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Further analysis is required, particularly to determine whether or not providing aid or access for aid is being used in an attempt to further political aims in addition to, or instead of, assisting the affected population. One clear conclusion, as with the other case studies, is that the disaster itself has not immediately created diplomacy for conflict resolution-but it may yet provide an input for the long-term. On 6 February 2002. Reliefweb reported that the anti-rebel mai-mai militia approached the un offering a ceasefire and requesting to join the drc peace process. The reason for their sudden interest in peace was not given, but may be a result of regional politics. Illustrating whether or not the volcanic eruption made any direct or indirect difference, or was irrelevant to their decision, would be a useful analysis.

On Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported that south Africa was sending aid to goma via kigali. On the same day, un ocha sitrep. 11, reported that Kinshasa had sent aid to the goma area via the un even though rcd was refusing to accept aid directly from Kinshasa. Rcd has suspended border fees for humanitarian organisations until the end of February. On 1 February 2002, the Organization for African Unity (OAU) (now the African Union (AU) provided US100,000 for aid. Did any of that money come from states involved in the conflict? As of 3 February 2002. It appears as if the countries involved in the conflict are assisting with relief operations through international organisations, but dealing with the disaster as effectively as possible appears to be reports hampered by the unwillingness of parties to work together. Whether or not the humanitarian imperative does forge linkages which later prove useful in solving the situation,. Disaster diplomacy, remains to be seen.

bp oil spill thesis

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Reducing Disaster Risk: a challenge for development. Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery, undp (United Nations development Programme new York, new York, usa. From page 73: "In Colombia, violently opposed local communities in the department of Meta have worked together to mitigate the impact of floods as a means not using only of protecting livelihoods, but also of building trust and reconciliation." Referenced to "undp, cooperation Framework with undp. Goma volcano in 2002 (suggested by ben Wisner) (eruptions started ) Ben Wisner has written a piece for Radix entitled Goma, congo: City air makes Men Free? (57 kb in rtf). This discussion on Goma following the eruption of mount nyiragongo in January 2002 examines disaster diplomacy beyond the initial, narrow question by querying the wider interactions amongst disaster events and international politics related to forced migrants. The questions raised indicate how vulnerabilities must be viewed as dynamic, interactive processes which influence each other and thus cannot be viewed or "managed" in isolation. Rassemblement Congolais pour la démocratie (RCD) is the rebel movement which controlled the goma area during the eruptions of mount nyiragongo.

bp oil spill thesis

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The French-speaking territories are all legally part of France and hence the european Union, with the exception of haïti which is an independent state. Meanwhile, only one central American country is not part of the caribbean-El Salvador, but it is a member of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) -while the English-speaking mainland countries of Belize and guyana are often considered to be in the caribbean Anglophone island community. Furthermore, puerto rico and usvi have different statuses within the. And writing different linguistic characteristics while cuba has been isolated regionally and internationally in many ways by the. Cuba was excluded from the quebec Summit Plan of Action of the Organization of American States (OAS) which had a section on disaster-related activities and Cuba is not participating in the Inter-American Committee for Natural Disaster Reduction (iacndr). Such complexities may create coordination challenges amongst different Caribbean organisations dealing with disaster-related activities, such as the regional disaster risk reduction agency, the caribbean Disaster Emergency management Agency (cdema) and the caribbean Community Climate Change centre (ccccc). Research is needed to identify and examine any specific problems and opportunities resulting from the caribbean's political complexity and to recommend mechanisms for overcoming the challenges to ensure that linguistic, political, and geographical barriers do not interfere with disaster-related activities. "Guns, Drugs, and Disaster: cauca/Huila, colombia, 1994". International journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters, vol.

Historical comparative series 12, disaster Research Center, University of Delaware, newark, delaware,. S.A., full text (4,511 kb in pdf) posted here with the kind permission of Tricia wachtendorf. "When disasters defy borders: What we can learn from the red river flood about transnational disasters". Australian journal of Emergency management, vol. 15, issue 3,. Caribbean Disaster Risk reduction The caribbean Region has complex political geography. The complexity arises from the four main languages, the differences in territorial status amongst the european overseas territories, and the loose correlation between geographical position and political/linguistic affiliation. For example, the French-speaking and Dutch-speaking territories are scattered throughout the caribbean. The dutch-speaking territories have three different statuses within the netherlands, plus Suriname on the mainland is an independent state.

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bp oil spill thesis

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Evo's critics, even on the left, contend that he is constructing a spoils system for the constituency of his political party at the expense of other marginalized segments of the population. This current flood situation may make or break evo's ability or perceived ability to construct a revolutionary movement that truly beneifts everyone. Canada/usa the red river Floods in 1997, the Ice Storm of 1998, and the International joint Commission demonstrate how Canada and the. Can work together, both problems and successes. These countries are not quite diplomatic enemies-at least, not too often-but lessons could be learned on cross-border disaster management for nations with more diplomatic problems. Some sources on the cross-border management of the 1997 Red river floods are: Wachtendorf,. A river Runs Through It: Cross Border Interaction During the 1997 Red river Flood.

Thesis 11 (Master of Arts in Sociology disaster Research Center, University of Delaware, newark, delaware,. S.A., full text (4,085 kb in pdf) posted hell here with the kind permission of Tricia wachtendorf. Cross-border Issues in Disaster Response. Preliminary paper 278, disaster Research Center, University of Delaware, newark, delaware,. S.A., full text (1,074 kb in pdf) posted here with the kind permission of Tricia wachtendorf. Interaction Between Canadian and American governmental and Non-governmental Organizations During the red river Flood of 1997.

Bangladesh Regional Flood Warning System (suggested by john Twigg) Ahmad,. "Regional cooperation in Flood Management in the ganges-Brahmaputra-meghna region: Bangladesh Perspective". Workshop on Regional cooperation on Flood Warning, may 4-6, 1995, Dhaka, text from workshop and outcomes (1,084 kb in pdf). Bolivia floods 2007 (suggested by ben Wisner) (February-march 2007 floods) Download a compilation of media reports (37 kb in pdf) on the flood's political implications from Ben Wisner. Commentary by Gregory berger i wish to point out two other interesting dynamics of evo's disaster diplomacy:. There is strong regional division in Bolivia that has become more strained since evo took office-although it is arguably not his fault, but that of the oligarchy that has launched a vigorous and racist anti-evo campaign.

Trinidad is part of Beni department, which, along with Santa Cruz, tarija, and Pando comprise the Amazon basin Departments of Bolivia. The other Departments are mostly Andean and are comprised of a quechua and Aymara indigenous majority, and are the base of evo's support. The flooded lowland areas (including Trinidad) are where most of Bolivia's untapped gas reserves are located and are also home to much of the idle land that evo is planning to partially redistribute to landless quechuas and Aymaras. Thus, the local lowland elite have been convincing the local non-indigenous campesino class (as well as the guarai indigenous population who are non-Andean) that evo will be stealing "their" gas and sending "hordes" of Andean Indians to "steal" their land. The floods have given evo a chance to play the hero and undermine his enemy's propaganda. There has been some controversy over the category of emergency that the flood in Trinidad has been classified. Due to a legal technicality in the constitution, if the federal government calls it a "natural disaster" it will set back by a couple of years evo's land reform program by temporarily suspending the ability for transfer of land title. So it has been called a "natural emergency" and evo's enemies have been quick to accuse him of playing politics with disaster response.

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Collaborate essay regarding search-and-rescue activities. For example, from 4-6 november 2004, as part of a series of joint exercises, Argentina and the. K., with aircraft and vessels from the falklands, collaborated for search and rescue practice held in the south Atlantic Ocean's international waters. Two regional Rescue co-ordination Centres exist in the region-Ushuaia, argentina and mount Pleasant-so they need to collaborate for emergencies in the area. On, the falklands government gave permission for an Argentine air Ambulance to land in order to evacuate a sick crew member from a fishing boat. Permission was given on humanitarian grounds in that the insurers preferred the cheaper Argentine aircraft over the usual Chilean medevac company. The sick crew member was flown directly to buenos Aires.

bp oil spill thesis

Armenia earthquake (suggested by nick cater) (7 December 1988 earthquake this earthquake influenced the glasnost and perestroika processes, started in 1986, because: (a) the soviet writing Union admitted they could not cope, which set a precedent; (b) the soviet Union let outsiders in to assist, which. Soviet system and the marked contrast with the much better abilities of outsiders. Furthermore, few rebuilding promises achieved much. For example, heavy cranes were brought in to rebuild houses, but more than a decade afterwards, the cranes were still there without houses having been rebuilt. As well, the red Cross set up a specialised spinal injury institute for the soviet Union, but when the soviet Union collapsed, it turned out to be too big and costly for Armenia to operate. What were the earthquake's impacts on Gorbachev's thoughts and policies? Did the event influence the end of the cold War or, at least, the speed and pathway by which the inevitable end occurred? Or was the earthquake simply a small input within the background noise of many, complicated, rapidly-evolving, interlinked events at all spatial scales? Argentina-falklands Despite continuing tensions regarding the falklands, Argentina and the falklands/U.K.

exist and comparing them would be useful to establish patterns (or lack thereof) in disaster diplomacy for long-term disasters. Major obstacles to immediate and effective change are the unstable political climate and state rivalries throughout central Asia. Some cooperation amongst the countries affected has been identified, likely because of the impending, detrimental economic and political impacts. Resolution is inhibited by lack of funding, lack of outside interest, and lack of expertise in dealing with such complex, intertwined environmental and international political problems. Successes, either in small parts or over the entire scope of the environmental disasters, have the potential to yield further cooperation or to provide frameworks usable in the future for resolving regional challenges, including enmity. Comment on this case study.

The caspian sea: a quest for Environmental Security. Proceedings of nato advanced Research Workshop held 15-. Kluwer Academic Publishers, dordrecht, the netherlands. "The rise and interests Fall of the caspian sea". National geographic, may 1999. Creeping Environmental Problems and Sustainable development in the Aral sea basin. Cambridge University Press, cambridge,. Scientific, Environmental and Political Issues in the circum-Caspian Region.

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Catalogue des analyses, intérêt clinique, valeurs usuelles, conditions de prélèvement. Retrouvez la liste des analyses réalisées par notre laboratoire de biologie médicale. Home and introduction case studies projects ideas publications feedback, disaster Diplomacy case Studies ml in association with, evernote radix: Radical Interpretations of and Solutions for Disasters. Case Studies Index, comment on a case study or suggest more. Based on geographical Region or Specific Disaster. Based on Disaster Type or Issue. Aral and Caspian seas (Environmental Disasters) (suggested by, michael Glantz information on the history and nature of the severe human-induced environmental problems affecting these two inland seas can be found at: Ascher.

bp oil spill thesis
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