any additional schooling or certifications received, especially if you've attained skills that will help you be successful on the job. Resume examples, now that you know what should go in your resume, here are some industry-specific examples to inspire you. Posted on, january 17, 2015 by, trista winnie, those seeking resume advice hear one idea over and over: Focus on resume accomplishments, not duties.

Professional summary, a professional summary is a concise, one-two sentence overview of your skills and work experience. This is often most beneficial for experienced workers, because it's a way to recap your diverse capabilities at the top of your resume. Example: Marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience in online, interactive marketing and advertising in a b2B capacity. Summary of qualifications, this section can be in addition to, or in replacement of, the professional summary. (Remember: Resume real estate is precious so only include both if you truly have something unique to say for each section). This is a list of five or six bullets highlighting your strengths and biggest accomplishments. Example: Exhibit excellent analytic skills and possess strong attention to detail, which allowed the recovery of almost 500,000 in misallocated resources during the year-end close. This is the "meat" of your resume ; it's where you list out your work experience, in reverse chronological order. Generally, your most recent job should take up the biggest space on the page.

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writing a simple resume

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As a foreigner, you can take this approach to highlight how you might be a good fit for the company culture, or just suggest that you are sociable and easy-going (an important trait for a position that requires you go on long business trips with your colleagues). . Chinese companies often ask foreign candidates about their personal life during the interview process to determine whether the candidate statement will be a good fit for the company and to see how committed the candidate is to staying in China. You can use this section to address these concerns, explaining how you are personally invested in China, and what it is about the particular industry in China that excites you. Whether you're a recent graduate applying for your first job or a workforce veteran who has held the same job for years, you may need some help or a helpful reminder on what a resume should look like and what should be included. To start, there are a few different resume formats to consider chronological, functional and a combination of both.

For the purposes of this article, we're referencing chronological, which is the most commonly used format. Also, there's no one-size-fits all approach to resume writing. It's always important to customize your resume to fit your experience, as well as the industry and job description. Now that we've gotten those disclaimers out of the way, here's a rundown of what to include in your resume section by section along with some industry-specific samples. Contact information, the header of your resume is where you should include your basic contact information: name, address, phone number (the number you can most easily be reached at and email address. Depending on your industry, you may want to also include your Facebook, linkedIn, Twitter and/or Instagram urls/usernames.

These subheaders are just some examples, and there are many alternatives. Impress your audience by choosing the right characters to describe what you want to say about your experiences. You can also use bullet points as most Western resumes do, but it seems that it is more common in Chinese resumes to separate points in work experience with a semicolon rather than with a bullet point. If you are having trouble writing about your responsibilities and accomplishments in Chinese, try to state your information as directly as possible, and then have a chinese friend review your work. While the opinion of a native speaker is important for any level, it is equally important to write out your resume yourself first so that you can directly reference your resume when you are speaking Mandarin in an interview. Look at writing your Chinese resume as an opportunity to practice vocabulary relevant to your industry.

Awards this section might not be necessary, but it can catch attention if the awards are relevant. The above example lists a study grant and the year ) it was awarded then uses a semicolon to denote the next award, which was first place in a competition. Technical skills this section is a must for those applying to technical careers, but probably won't be necessary if you covered all the relevant aspects of your skills in the education or work experience sections. On the other hand, if you have learned skills outside your academic or professional experience, you can list them here, or mention any extracurricular courses you took or volunteer work you did in the past. Self-evaluation this section can be useful to those who don't have standout technical skills, but possess a unique combination of hard skills, soft skills, and cultural or linguistic knowledge. China is a job market that favors niche skillsets, and here you can target your audience with a clear value proposition. In this way, a chinese resume is much more informal than a western one. In some Chinese resumes, this section is titled "hobbies and interests" which is slightly less professional, but more personal.

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If you small have multiple degrees, this general format can be repeated for each degree you have earned, starting with the most recent. Note: If you look closely, the character on the second to last line of the section is not aligned with the other 's above. Formatting frustrations can occur when you are typing in Chinese, at which point you can try different things to get around the possible glitch, or just settle with it if you decide that it is negligible (as I did in this case). Work Experience this section may be where Chinese resumes differ from Western ones the most. As cover letters are less common in China, you might want to talk more extensively and persuasively about your work experience than a single page resume normally allows for. . Work history is listed in reverse chronological order and can follow a similar format to your educational experience items. . Use subheaders like small "position" ( "responsibilities" ( and "accomplishments" ( ) for a structured and polished look with clear indications as to where the information lies.

writing a simple resume

Because a chinese resume is generally longer, you have more opportunities to elaborate on parts of your educational experience which have particular relevance to the position you are applying for. Although some Chinese resumes will list educational experiences all the way back to elementary school, it's probably not relevant for foreign candidates. This version of my resume uses several bold horizontal dividers, which could be easier on the eye. I started by listing the name of my college as a subheader and on the same line put the type of degree completed and from when until when  I attended. More subheaders point to my major gpa including study abroad experience and relevant courses i took. I included my study abroad experience but did not specify the types of courses I took because i hoped the names of the programs would be self-explanatory. I didn't go into much detail about my course work because i decided to fit my resume onto one page. However, you can elaborate much more here, especially if you have an advanced degree or relevant research. .

Date of birth, identity number (Passport number email. Phone number (include the country access code address, highest degree attained, in addition to the above, the below list is of items also typical on local applicants' resumes. However, these may not all be relevant to you, and you can include them as you see fit: health condition, marriage status. Job search objectives, foreign language ability (list all languages you know and their respective proficiency levels). Ethnicity (covered by nationality, but could perhaps be relevant to foreign-born Chinese). Salary expectations, as with resumes in other languages, Chinese resume writing guidelines tend to be flexible, meaning that you can choose which items you want to include, and there are variations in the characters you can use to label each item (you don't have to use the exact characters. In order to fit a large number of personal details, it is common to list them in two separate columns. I used a box format for my resume, which is by no means necessary.

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If you are looking for a job in China, having a mandarin version of your resume ( jiǎnlì) will increase the chances your resume will be read all the way through. Cover letters ( qiúzhí xìn) are less common in China, so a resume might be your only opportunity to target your human resources specialists and headhunters, who may come across you through a keyword search or by skimming a stack of resume copies. . A Chinese resume can be up to two pages long and contain as many as six different sections if you have enough relevant information. . Information should be clearly demarcated by either desk text boxes, or bold horizontal lines separating sections, and labels, headers, and subheaders. Even if your Chinese is at the beginner level, adjusting your resume to Chinese formatting standards brings you one step closer to an interview. Basic Information ( a Chinese resume usually features a professional photo at the top right corner, and a list of your personal information to the left. . Chinese resumes generally provide more personal details than Western ones, and their formats tend to make these items stand out prominently. The following are some of the most common items on a chinese resume: name, sex place of birth (instead write your nationality).

writing a simple resume
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  3. Many career experts recommend keeping your resume to one page to make it easier for hiring managers to review. In order to write a resume accomplishment statement, follow the car formula: Challenge, action, result. Here are 10 samples).

  4. Resume - writing 101 (sample resumes. The header of your resume is where you should include your basic contact. When it comes to creating a resume, simpler is often better.

  5. How to, write a chinese, resume. Look at writing your Chinese resume as an opportunity to practice vocabulary relevant to your industry. An overview of how to write a resume.

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