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In order to minimize the downtime of machines and premises, 2 brigades of 10 people can work in shifts. The brigade should consist of: seven tailors; two people engaged in wet-heat treatment; one manager. You will also need two cutters (they can work in one shift, getting the cuts ready for both brigades ) and a laboratory assistant his task is to sew the first copy of the new model. In addition to the mentioned 23 people, you will need a director (usually he is also the owner). A mechanic, an electrician, and an accountant could be outsourced. How to organize sales?

The purchase of fabrics and accessories for will require at least 3-4,000 in order to ensure non-stop production. According to experts, a mini workshop pays off in about a year. Purchase of fabrics and accessories you will need different types of fabrics: polyester; cotton; wool/wool blend; viscose, etc. You will also need some lining materials: woven interfacing; non-woven fabric; lining materials: polyester, twill, viscose. It is obligatory to allocate a certain amount of money for the writing purchase of professional fittings and threads. The premises At first, your tailoring business can be home-based: you can deliver the cuts to the tailors houses and then collect the completed items. Its a good idea to rent a place in a large shopping center. The obvious advantage is the constant crowd of people (customers advertising while the cost of rent is quite a significant disadvantage. A good compromise would be to rent rooms at a clothes factory. Staff The optimal number of people for a mini-enterprise is 23 people.

tailoring business proposal

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How much does it cost to start a tailoring business? You can organize a mini-manufacture even at home: you only need to buy a household sewing machine and create a competent tailoring business plan ; an average-sized workshop (20-50 items per day) 10,000; large tailoring workshop (150-200 items per shift) at least 150,000. Transitional options are also possible. Type of service, there are many tailoring business ideas allowing several variations at the start: standard: sewing dresses, suits, outerwear; repair and modification; sewing childrens clothing; sewing uniforms; sewing tablecloths, curtains, covers, etc. Equipment costs When opening a small tailoring business with 10 employees you will need: 7-8 universal stitching machines; 2 overlock sewing machines; a hinged semi-automatic machine for straight loops; a button semi-automatic machine. (If you opt for used equipment, you can buy everything for about 4 5,000). Synthetic fabrics that must pdf be pressed with a special steam iron are being used more and more often. Therefore, you its a good idea to buy this special equipment (1,500).

tailoring business proposal

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Please add your valuable ideas in the following comment box. Contents, one of the most popular home business ideas in Nigeria is starting your own tailoring business. Over the past few years, a lot of such companies, having started from scratch, have moved to the level improve of a small industry. They used the money they had earned to purchase high-tech equipment allowing them to improve the quality of the products dramatically. How can you start a profitable business in tailoring and what do you need for this? Let hundreds of thousands of potential customers find out about your products and services: install updated Jiji app to buy and sell easier, faster more convenient! Advantages of business, it does not require large investment; It isnt a seasonal business ; the need for exclusive clothing is increasing; the flexibility of choosing a business system.

I have written a book on garment manufacturing. If you want to know more about garment manufacturing processes and want to know how garment export houses work, i suggest you to read this book. Click on the following book cover to learn more about the book. I have just explained you about 10 garment industry based business ideas. You can start one out of those ten business opportunities depending on your competency and business networking. Each business is profitable if you can create your customer base and specialization. Did I miss any idea that can be business opportunity for a garment industry employee?

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tailoring business proposal

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You can even set up product development and sampling room to attract more buyer and display wide range of products. You will be needed small team to start garment buying house initially. Check these important points to start a buying house. Consultancy services: may be you have built your expertise and skills in some specific fields. If home you have passion to teach others and can solve real life problems daily faced by factories, buyers and auxiliary business firms, you can start consultancy services.

Though at present consultancy services are not very popular in this industry, in future factories will look for expert guidance -in the areas like cost reduction and factory performance improvement. Information Technology services: Garment industry is embracing more and more it based technology. It may be erp systems or other technology solutions. If you have good understanding of it and can develop innovative tools that can solve exporters problem such pattern making solutions, real time data collection, production planning, material management or it can be anything. Your development must bring measurable improvement in garment manufacturers business as a whole or in department level.

Printing and Embroidery Unit: Printing and embroidery are value added processes in garment manufacturing. In this fashion age, to make product trendy, designer always add some colors and patches on their designs. Hence, excluding some basic product all export orders include printing process or embroidery work or both. To set up Print and Embroidery business factories need to invest on machines, so small manufacturer dont have in-house printing and embroidery machines. Thus, it can be one good business opportunity in these value added processes.

Washing Plant: Washing is required in various stages of garment manufacturing fabric washing, various types of garment washing. Secondly, buyers placed order for washed garment, with different types of end looks and hand feels. Small exporters dont have their own washing plant. You can look this option as one of the business opportunity. Garment buying agency: If you are working as merchandiser in an export house or buying house for few years. You may have developed good relationship with your buyers. You have good opportunity to contact with buyers, take order and get manufactured garments from a factory.

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Export Surplus Garments Store: Export quality (international brands) garments with low prices are on demand now-a-days. In metros everyone wants to look trendy and wear branded clothes but they dont want to spend much money in Brands retail shops. So they look for export surplus garments. So, opening an outlet for export rejected and surplus garments is a good and profitable business idea. If you are working or worked in past in garment manufacturing you know that garment manufacturers make extra garments than the order quantity they get from buyers. Sometimes whole order get rejected due quality issue or shipment delay. Purchase stock of surplus garments from factories and sale at essay attractive prices.

tailoring business proposal

In buying seasons export houses book orders in excess quantity than their own production capacity. To complete those order on time they look for sub-contractors or job-workers. In this business you dont need to handle buyers, dont need to purchase materials. You have to just collect cuttings from exporters and stitch garments. Read this post "Subcontracting, business, process in Garment Industry" to know more about subcontracting business process. Garment Wholesale, business : you can start garment whole sale business in your spare time. Source garments from manufacturing hubs and distribute those garments to shops in small cities. As you purchase goods in bulk quantity and from manufacturing hubs, you will have good margin in this business. Clothing Store: you can open a garment retail shop or outlet in your small town or City, in Street corner or inside a mall in metros.

on the same board you may be interested to hear something on small business ideas those are garment industry based. Clothing Store, small Factory set up: you can set up a small garment factory with your own tailoring or manufacturing experience. You have to hire few tailors. Make garments and sale finished garments to retailers or whole sellers in your city. You may select products such as school uniforms, ladies kurtis, salwar-kamiz, mens shirt or make ladies blouses. . Also read: Business, plan for Garment Manufacturing Start-ups, sub-contracting. Business : Set up a small factory and do sub-contracting work (job-work) for export houses and domestic brands.

Business, plan Writer, our free online tool that guides you through the process of starting your business. Just select fashion/clothing design as your industry when you register. Good luck and happy writing! I always write for garment industry professionals. And this one is not an exception. There is a tendency in young professionals to move out from day job and start something their own. Having work experience in garment industry, we primarily look for business opportunities within this industry.

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Are you starting a company that deals with fashion, jewelry accessories or handicrafts? Weve created an example business plan to help you get the ball rolling! Do your friends and internet family constantly encourage you to start a business to sell your handmade jewelry or clothing? Youve clearly got talent so now its time to plan for your business. A business plan will help you detail the structure of your business, who your ideal customers are and how you plan to make money. To help you get started weve created an example business plan for a business in the fashion clothing industry. Our example focuses on a jewelry business, but it will work as a framework for a wide variety of businesses in the creative sector. Click the download tool button to gain access to the word document. You can also find the same example in the.

tailoring business proposal
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  4. If you have passion in clothing products and have a dream to become an entrepreneur, you can choose one of the 10 business ideas to start with. Tailor, shop sample, business Plan for, tailor, shop, business Plan.

  5. Writing a business plan will help to organize your thoughts and implement the goals you set to start your home sewing business. Are you starting a company that deals with fashion, jewelry accessories or handicrafts? We ve created an example business plan to help you get the ball rolling! Business ideas in garment industry.

  6. One of the most popular home business ideas in Nigeria is starting your own tailoring business. Before you begin planning your new home sewing business you really need to take an objective view of yourself and your abilities and establish how good you are compared to your competitors and what skills you may need to acquire, this is also a good. Starting your own sewing company is a rewarding way of combining your passion with business. Things like dress making, tailoring, costume design, and embroidery.

  7. 30, business Proposal, templates proposal, letter. You may find that youve spent hours submitting and tailoring the same business proposal template and not. Jiji nigeria blog How to start. Tailoring Business, in Nigeria?

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