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I wouldn t blame anyone for this. Although it wasn t the noblest thing to do, it was human and understandable. Noble king that he may have been and great in many ways, was stripped of his good name not because of anything that he did intentionally, but merely another puppet of the Greek gods. The pain of knowing that the woman he loved was his mother, the man he slaughtered his father, the destiny he tried so hard to avoid caught up with him, was too much to bear and is a great tragedy. And when he does face his guilt and shame of the prophecy he takes it with full ownership and never tries to make excuses for himself. I don t think that too many people could have that kind of courage. Most of us would place the blame on whomever we could to try and save pride and dignity, but not Oedipus his integrity was truly honorable, and when he gauged out his eyes and walked blinded in exile from what was once his kingdom was. Oedipus had good intentions but unavoidable truth, which is what makes this story so tragic.

Too long you have known the faces of those whom I should never have seen, too long been blind to those for whom. From this hour, go in darkness! Ignorance we cause ourselves and is it not true that the greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves? Is there a sorrow greater where shall plan I find harbor in this world? My voice is hurled far on a dark wind. What has god done to me? oedipus Oedipus is the tragedy that he creates for himself. I think that his story was so horrible because he was a noble man, and did not deserve the fate put upon him by kadmos. The prophecy was terrible, not Oedipus, his only flaw was his ignorance, and for that he paid dearly. Some may say that Oedipus was cowardly in trying to avoid his own destiny, running away from his family and When faced with such a devastating truth trying desperately to avoid coming to terms with.

oedipus rex analysis essay

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The great king Oedipus humbles himself by accepting and taking ownership of his own ignorance. That in itself, i believe, shows great courage. As the prophecy unfolds with the messengers words. Oedipus cannot come to terms with this terrible fate and once again denies his ignorance and holds on to his good name essay desperately until his fears were proven to be true. For if you are what this man says you are, no man living is more wretched than Oedipus by this point every thread of this dreaded prophecy has been woven together and there is nothing for Oedipus to do but except who he never wanted. The understandable and human quality of ignorance brought upon the fall of our hero oedipus but he fell with grace and dignity enduring the punishment that he created. He found his wife, his mother, whom he loved so dearly, hanging her body swaying from the cruel cord she had noosed about her neck oedipus then lowered her to the ground and gauged out his eyes with the broaches on her gown screaming.

oedipus rex analysis essay

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His people believe in him gpa and see him as the all powerful king however; the reader gets a different view of him as the story continues. His invincible persona begins to fade as we hear the prophecy unfold. Our hero becomes a man, a scared man who ran from his horrible destiny. Not because he is weak but because he is human. When Oedipus is faced with the truth from teirisias, that he may be the murderer which whom he sought to have killed or exiled, he becomes defensive in his fear and lashes out at the man calling him a liar, not wanting to here the. I think the situation is best summed by teirisias, you mock my blindness, but I say that you, with both your eyes are blind: you can not see the wretchedness of your life, nor in whose house you live, no, nor with whom. Although this man was blind he sees our hero s major flaw and his terrible fate. Oedipus is a smart man but terrified and he does admit his weakness when he says I myself may be accurst by my own ignorant edict. I am not sure that the blind man can not see it shows his courage and strength just in saying that that.

The plague never would have happened if Oedipus had not scorned the gods by killing his father and marrying his mother. In Oedipus the king, sophocles points out the irony of allowing a person to become king just because they are born royalty. True leaders are not bred, sophocles is saying, they are made by their deed, and actions. Oedipus does try to rule honorably, but he is motivated by what is best for him not by the utilitarian good of the people. A true leader is man who is selfless and not self-centered. He rules for the utilitarian good of all his subjects not for his own personal interests and self-gain. Rachel Raskin, oedipus and his fatal flaw, ignorance together develops a dangerous and tragic end. The hero, noble and strong, who is supposed to be the stability of his people ends up crumbling himself bewildered as a blown bird his soul hovers and cannot find foothold. His people view him as the man who saved them from the sphinx and the suppliants bring him olive branches and lie in the front of his castle begging for him to save them again from the starvation, killings, and misery that they now face.

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oedipus rex analysis essay

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Why was I to see, when sight could show me nothing sweet. Oedipus blames the gods for cursing him, but also believes he should have seen the workings of the gods, and prevented the tragic disaster that befell him. What modern is further ironic, is Iocasta is actually willing to live in incest with her son as long as the information is not public. Since it was Iocasta, according to the herdsman in the next scene, which actually gave the baby to him and commanded him to abandon it on the mountainside. Iocasta kills herself to protect her son, because she fears he can not face the public shame of their incest.

Sophocles uses Creon to contradict Oedipus and show the qualities of a true leader. Creon tells Oedipus; I have not come in mockery, oedipus, nor to reproach thee with any bygone fault. (To the attendants) But ye, if ye respect the children of men no more, revere at least the all-nurturing flame of our lord the sun, spare to show thus nakedly a pollution such as this-one which neither earth can welcome, nor the holy rain, nor. Creon is saying that he will rule by the wishes of the gods. A true leader obeys the gods and is the tool of their desires. In this fashion, a true leader ensures the welfare and well being of his people.

A person is not a great leader just because they are born a prince and raised to be king. He is the sort of king who is more concerned with outer image than the substance of his rule. Oedipus has a "messiah complex" when he takes on the role of savior of Thebes. He is acting in a self-centered manner, but is selfless in doing. However, because oedipus forsakes the god's by killing his father and sleeping with his mother, he is not worthy of being King.

Oedipus admits this much when he discovers the truth from the chorus about who killed his father and who iocasta really is: so had I not come to shed my father's blood, nor been called among men the spouse of her from who i sprang. Irony and coincidence influence our view of Oedipus as a tragic protagonist. Oedipus is a fool of the gods, and he is not free to choose his own way. The gods simply know what Oedipus will do in a given situation because they manipulate events beyond likelihood and mere coincidence. He does not know he has killed his own father, and sleeps with his mother. It is this irony that influences our view of Oedipus. We feel sorry for the tragic character, because he does not control his own destiny and does know the evils he has committed. We feel empathy for his plight when he says "Apollo, friends, Apollo was he that brought these woes to pass, these my sore, sore woes: but the hand that struck the eyes was none save mine, wretched that i am!

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Oedipus feels Creon is trying gpa to take advantage of evernote the god's message in order to get Oedipus ousted. Oedipus tells Iocasta, "the cause is Creon and the plots that he hath against me" (695-696). Creon feels avenged when he becomes King at the end. He feels Oedipus was lacking as a king. He tells Oedipus, "Crave not to be master in all things, for the mastery which thou didst win hath not followed thee through life" (Lines1526-1529). Oedipus was born a prince, raised to be a king. The play teaches us about the nature of leadership and the qualities of a great leader.

oedipus rex analysis essay

Evidence of Oedipus' opposing characteristics of selflessness and self-centeredness can be found in his words: Oh my piteous children, known, well known, to me are the desires wherewith ye have come: well wot I that ye suffer all; yet sufferers as ye are, there. Your pain comes on each one of you for himself alone, and for no other; but my soul mourns at once for the city, and for myself, and for thee. (Lines 58-64 the lines show how Oedipus is these acting as a savior, for the benefit of his people, in this play, and he is acting on his own behalf. The relationship between Creon and Oedipus appears strained. Creon is angry about Oedipus' getting the throne after laius was reported dead, because he would have been next in line for the throne after laius. Oedipus trusts him enough to send him to delphi. However, oedipus accuses Creon of not reporting the gods' message accurately.

now this land calls thee saviour for thy former zeal; and never let it be our memory of thy reign that we were first restored and afterward cast down: nay, lift up this State in such wise that it fall. Oedipus, knowing there was a plague, has already sent his brother-in-law, Creon, to Apollo's (the god of enlightenment and the sun) oracle at Delphi to ask the gods what. Creon advises that he talk to oedipus privately before making the answer public, but Oedipus says. The gods want the Thebans to find the murderer of their former king, lauis, and either kill him or exile him. Oedipus immediately pledges to do so, even if the investigation leads to his own house. So, unknowingly, oedipus is hunting himself, the murderer of laius. Oedipus is both at the same time selfless and self-centered.

I deemed it unmeet, my children, to hear these things at the mouth of others, and have come hither myself. Since oedipus solved the riddle of the sphinx when no one else had, the townspeople (the "chorus figured that the gods spoke to oedipus. Currently, a plague has descended on Thebes. As it says in this section, people are dying faster they can be buried by the survivors-so are cattle and crops. In short, the plague attacks the birth processes of all that live in around Thebes, an appropriate symbol of the gods' wrath over the perversion of birth that is incest. Oedipus and Iocasta have brought the curse of the plague upon the town, but no one knows it yet. The Priest of zeus says: For the city, as thou thyself seest, is now too sorely vexed, and can no more lift her head from beneath the angry waves william of death; a blight is on her in the fruitful blossoms of the land, in the. Theban elders have turned to oedipus to save their city again.

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The play oedipus the king, by sophocles, deals with a variety of moral issues of the time. Oedipus make unknowingly kills his own father and marries his mother. The play deals with who should be the rightful heir to the throne, and whether and heir should be a ruler, just because of their bloodline. As the play opens, oedipus has been king of the Greek city-state of Thebes for over 10 years, ruling with his queen Iocasta. The incestual relationship has produced two older boys and two little girls. Oedipus became king by saving the city from a sphinx, a creature with the head of a woman, the body of a lion, and the wings of an eagle. The sphinx had devoured anyone who tried to leave the city or enter. Oedipus' first words echo, without his realizing it yet, the incest and patricide themes: my children, latest born to cadmus who was of old, why are ye set before me thus with wreathed branches of suppliants, while the city reeks with incense, rings with prayers.

oedipus rex analysis essay
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