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We hope that the training at Abai kazakh National Pedagogical University will not only be useful for future specialists, but they remembered this time as an interesting period of students life. Our students and undergraduates have returned from Poland On 8 February, 2017 at the Chair of Russian Language and Literature held a meeting with students and undergraduates who have returned from Poland after a semester studying in the pomeranian Academy of Slupsk. Expressing gratitude to our state, the university and the chair for the opportunity to study at a foreign university, the studets talked about their training program, spoke fondly of  Polish teachers, shared their impressions of familiarity with the culture of Poland. So, for these two students will to open the opportunity to receive double diploma education. Current 1st year course students will also participate in the competition for the right to enter into academic mobility program academic. The winners will go to foreign universities for a semester of study.

For example, in the literature with Pani rychelsky we discussed the origins of the Ancient Russian literature, and in the lesson on the subject "Working with the scientific text pan Osukh explained how to properly design a scientific work and where it is more convenient. We hope that this semester will be very productive for us, because the classes will be conducted under the guidance of highly qualified lecturers of the Philology Institute. With huge gratitude for the opportunity to study here 2nd year course students nazli kadyrova and Aigerim Serikbay guests from China On 22 February, 2017 by the academic mobility programme to the chair of Russian language and literature arrived students from Zhejiang yuexiu university. Students were sent on a semester studying at our university. They will learn together with a group of 3rd year course of specialty "Russian language and literature." guests from China were represented by their course and have already started to attend classes. Todays introduction under guidance of course adviser Madina Abayeva ended visit to, data yermek tursunov kinoclub, which together with the national Library of the republic of kazakhstan conducts open film shows with their further discussion. To the audience was presented the film "The Shot on the karash Pass". It a real gift to lovers of good cinema! The film is made on the novel of mukhtar auezov "The event at Kara-karash". We very happy, that students from China since the first day acquainted with the culture of kazakh people.

studying a foreign language essay

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Chair of will Russian Language and Literature has been cooperating several years with the pomeranian Academy in słupsk : lecturers attend scientific conferences there, by academic mobility programs of the ministry of Education and Science of the republic of kazakhstan students has semester education, undergraduates pass. For this once, semester training became possible for our students thanks to a grant from rector of this university, professor Zbigniew Osadowski. Girls had already started their studies and told about the beginning of the semester in their letter. "On, we started our training semester in the pomeranian Academy in Slupsk city, which is located 18 kilometers from the baltic sea. Our classes will take place in such disciplines: Introduction to literary Studies, Ancient Russian Literature, literature at the turn of the xviii-xix centuries, working with Scientific Text, descriptive grammar and etc. At the university, in the dormitory, in the library, everybody always ready to help us. On the part of Polish students and foreign students, we see a benevolent attitude towards us and a desire to learn more about our Motherland, kazakh language and the traditions of our people. Our group consists from 7 people: us and five more students from Ukraine. Classes are held in Russian.

studying a foreign language essay

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Zhejiang University of Foreign Languages (Shaoxing City who study by the academic mobility program at the department of Russian Language and Literature. Judging by the photos, the goal is achieved! Chinese students read Russian literature, students of the Zhejiang University of Foreign Languages (Shaoxing City who study under the program of academic mobility at the Chair of Russian Language and Literature, study russian literature of the xix century. Often happens that they need additional or individual lessons. One of these studies in March 2017 studied the story. To understand and analyze the work, it took not only the text of the story, but also electronic dictionaries: Russian-Chinese, etymological, explanatory. The lecturers explanation, lexicographical information on the Internet and the philological abilities of the girls-all helps them to master the 3-year course program. 2nd  semester of the academic year two students of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education - nazli kadyrova (majority 5B011800 - russian Language and Literature) and Aigerim Serikbay (majority 5B012200 - russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language education) will be study.

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studying a foreign language essay

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Abdigaziuly introduced the delegation with one of the oldest departments of the university, emphasizing the high professionalism of the teachers of the department. In a welcoming speech, head of the department, Professor. Abisheva told to the management of the Zhejiang University how do matters stand of students from this university, who studding by presentation academic mobility program. She noted their discipline and responsibility. Further, with adviser, associate professor. Abayeva students went on a planned excursion to the State central Museum of the republic of kazakhstan and to the park of the first President.

During the excursion the students got acquainted with the history and culture of the republic of kazakhstan, visited the expositions devoted to the Independence of the rk, and also the hall dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of Almaty. The first Presidents Park impressed the guests with its size and beauty. During the excursion, students practiced speech skills, talking on various topics. The final semester training students are very grateful to the teachers of the department for their high professionalism, attentive and sensitive attitude. Excursion to the turgen waterfalls, on tudents of the third year of the specialty "5B011800 - russian Language and Literature" together with adviser,. Abayeva went on an excursion to the turgen gorge. The main goal of the trip is to show the beauty of our nature to the guests from China, to the students of the.

There were many songs, smiles, joyful and sad (because of close farewell) words. Students from China told (in good Russian!) That for several months of their studies in Almaty they learned a lot about our city, our country, traditions and character of the kazakh people. They visited many interesting places and are very glad that in June they will have a trip. A lot of strength and perseverance they have applied to master the 3-year program, so the semester finish with excellent and good grades. Always next to the Chinese guests were the hosts - 3rd year students of the specialty "Russian Language and Literature" and their adviser assistant professor Madina. About how much our Chinese friends have made great progress in the study of the russian language, their essays written on complex and relevant  social issues  themes.

Let in these miniatures and come across small inaccuracies (we did not begin to edit these texts but they have the main thing - the ability to think and express their sincere, interesting and independent reflections in Russian. The farewell evening ended with a friendly tea-drinking and the unanimous wish of all participants: we look forward to new meetings! Reference: Essays written by students from China. Delegation of the zhejiang yuexiu university of foreign languages (china, shaoxing city on may 18, 2017, official delegation from the. Zhejiang yuexiu university of Foreign Languages (China, shaoxing) met with the management of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education, as well as with the students of this Chinese university who are training by the academic mobility program at the department of Russian Language and. Director of the Institute, professor.

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In the Chair of the russian language and literature was organized a meeting with students who returned from Poland, where they were by the program of semester training in accordance with the agreement between the two universities - kaznpu named after Abai and Pomeranian University. The 2nd year students of specialties 5B012200 and 5B011800 told about their impressions: about the peculiarities way of education in the polish Universities, about their teachers, about living conditions in the hostel, about the cultural program of their trip. This story is especially interested for freshmen. Because they also will have an opportunity to participate in the qualifying competition for semester training in a foreign University. We strange wish them success! Semester training of students of the Zhejiang yuexiu university of Foreign Languages (Shaoxing City) is coming to the end. They came to kazakhstan by the academic mobility program and were distributed to the department of Russian Language and Literature. A farewell event was dedicated to the successful completion of the semester, in which the students from China expressed their sincere gratitude to our university, and the students and teachers of Abai kaznpu warmly said goodbye to the girls who had time to fall.

studying a foreign language essay

Similarly, if you are interested in the business world, in travelling and tourism, in literature, journalism and the media, then this is what you are looking for. . Whether you want to use the language for work, further study or simply for leisure, this course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge. Two-diploma education is in action! Nazli kadyrova is a student of Abai kaznpu (speciality "5B011800 - russian Language and Literature who defended her diploma work «Y. Mamleevs novel Shatuny as an example of metaphysical realism» in the pomeranian Academy of Slupsk (Poland) in June 20, 2018. book within the framework of the agreement of two universities on two-diploma education. Nazli kadyrova received high praise for her work excellent and was recommended by the commission of the historical and Philological Faculty of the pomor Academy for admission to the magistracy. Student received a diploma with distinction (the so-called "Red Diploma and an appendix with grades on the 21stof June, 2018. Congratulations to nazli kadyrov - the second among our students is the holder of a foreign diploma! Students are talking about their studying trip in Poland.

skills in a-level writing (discursive or creative essay) and translation from English into the target language. The unit also requires students to demonstrate evidence of independent, a-level target language reading and research of a chosen text, play, film or topic area that links to the culture and/or society of the language-speaking country, countries or community. Key skills required, you will need to feel confident in the four language skills of Listening reading, Writing and Speaking. . you must also have some knowledge and understanding of the Italian/French/Spanish culture and way of life. What entry requirements are there to study this course? Gcse or equivalent level, what is the course useful for? If you enjoy languages and communication, and interested in learning about the Italian, French and Spanish culture and way of life, then this course could be for you.

This unit rewards students for their ability to converse in the target language on a general topic area that they have chosen in advance. Students will be expected to give relevant and appropriate information, convey opinions, interact and respond to a range of questions. Unit 2: Understanding and Written Response. This unit requires students to understand and convey their understanding of target-language texts and recordings. In addition, students will need to produce an essay to demonstrate an ability to manipulate the language in continuous writing. A2 Unit description, unit 3: Understanding and Spoken Response. This unit requires students to demonstrate the effectiveness of their target-language skills essay by presenting and taking a clear stance on any issue of their choice.

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Department, mFL (French Italian Spanish a level board/code, edexcel. What do we cover in the course? Key syllabus elements, the course covers a wide variety of topics related to the target language country, countries and the communities ranging from family, health, media, work, the environment, politics, economy, human rights etc. These topics will be explored through: reading authentic material such as magazines and newspapers. Listening to a variety of authentic recordings using a variety of facilities speaking through class discussions, debates and presentations writing in a variety of registers. How is it assessed? Key assessment elements, this a level is assessed in four units (Unit 1 2 at as level. Unit 3 4 at A2 level). As unit description, unit 1: Spoken Expression and Response.

studying a foreign language essay
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  1. Students are talking about their studying trip in Poland. Reference: Essays written by students from China. Delegation of the zhejiang yuexiu university of foreign languages. It is, hence, easy to understand why ethnic groups cling to their languages with such fervor even when living in a foreign society language is part of their cultural.

  2. As a conclusion, the skills and habits formed in the process of using social netw orks in teaching a foreign language are highlighted. Text to ebook download Two essays on old age friendship mobi b00B7pqjum. Free download bookworm for android TheGrammar of the hindustani or Urdu language pdf fb2 by john. Congratulations to nazli kadyrov - the second among our students is the holder of a foreign diploma!

  3. Cambridge tutors College courses a-level Subjects modern Foreign Languages. In addition, students will need to produce an essay to demonstrate an ability to manipulate the language in continuous writing. Social networks as a tool for increasing the motivation for studying foreign languages of university students.

  4. Studies have shown that students who are proficient in a foreign language have an advantage in their professional lives. Write a 250-word essay in which you explain the relationship between the speaker and the mother in the poem. The main task of studying a foreign language is the progress of communicative competences (linguistic, sociological, discursive, and strategic) in students as a holistic linguistic approach in which all language skills are considered within the framework of an interdependent approach.

  5. Both within the sheer breadth and within the element in their insurance the essays in those volumes problem hegemonic considering with reference to translation. Enticing all through with problems with illustration. Foreign Language Study reference.

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