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"What we see is a story of a people and their loving God on a journey together explains. He does not want us to interpret their times by our times. He situates the story firmly in orthodox Christianity. Richard Allan young is a professor of New Testament Studies at Temple baptist Seminary and he has done his homework on the jesus was a vegetarian writings. He critiques several, including those of Gideon Jasper Ouseley, edmond szekely, upton Clary Ewing and Carl Andres Skriver. Young doesnt mince words in his criticism. Following the lead of Per Beskow in Strange tales About Jesus, he thinks the ouseley and szekely works are forgeries.

The lost Religion of Jesus is an amazing book. A vegetarianism sourcebook is an earlier work by akers. Seemingly to do the jesus was a vegetarian crowd one better, richard Allen young titles his work: Is God a vegetarian? But surprisingly, he holds that Jesus probably ate fish, although he admits that this leaves many nagging questions. So young falls in line with the Christian Vegetarian Associations excellent, very useful pamphlet "What would Jesus Eat-today?" Both Linzey and Webb sit on the Associations board of Directors and both argue, like young, that the historical Jesus probably was not a vegetarian, but that. Is God a vegetarian? (1999, Open court is a gentle, easy-to-read book. In youngs view we do not have to argue with the meat eaters over sound bite texts, as feminist and animal advocate carol Adams calls them. The author considers the bible a narrative into which we should enter and participate. We are invited to see where the story is going.

short summary of lamb to the slaughter

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Akers comes down hard on the side of the jesus was a vegetarian movement, although his book is about much more. The lost Religion of Jesus argues that the religion of the established church has become a religion of dogmas; it is pauline Christianity. It is not the religion of the jesus movement, a religion of nonviolence, simple living and vegetarianism. Akers maintains that this core message of Jesus has been lost by the institutional church. This surely will incite many arguments within Christianity. Keith akers boldly lines up the historical facts about early Christianity along with strong reasons of support. His book is filled with"tions from authentic, early sources. He says any idea of early Christianity must come to grips with Jewish Christianity like the Ebionites, a jewish sect, who "understand Jesus better than any of the other early groups and that conclusions about the historical Jesus need to be adjusted accordingly." The vegetarianism. One of akers most startling statements is that Jesus radical attack on the temple was because he opposed animal dissertation sacrifice.

short summary of lamb to the slaughter

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As in his earlier work, the souls of Animals, kowalski forcefully shows us how much like us the animals really are. He says, "the idea that Homo sapiens alone bears the imago dei (has had) far-reaching and destructive consequences and that, "Little besides parochialism can support such a claim." he says, " It is now well-accepted that the bible reflects a patriarchal culture (reviewers note: "I. Kowalski, a minister to the first Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington, vermont, has great respect for the bible, but he maintains that it is meant to be read according to new knowledge of the times. If the bible is to keep its tradition alive it must "change and grow". He acknowledges dissertation that, "Those who treat the bible as an inerrant document whose every word is sacrosanct may be scandalized by the idea that these stories can be given a new rendition." Each chapter of The bible According to noah ends with a bible story. There is a controversy going on within this new movement. It is: was Jesus a vegetarian? One of the latest books to come out is The lost Religion of Jesus (2000, lantern books) by keith akers. Written in almost outline form, the book is an easy read.

Webbs work is serious theology worth serious consideration. One of the newest offerings, and one of my favorites, is The bible According to noah (2001, lantern books) by rev. This is a book that I would like to give to everyone i know, animal friend or even ones not so friendly, who is interested in religion. It is a delightful read. The bible According to noah, a slim volume, is well suited to meditation. Kowalski writes in a beautiful and creative way, exemplifying his theological points with fascinating facts about animal life. He recreates many of the well-known Bible stories "as though the animals mattered.".

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short summary of lamb to the slaughter

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Webb shows how pauline theology "set the stage for what became orthodox Eucharistic practice when he emphasized the similarities between the lords supper and pagan sacrifices". Webb says paul "used the logic, language and even the elements of animal sacrifice-bread/body and wine/blood-to build a bridge from pagan religion to the new religion of Christianity." But, webb continues, "by preaching a new sacrifice that renders old ones redundant, he risked continuing the. Historically, another webb says "the process of animalizing the eucharist reached its peak in the middles Ages with the doctrine of transubstantiation, which portrayed the eucharist as an reenactment of Christs death". Webb goes on to explain that the doctrine of the real presence is not contrary to the concept of the eucharist as a vegetarian meal. He says, "What the doctrine of transubstantiation highlights is how the bread and wine are not arbitrary signs of faith but instead fitting vehicles of the nourishment given by essay gods outpouring in Jesus Christ." Webbs point is well taken as he explains that a vegetarian. He says, "the message of the eucharist is that God is one with us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ" and that "the medium of that message-the actual food eaten-is not irrelevant to the content of what the eucharist conveys.".

Webb is critical of the animal rights movement. He strongly advocates practicing compassionate stewardship of the animals. But he holds that biblical vegetarianism is an alternative to the utopian rigor of the animal rights movement that he feels is impossible to uphold. Instead he says Christian vegetarianism "will be a way, gradually and humbly, of looking to gods restoration of creation, the fulfillment of Gods promise to complete history by returning the whole world to gods original intentions. This diet of hope can be one way of witnessing to the good news of Jesus Christ". This should be a wonderful incentive for being vegetarian for those claiming to be Christian.

Animal Gospel is an inspiration. Just published is Stephen. Webbs, good Eating, (2001, Brazos Press). Good Eating (morally good). Webbs second theological work in the animal field. On God and Dogs was Webbs first, very scholarly work.

Webb uses the relationship between dogs and humans to promote the theological notion of Gods unstinting love for creation. Both books are treasures of references on the biblical record and the Christian tradition. Good Eating closely follows the earlier work. But I found it easier to read with its many headings for guidance. It is frustrating though because there is no subject index for easy access to the material. However, there is a useful appendix with analyses and critiques of Process Theology, ecofeminism, Environmental Theology, roman Catholic Natural Law Theory, and reinhold niebuhr and Christian realism. Webb is a professor of religion and philosophy at Indianas Wabash College. Perhaps Webbs most unique idea is that of a vegetarian Eucharist. It is surely an idea whose time has come.

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In the meantime, between the paradise of creation plan and the fulfillment of the promised salvation, linzey proclaims that humans are to treat the animals with compassion and kindness, because "dominion" as revealed by Christ, our exemplar, means a loving stewardship, as God treats all. Linzey says, "The power of God in Jesus is expressed in katabasis, humility, self-sacrifice, powerlessness.There can be no lordship without service." he claims, "To stand for Jesus is to stand for Gods justice and the fin-al release of all good creation from bondage to decay, against. He challenges the Christian to believe that God is powerful enough to fulfill the promise. As in his other books, linzey treats the various animal exploitations of our times such as: entertainment, hunting, cloning, vivisection, fur and leather and factory farming. He does not hold back in his criticism of the church. His detailed analysis and disparagement of the teaching about animals in the new Catholic Catechism is very important for animal advocates. There are many practical suggestions in Linzeys book, but no index. Linzey makes strong points about love for all, even the church, the animal exploiters and each other.

short summary of lamb to the slaughter

This is a powerful statement. Linzey is Professor of Christian Theology and Animal Welfare at Mansfield College, oxford University. He has received several awards for his work in this field. However, i think there is a problem. Those Christian authors who maintain first that there has been a fall from grace but that God will make it ok in the end need to ask the baby pelican of jay mcDaniels Of God and Pelican, (1989, westminster/John Knox) if it is ok in the. The chick was pushed out of the nest by its mother, in order to ensure the survival of her other nestling. In this example McDaniel tries to explain natural evil as opposed to man-made evil. Of course, a human person who has suffered terrible life-long agony could ask the same question.

underpinning of religion. Otherwise, they are irritating and too self-righteous, he says. But where does this leave animal advocacy for those who do not hold religious beliefs? Obviously, linzey holds orthodox Christianity and he takes the canonized Bible as his norm; he doesnt allow for interpolations. The linzey thesis is that creation, as God intended it to be, was a paradise. Then there was the fall of man that took the earth and the animals with. The good news of the gospel is that, through Christ, there will be a redemption, as promised, which will restore the paradise for all: humans, the earth and the animals. Linzey is adamant that the "fall" is necessary if there is to be a restoration. Otherwise, the suffering and pain of the present world would be the way god intended. Also, without gospel faith there can be only despair.

His 1976 Animal Rights: a christian Assessment led the way. Christianity and the rights of Animals soon followed and has been the primer for this view. Animal Gospel (1998, westminster John Knox Press) is Linzeys latest. He says it is a pastoral, evangelical sequel to Animal Theology. It is about Gods unlimited love for creation. The book opens with a passionate commitment to the gospel and to animals, a confession of faith that is stunning. He says he wanted to write a book that will "touch the hearts and souls of the readers." write he has done that.

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January 2003, most animal rights activists would say, "Who cares?" They have long ago written off the Christian gospel as far as animals are concerned. And for good reason. For centuries, the churches have done little or nothing for the animals either in preaching, teaching or practice. There has been almost complete theological silence. And worse: a false reading of scripture, interpreting the "dominion" of Genesis to mean that resume humans were given, by divine approval, the unrestricted use of animals, has made it almost impossible to persuade many Christians that compassion to animals is the ideal. But recently, in a welcome turn of events, there are many new publications which stress that Christianity is rife with themes and ideals that could benefit the animals This is important for believers and nonbelievers alike among animal advocates because Christianity remains a very powerful. Anglican priest theologian, rev. Andrew Linzey, was one of the first to insist that a true christianity is gospel good news for the animals.

short summary of lamb to the slaughter
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