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The library is a place where there is a large collection of books. Libraries are of two kinds public and private. Some people are very fond of books and collect them to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. They go to public libraries which are open to all and anybody can go and read the books. Some people like lawyers, chartered accountants, doctors, etc., have to consult many books in connection with their respective professions. So, they have to maintain a library of their own. These are private librarie. Sections of a library, public libraries have got two sections generally.

So, every day i reach school 20 minutes early to browse through the various newspapers. Our library also provides the facility of a book bank for poor students. The library gives course books on loan to the student which is of great help to them. Generally, every year all the students volunteer to submit their course book in good conditions so that they can be of some use to others in future. Advertisements: Library is a great place for all of us to read more on subjects that are of our interest and things which cannot be covered in the classroom due to limitations of time and syllabus. It really enhances our knowledge. The encyclopedia section is especially very helpful if one wants to know about new things under the sun. I really enjoy visiting the library though I do not get an opportunity as often as I would like to have. But whenever any teacher is absent I seek permission to rush to the library. I am really proud of the good library in my school. This short article on Library explains her what a library is, its sections, its benefits and uses, and a conclusion.

my library essay

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Advertisements: i also make notes from the good quality books available in the library. It is a good opportunity for us to read good books which otherwise one cannot buy. Sometimes i also go through the fine Arts section if i am in no mood to study. I particularly enjoy the English and essay the hindi sections where i can lay my hands on good poetries, drams and novels by great writers. To encourage and inculcate a reading habit among students we have a separate library period assigned for every class once a week. During this period the entire class goes to the library and has to issue books and read them. We are also thought to cover the library books and keep them nicely. I also thoroughly enjoy reading newspapers.

my library essay

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The library is divided into 3 pillared wings. We have writing tables and chairs in the centre and all around are huge cupboards holding books of every kind. There are various sections divided as per the subjects. We have the English, hindi, history, geography, civics, commerce, home Science, biology, physics and Chemistry sections. A few other sections of interest are the fine arts section, Encyclopedia section, other Creative arts section and the fiction section. Students who enjoy reading writing continuously throng the fiction section. I too am a regular visitor of this section.

Image source: m, advertisements: On the walls are posters and charts depicting the importance and essence of the reading? The catalogue of books arranged alphabetically is kept on the side. A notice regarding maintaining silence is placed authoritatively there. On the left is the place to keep our things and the counter for the attendant who checks our registers as we walk in and out. Turning to the right is the reading room. The room also has magazines, journals and newspapers are3 kept like the Economic Times and Employment newspapers. Outside the reading room is the stand for the daily newspapers. Next we have the library counter where we get issued and returned back our books. A great sense of copiousness overpowers one as one enters the library.

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my library essay

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We have all the equipments needed for games like cricket, business tennis, volley ball, table tennis, badminton, gymnastics, hockey and football. We have proper grounds to play and a separate game, room, to keep and maintain these equipments. Similarly, the school understands the importance of books, reading development materials, newspapers, magazines and journals. For this purpose we have a well maintained library. A library is a place provided to students for reading for educative as well as leisurely purposes. Books of all kinds are kept here systematically. Recorded properly and maintained nicely.

A library thus is the soul of academic affluence of a school. It reflects upon the seriousness and dedication of the school towards the goal of education. My school library is very well maintained. It is huge, well lit and airy. One can sit and read easily even when the lights go off. The library too is situated in a separate block as to ensure quiet and peaceful environs. At the entrance we have a notice board which displays information about the timings of the library timings to issue and return books etc.

When conceptualizing what one does or visits a library for, you would need to understand the basic concept of how one obtains books. Though the library has changed over the years from not just a point of origin for literary knowledge but to more of an environment of community. I began this observation with my mind firmly held that the idea at hand was to be objective as possible and stick with the hard data, numbers, counts, overall flow of traffic and how long it took each person to pick out a book and. I give you three locations that serve as the base for all the knowledge at hand, the (southwest regional library) second largest location, the ridglea branch, a local street library with just enough isles to serve the surrounding area, and finally the downtown fort worth. The smallest to biggest.

Upon entering the ridglea branch you cant help but notice the deafening silence around, this was my first visit to this specific branch so i myself felt like the test subject with the two elderly ladies at the counter neither reading nor talking, maybe net. I position myself in the corner and pull out a school book pretending to study while keeping my eye fixed firmly on the door; waiting, waiting, waiting and right on time. Over an hour had passed for the first person to arrive. How could an establishment not have a customer for nearly an hour an stay in business, is there something about these book i dont know about, for if you average one customer per hour over an eight hour work day, that would be only eight. Essay on my, school Library for school students. My school stresses equally on studies as well as sports.

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Advertisements: Some students are interests in the habit of spoiling the books. They scribble their names on them or tear off the pages. This is very bad. Students should know that essay books in the library are their own property. Books are our best friends. We should handle13 them with care and respect. Point a is the checkout/entrance; point b is the rows of books.

my library essay

Our school library is essay in the charge of a good trained librarian. He advises the students to read particular books on particular topics. He is an expert in his work. He remembers the titles of all the books in the library. He is very helpful to the students. They are often seen in the library crowding round the librarian. The librarian, too, takes interest in his work and does not get bored.

students. Every class has at least one library period per week. The students go to the library in that period, study the books meant for that class with the help of dictionaries and acquire the habit of self-help. School libraries are of great help to students. They are particularly a boon for the poor students. Students who find it difficult to study at home find that they can work a lot in the calm and quiet atmosphere of the library-room. It is because of this that most libraries are kept open for long hours for the use of the students.

Each almirah has books on one subject and they have been arranged according to the restaurant latest method. There is a card for every book and books are arranged in the shelf according to their numbers. The students usually consult the catalogue for getting a book issued. Each student has a library card. The librarian stamps the date on the card and writes the number of the book issued. A student can keep the book for fourteen days. The defaulters are fined at the rate of five paisa a day. Advertisements: There is a reading-room attached to the library.

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Every school worth the save name has a library of its own. There are books on all subjects written by the master-minds of the past. Students go to the library cum-reading room in their vacant periods and study journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. Reading adds to their knowledge. The library is under the charge of a trained librarian. Image source: g, my school, too, has a big library. It is housed in the school hall. There are a number of almirahs full of books.

my library essay
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