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essay on visit to golden temple

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essay on visit to golden temple

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Bell Tower, behind the golden Temple, there is a three-story-high Bell Tower that was built in 1984 to house a large, 580-year-old copper bell which is three point five meters (16.4 feet) high and weighs an incredible 14 tons (13.7 gross tons). Natural Scenery, the hillside around the golden Temple abounds with pine trees, evergreens, hardy cypresses, and a multitude of plants. As far back as the qing Dynasty, the natural beauty of Mingfeng Hill has caused it to be acclaimed as the fairyland of Mingfeng. . It is only 11 kilometers (7 miles) from Kunming and is easily accessible by public transportations. How to get to golden Temple. Take bus 76 to jindian (Golden Temple) station. Take bus 10, 69, 71, 147, 235, Z85, or Z90 to jindian Chechang.

A short essay on golden temple?

essay on visit to golden temple

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Except for the staircases and balustrades, which are made of marble, the walls, columns, rafters, roof tiles, altars, buddha statues, wall decorations and the banner near the gate tower are all made of copper. The burnished copper gleamed simple like gold and that is why people named it the golden Temple. Since its last renovation, this beloved copper temple on the top of Mingfeng Hill has been well cared and has become the most famous taoist shrine in Yunnan Province. The first heavenly gate to the temple. Lingxing Gate, heavenly gates, as with most taoist temples, you approach it by climbing up a mountainside on winding stone steps and pass through a series of "heavenly gates". The three heavenly gates of the golden Temple are highly decorated with painted archivolts and carved beams and rafters. The beautiful walk-up stairs to the temple helps you to leave your mundane cares behind you.

You may well find that the closer you get to it, the more peaceful and lighthearted you feel as the extreme beauty of Mingfeng can create a sense of inner harmony to its visitors. Lingxing Gate, at the end of the path, there is a miniature, medieval city wall standing on a platform. There you will also find the lingxing Gate through which you could enter the temple. Among the interesting artifacts and artistry of the golden Temple is a double-edged sword with the big Dipper engraved. Legend has it that this sword, which weighs more than 20 kilograms (44 pounds is the magic sword of Zhen wu, a taoist deity, who guards Mingfeng Hill. Near the temple is a 600-year-old camellia tree that signals the approach of spring every february by giving hundreds of exquisite blossoms. Supreme taoist deity, emperor Zhenwu.

Lets wait and see! The central part of the golden Temple. Pictures, golden Temple, also known as Tongwa temple, is the largest copper temple in China. As part of taosit taihe palace (Hall of Supreme harmony it's located on top of Mingfeng Hill (Singing Phoenix Hill). History of Golden Temple, the history of the golden Temple starts during the ming Dynasty ( ) and the reign of the Emperor Wanli in 1602. At that time the governor of Yunnan Province was a devout taoist who built this temple to honor the taoist hero-god Zishi.

According to legend, zishi had a golden palace in the northernmost extremity of the universe. But it didn't stay in its original place for very long. Just 35 years later, in 1637, the entire original temple was moved to jizu (Chicken foot) mountain in western Yunnan. Three decades later in 1671 during the qing Dynasty ( wu sangui, the governor of Yunnan Province, built an exact duplicate of the original one. This temple was undisturbed for almost two hundred years until the muslim rebellion of 1857, during which it suffered some damages. Emperor guangxu ordered its complete repair and in 1890, using 250 tons (246 gross ton) of solid bronze, the entire temple was again rebuilt.

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essay on visit to golden temple

Continue to visit memory magnificent frescoes and giant Swing out front. Located in front of Wat Suthat, it was formerly used in an old Brahmin ceremony. Continue to visit Wat Benchamabopit or Marble temple, one of the most modern works of Thai religious architecture. Graceful and tranquil, it is famous for its main chapel built in white carara Italian marble to house a replica of Thailands most beautiful Buddha image, phra Phutthachinarat. Arrival to hotel or other drop off location. Remark: Wat Phra kaew is Thailands most sacred temple, so please do not wear shorts, or sandals. Certain buildings in the palace grounds are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

dawn or dusk. A visit to the beautiful, peaceful monastery complex surrounding the familiar towers is very worth-while. These towers, the Phra Prang, although best known, the only part of Wat Arun. It also contains narrow lanes; elegant, old white buildings; shrines, pools of turtles; and two fine giants, yuk wat jaeng, mortal enemies of the, yuk wat po across the river. Lunch at local restaurant. Hike up to the The golden mount to pay respect to the buddhas relics. The platform on its top level is still a great place to enjoy a 360-degree panorama of Bangkoks old district. The golden mount, is part of the wat saket temple located just outside the old royal city precincts, next to the pom Mahakhan fort. The golden mount was the tallest structure in Bangkok and its also used to suspect fire accidents.

Long and. Visit, wat Phra kaeo, the book most beautiful and important Buddhist temple in Thailand. It is so richly and intricately decorated that, once entering the temple, you will feel as if you are in a real city of angels. Visit, the Grand Palace, an area of 218,400. Metres and is surrounded by walls built in 1782. The length of the four walls is 1,900 metres. Within these walls are situated government offices and the Chapel royal of the Emerald Buddha besides the royal residences. Cross Chao phraya river by public ferry to visit Wat Arun, The temple of Dawn. Visit to wat Arun, the temple of Dawn, is one of Bangkoks best know landmark.

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Bangkok landmarks, visit all important landmark of Bangkok in one day. This tour brings you to the most distinguished temples important landmark in Bangkok city. Visit Grand Palace including Wat Phra kaew Temple, wat Pho (Temple of the reclining Buddha wat Arun, (Temple of Dawn wat Suthat giant Swing, The golden mount and Marble temple. Overview, destination : Thailand (Bangkok start City : Bangkok, end City : Bangkok, tour Type : Private tour, duration : Full day. Depart : Rating : Popularity : Condition : Easy, moderate, strenuous, book now, bangkok landmarks, itinerary. Depart from hotel to rattanakosin Island, the original area of Bangkok when it was first established as the capital over 200 years ago. Visit, wat Pho (Temple of the reclining Buddha founded in the 16th century, the oldest and biggest temple with the largest number of pagodas (95 in all) in the city. Wat Pho was the first open university of Thailand which offered courses in several branches of knowledge like literature, astrology, medicine and massage. Its well known for its huge dream reclining Buddha,.

essay on visit to golden temple
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  1. Enjoy the boat cruise, visit the Irrawaddy dolphins rajhans Island, kalijai temple more during the tour. Konark is your next destination known for world-famous Sun Temple, the unesco world Heritage site. A few years ago, while the star was shooting for London Dreams in Punjab, the star made a point to visit the sikh pilgrimage olden Temple in Amritsar.

  2. Remark: Wat Phra kaew is Thailands most sacred temple, so please do not wear shorts, or sandals. Tqm pays constant attention to the needs of the remain theories, and cannot be put into effect efficiently. Dikinson, on the other hand, has about him. Mayfair Hotels offers Chilka lake tour package at a best price.

  3. Custom essay writing service, essay. Free essay world religion visit a buddhist temple. Try your hand at cooking four dishes on an interactive table in Our Global Kitchen. Visit, wat Pho temple of the reclining Buddha founded in the 16th century, the oldest and biggest temple with the largest number of pagodas (95 in all) in the city.

  4. At that time the governor of Yunnan Province was a devout taoist who built this temple to honor the taoist hero-god Zishi.why people named it the. Home books bookshelf The, temple -goers. Everything around him appears unchanged until he meets aakash, a charismatic and unpredictable young man on the make, who introduces him to the squalid underside of this sprawling city. In fact, the buddhist temple is fashioned after imperial palaces and bears very little resemblance to the temple in India or other Buddhist countries.

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